Expired sunscreen alert

ABC News' Gio Benitez talks with a dermatologist who says expired sunscreen does not effectively protect skin in the sun.
3:34 | 07/19/18

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Transcript for Expired sunscreen alert
Hey there on GO but he does here in Miami Beach and one of the things we're talking about right now is expired sun screen because we actually. Found these bottles of expired sunscreen on store shelves at major major retailers in fact this one right here expired. More than a year ago so right now pay attention because ABC investigates. Sprays lotions sticks the sun screen options are endless including the range of SPF numbers but there's another important number you should be looking for. An expiration. We remind people to put her on the we honestly don't remind them often enough to check to make sure that it's a product that's still effective. The FDA says sun screen usually suppliers three years after its manufactured sometimes even less because he can physically change and chemicals break down. Potentially making it less effect. And if you are leaving out in the sun it's not gonna last as long maybe not even the three year. GMA investigates hitting the beach in Point Pleasant New Jersey with a dermatologist and ABC contributor. Doctor Moore abdominal to spot check expiration to place this expired three years ago. Physics by this was actually manufactured more than eight years ago inspired more than five years ago and it's still an air bag. Live out of the nine beach going groups we talked to this one already expired. Back in August of last year had at least one bottle of expired sun screen I don't say expiration to help us. A few people had models with no expiration date that we really have no idea and others with an expiration date. That took a little math to figure out. So some sun screens that are on the shelves right now from popular brands banana boat and Hawaiian tropic. Me no more decoding in this case this one was manufactured in 2014. And that next number 287 is the day of the year this is more than three years old. It's expire. Then we hit target Wal-Mart CVS Walgreens. And a few major grocery store chains across the country seventeen stores total in Chicago DC LA a New Jersey. And we found 68. Bottles of expired sun screen. The oldest expired in January 25 team nearly half of the expired bottles from this shop right grocery store all of this. And most of it kids sun screen. So now your advice if you're gonna change. Absolutely it is. Not enough to know when you bought it you need to read the fine print and find out. When that expiration date is all of the stores we visited tell us they have policies in place to remove expired products especially when customers find any issues. Following are GMA investigation shop right Walgreens target and giant food. Now telling us they are conducting a top to bottom review of all sun screens in their stores looking for those expiration Dicks. And Wal-Mart says it's looking at the stores we visit. A reminder to check your own sun screen inventory before you hit the beach. And banana boat now tells us that for any of the bottles they manufactured this year they're gonna start putting that clear expiration date right on the ball so just make sure you're looking for that date before even walk out of those stores. And all of the stores we visited say. That if you bring the bottle back to them if you bought it they are you bring it back they'll give your refund they'll take the product back but they also want you to tell them. When you spot the expired sunscreen. On their store shelves. I'm GO Benitez and you're watching ABC news line.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"ABC News' Gio Benitez talks with a dermatologist who says expired sunscreen does not effectively protect skin in the sun. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"56689580","title":"Expired sunscreen alert","url":"/Health/video/expired-sunscreen-alert-56689580"}