How to Give an Infant CPR

ABC News' Sara Haines gets expert advice from a Red Cross instructor on how to give CPR to an infant.
15:33 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for How to Give an Infant CPR
I am scared he EC digital equipment that heat for the American red Crocs. And as we prepare for this could be net income. Any minute you can deliver these. Can get right now we're gonna talk about the importance. And it all things first date from CPR to choking. With the most important thing a new mom your parents in the as they hit and having. He. Do you signed for a classic train first. Concerned parents but it is usually each. Okay that's what I would yes as a new player would scare them. Because it's. Objects and don't put it all in and out. In. The first thirteen. Some strong. Start. So what happens. To cry. When start coughing or casting. If they are doing let teens to teens and teen crime cop because hopeful were. She makes it's. And what some. I care. It's useless 1 AM and it stopped that this was interesting. Wing wing. Of the eighty or an adult is leaking noise or coughing they're doing what their bodies supposed to be doing to get it out crack so the part you have to be worried about. His wing would be stops making noise cracked okay. Yes yes are making any noise and stop you learn and acquires. Tribal wars it is four. Are we getting derby and this is expected to hit at. Each day of OK so now mined eighty. Stop making okay. So I'm gonna start to. And it watch you first you know that correct. So you would put your for a line. Body and and you like to see shape. Cut what you're trying to do you support. And that. I. Contributing to the press corps of sound that support act infants had you're going. Oh okay. With two legs straddling. Now the idea is at lower and it's so you want and leaned over island. It needs now. You take your hand right between us. That one. Oh. Cried and support the pack. And take the base here mag. Straddled me. And it take two meters. Just below that line and US. 1230. Five. Cup and things. Ten again when you greenery he artists and continued to. Now one question I have is these babies are a little bigger than mine gonna come out prices the same technique. Even with those little. Bundles of flashes they come out as in that yes OK yes yes isn't that's tied up so so and his ankle at the year that he can walk. Not an army yet and so we can I am gonna try this week he okay okay okay so my deputies stopped breathing. So may your four crops and and spy agency should be okay. Slider and and act as they can't support that and okay. We're all down onto. In this can also need to think we're okay but as long as the head is down because we want to use gravity. In our feet are correct a pet so go and that your armed reckless and make them. My actual baby and I like how. But I understand leaders day Saturday that its deal right here okay. Whine to you agree or. To put act and rotated it's. Now two fingers rightness in the line just okay 1234. Side. Nor any keep doing this until we see yup. In this coming time meaning only that he and no it depends on the situation. But how many times this is typically take this is a pretty strong action does do you normally see something. Opt out yeah. Oh come on now okay hopefully the first scent that was now okay. Now he would keep diminishing it off so. On how someone common and so right away someone's calling nine one in your train to get into action in the meantime correct okay cracked. Yet calling Amylin is important because it often does not come out. It'll become on the response is there next step lowers OK then you going to see a base at this point we've done the choking. Summons calling him a morning. If this stands nothing nothing's happening we going to CPR. Tracks of what will happen and it is right now. The infant is still awake alert even that there breathing. What's happening is their legs and feet are flailing because it and fight for air okay once their legs and heats up being. You know that response okay Sydney morning islands are is that our next step to what we're gonna do. Yeah it's okay to be neat on the floor for that yes okay. Now this can be done on the floor or need to. Any firm blaster it's not that the credit because the match that saw. But like the teen in is a little kitchen table OK you know anything more firm flat surface of rate you know we're in right Fareed like Kirk in the shape and OK but it's firm it's firm it's an. So CR and is done by placing missing two fingers. Just below the nipple line OK now we want to support. Babies and that's. Okay we're getting it there chess okay. If it. Six cent. And chest compaction. Should be done. At 30220. OK so that's that act that was about that he that's okay it countless people here had. The editing is like perhaps the chest about wine won its. You're pushing pretty heart rending their licked their conscription. And we're pushing pretty hard OK yeah. What you're trying to do is get the object and as we come right below the chest. Again in the chest brewery here than it needs that are below the no no just eleven impolite so that would be out here. So that what you should feeling that priest is squishy he'll give if you're in the right place know she had breast. It's the breast potency you're pushing the breast burned an owner of an act of GAAP. Now at this point since we're in scenario choking situation. One look at. Now she's opted made its way into the okay. Luck in see something. You take people. And you do what we call things done and I'm I don't look okay okay sending it is leaving at least we believe that if you can see yeah okay. You can't see or or even if he did see it swept out and went to blacks. And okay now to get to breast for and that. So sick infants like this need open airway and seamless tube feeders put their neck his liking Doug hands. When Hannah four and now we only talked and sent into what was coming into session so there knows space instinct is OK launch position. Cents their Airways are it's I didn't everything's for small within a child don't know. People I remember okay nuclear mouth over all of it yet seen sealant and now I mean a bill to make it down there are having Allen called. Okay here it. Now it's really just popped up late. Rap but with. School. Okay. Well. OK. So once you that. If the breaths. Go you. Want to look at them closely seat. That the rest goes in then there's nothing obstruct keep going all the leaders along object okay okay. Sometimes it might have. Seen in the past. Acts. Which is still good yeah. So if the wreck coming when. Monitor it and it they don't or don't. Need. Okay that that Hermann was this thirty something go back thirty chest action thing. And now again. See what's going out there trying to us okay. And misses something you'd keep up with you hopefully. I'm willing there. These different steps you'll see results right away. If not he's at the process you keep up until someone arrives yes that's what you call. In. Okay see you keep going you do not stop and an inherent. Yet de here and tyrants twin ports and by the way he's actually so I'm evening only exit. This point I'll be here. Her. What one when I want to know is. Clearly like learning if this is home where relax nothing's happening and what didn't speaks people meet in the moment. That you acted as you're teaching people. What are some tips to give someone when everything analysts are prepared. What's react quickly sometimes people get stunned when the base outs Manny. So remember Colin. Right away I'm going to be ex coming at. I'm thinking is is to meaning in the protect the eighties had. To Muni not you know just like. They look well meaning that tests of this would be partners to care OK that. That thinking about he had been with chest a lot of people currently acts and that's not going to be active. Okay okay. And one other thing is like we talk about. Choking and then you know again. Hopefully we don't get to this have been CPR what are some other first aid situations as a new parent you should look for you mentioned to me at one point with right. Teddy speak about. Allergies but if you don't know your baby has an allergy and it goes into shock something. Correct it could have an amp lactic reaction to a medication they were given food. And he steam plant eight make it could have had mild. Allergic reaction which would just rash or maybe you know some hives. Or they can have an axis which it results and that's the close it close and it's fun. Yeah okay. Yeah so any time you notice some mild reaction. Monitored in it until he sees signs that its costs on to me home so. Always called my mom one are there any other steps her reactions you need to have hurt and taken to your own hands to. Better the situation it's hard for first. Access OK don't be. So once they get diagnosed with a certain hours and and you get happy and which again. Okay. Anything else that I am not asking her well so. The steps that are covered in training just seeking art AD course but I would recommend full course of dispersed it seek eat because they knew it was eight. The I mean extra here okay okay which they do have pediatric patents you can't use it. Okay seeking. But the thing in the first eight question of course is his asthma. I can and it accidents and seizure. Infants can happy about seizures which is a result of high fever they can just have a great season is some of us. Where went to see. Especially if you perhaps you need cool. Things you learn first hours. So the big thing is a site from the B six of choking CPR is take a course. Get out there make sure you've educated yourself you also mentioned there's an app though to kind of help I think. So if you go on request outward and sign up for class in the meantime. If you are trained yet. You can download our free apps in the app. Is has whole menu at every type person it's actually. From bleeding to seizures stroke Tennessee could be different tilts to. Just pop company app click on the situation tapping it step by step things to do some of them even have beaten us. But I think the one thing to always remember you can always click on this but while you're starting miss someone should toys be calling. Nine mom want in emergencies thing. It's OK yes correct. My fuel a little more firmed on this. That's gonna head that's. What should anyone ever get nervous in an emergency. Pop open capital times. But really the training take a class to class Cosby has it will build about muscle memory. Packs and skills in class. After you've taken a class thing fractures on line. And then you really have confidence the current. Students is key because as you said you can learn so much but for you be able to react in a moment. And you need to feel pretty confident and so you're doing once you build up muscle man man wearing patches the skills and pain won't. She sat. And you can't. And that's the other thing is don't panic and think taking a deep breath and remembering from nine one to trying these things. If your pay and making your not offered up at. Yeah. They call call for help me get some hands him. Commented that while talking. That's at least half a chance. Good to know I can do those we'll think you so much for being here. To help me feel little more arms to handle this thank you for inviting us it. And now we have the app so go out there in the street seek recourse. Gas caps are always helpful technologies helped us in the way but think you so much I'm scared me pretty EDT digital thanks for watching.

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