Hospital Treats Ebola Drill Like the Real Thing

Dr. Richard Besser joins a New Jersey hospital as they run through an Ebola preparation drill.
2:53 | 10/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hospital Treats Ebola Drill Like the Real Thing
-- some medical center. Okay fuel efficient. What's your game. Five minutes -- like me right now. Let's not act Babel of her home. Moorestown medical center practicing what they wouldn't they had a bullet patient. That is just got -- call in and they're going through -- drill as if this patient coming in compatible let's see how they do. They're all suiting up equipment protective -- so they would be ready when that patient comes here ambulances and even here yet but they're getting ready. The putting on full body protective suits they have a face shield and a mask didn't put on gloves. This goes it even be above and beyond what's required by CC with the reducing the chances that if the patient had a -- That -- neither of them would get sick. They brought the -- out from the hospital because this -- here is now considered contaminated so we'll be bringing that she now they're transferring him over. Everyone has -- with the patience is wearing a mask gloves and -- -- There's no way that this patient wrap this way it's -- contaminate anyone in the emergency room. Or contaminate the health care workers. Through this entire room this is set aside for DeConcini kick off their -- down. And they're gonna -- it would take off all of their clothes they had scrubs here that they were put on. Coverings -- that none of the material they could have come in contact with a patient would ever leave the room. With this room -- right here the intensity Villa has its own toilet so. She needs to use the -- doesn't. In Iraq anywhere else here. You can see here on this side -- -- all of the contact precautions. -- -- you really only need something called contact precautions you don't need airborne this brings up the protections that next level. And here they wanted to be sure to be safe that no one else in the emergency room zinni gets it. -- It was like -- So they asked -- the right questions where did what -- symptoms are if you gonna pick up a patient as a bullet goes of the things you really need to do. -- some medical center just started doing these drills after the event took place in Texas. Hopefully it was a wake up call for hospitals around the country was definitely -- -- here. If this were truly horrible situation they would set up a little -- -- -- That's one of the things it -- he recommends so that any worker who's changing into close to go in there. We have a safe place to do that and then when they came out of the room. -- be able to again get -- to -- books but for this drill this works very well.

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{"id":26060398,"title":"Hospital Treats Ebola Drill Like the Real Thing ","duration":"2:53","description":"Dr. Richard Besser joins a New Jersey hospital as they run through an Ebola preparation drill.","url":"/Health/video/hospital-treats-ebola-drill-real-thing-26060398","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}