Fauci sheds light on vaccine developments

Dr. Anthony Fauci provided updates on potential vaccines during a White House press briefing Thursday afternoon.
6:09 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Fauci sheds light on vaccine developments
Thank you very much mr. vice president. As I was sitting there it was a calling that about seven or eight months ago I saw I stood at this exact spot. At a time when there was really an extraordinary surge in cases in the northeastern part of the country in New York City. And I said that if the virus was left to its own devices it would cause considerable degree of devastation because that's what pandemic. Viruses do it's a very powerful force and you've heard about that and what we need to do about it. From doctor Burks. However I also says somebody you can mean and a shed tears in opposing force to that. And that opposing force is us you and IE being able to do certain things like mitigation with public health measures again. Which was just mentioned by doctor Burks but there's another opposing force to that. And NASA vaccine. And historically. If you look at highly efficacious and effective vaccines. Through the years they've crushed formidable outbreaks. Like smallpox. Like polio. Like measles. So in the next couple of minutes let me tell you about what we have now and what's gonna happen in the next few months. As you well know operation warp speed has been. Supporting directly and in directly six candidate vaccines flora which. Are either in or completed phase three clinical trial. I wanna briefly tell you about suing them. Because you have to be inches that in this. It is extraordinarily impressive. Two of the vaccines one by Modena and won by the company. Pfizer. Have completed trials and the FC and the efficacious. Vaccine efficacy endpoint is extraordinary. With regard to Pfizer. It was 95 to sense efficacious. Not only against disease deaths just clinically. Recognizable disease. But with severe disease stay with ten cases of severe disease one in the vaccine. Gnawing in the placebo. For the Montana trial it was 94 point 5%. Efficacious. Eleven severe advance. Zero. In the vaccine. Eleven in the placebo. For those of you not acquainted. With the field of acts analogy that is extraordinary that is almost to the level but what we see with measles which is 98%. Effective. So that's what we're dealing with us. The question is what about how that is gonna be rolled. I used the word efficacious. Debt means what happens in a clinical trial. The word effective means is what the ultimate impact of that vaccine is going to be on society Kirk. And the only way you can get enough. It is program. Is when people take the vaccine. And we're going to be talking to you about. And I hear a lot now when we made these announcements this past Monday. And then two Mondays ago about some reticence of people well did you rush this was this to ask is it really safe and is it really efficacious. The process does speed. Did not compromise at all safety. Nor did it compromise scientific integrity. It was a reflection. Of the extraordinary scientific advances. In these types of vaccines. Which allowed us to do things in monks. That actually some years before. So I really wanna settle that concern that people have about. What about the decision of the date look at the date. Was NASA won't force that was may be trying to put something over on you. No it was actually an independent body of people who have no allegiance to anyone not to the administration. Not to meet. Not to the company's debt look at the data and deemed it to be sound. Now that data will be examined very carefully by the FDA. Foods again with any. Advisory committee that Maxine and related biological products advisory committee or act. I'm gonna look at that this whole the FDA makes a decision about putting this forth for an emergency use authorization or ultimately troll license so we need to put a wrist. Any concept that this was rushed in an inappropriate way. This is really solid. Now what does that mean truss. We now as the vice president said. I'm telling you that show is on the way. Which has two aspects to. It means that we need to actually go a little down on the public health measures as we're waiting. So that helped to calm which will be soon will be getting vaccine doses to people at heart trade already at the end. Abdi samba we're not talking about shutting down the country. We're not talking about locking down were talking about intensifying. The simple public health measures that we also are now. Mask wearing. Seeking distance. Avoiding congregate settings. Doing things to the extent that we can outdoors vs indoors if we do that. Will be able whole thing's a loss. Until the vaccine comes. Now I'd use that metaphor that the cavalry is on the way if you're fighting a back. And the calories on the way you don't stop shooting. You keep going until the capital re gets here and then you might even want to continue fighting and then finally one other final thing about it. The very impressive efficacy. 94 point five. And 95%. Of the vaccine. She didn't motivated individual to realize that this is something you want to participate and so we're going to be talking to about it likely each year in the future about why it's important. As these vaccine doses rollout what we have to do two things. Continue their public health measure. And getting vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available thanks.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Dr. Anthony Fauci provided updates on potential vaccines during a White House press briefing Thursday afternoon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74305729","title":"Fauci sheds light on vaccine developments","url":"/Health/video/fauci-sheds-light-vaccine-developments-74305729"}