First lady leads delegation to Tokyo Olympics amid COVID-19 surge

The opening ceremony will look different from previous games due to health and safety precautions.
6:24 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for First lady leads delegation to Tokyo Olympics amid COVID-19 surge
Tokyo covad cases have surged more than 155%. In the last week. At least 91 people there for the Olympics have tested positive so far and now protesters are ramping up their calls for the games to be canceled entirely. Let's go to ABC's Kenneth Moulton live in Tokyo for more on this. Kenneth good morning good evening to you. The the US gymnastics team is now staying in a hotel rather than in the Olympic village saying. They think they can control the athletes and their safety better there it did general feeling that there's not enough being done within the Olympic village. There that is safe to say Diane. I can't talk to these athletes but I know that from these actions. Literally moving from the Olympic village. To a hotel that says a lot right there we know that when it comes in the circuit court of ars cases it is concerning its concerning to the people Tokyo it's concerning to the eleventh album athletes who make their way into this country over the next two weeks. It's concerning to those who were connected to these games considering that. More than nine B positive cases since July 1 that happened when it comes to Tokyo Tony Tony. And so what we've seen here is yes the US fat teen USA gymnastics they moved hotel moved to a hotel from the Olympic village. Because of some of the positive cases that happen there in the Olympic village. They believe that they're able to control their environment or situation better there. And keep themselves safe as well you're so mobile's spoke out about it and says look we brought will be cheaper here and again 80%. 80% of the eleven valve and athletes are fully backs are needed. And whipped the variants and breakthrough cases they're so major concerns even if you're fully vaccinated and so we do know that. There's still that major goes major concern considering that Tokyo. Have seen a six month high Diane. We are at 2000 cases a day here in this capital city. And First Lady Jill Biden is leading a presidential delegation to the Olympics was on her schedule while she's there and how she's staying safe. Well First Lady doctor Joseph Biden has been pretty busy since he touched down here today in Tokyo eyes she. Actually when she flew into Tokyo's she took you asked how she staying safe while also exercising still social distancing the other Covert protocols which he actually took over a task. On the plane from Washington after making a pit stop in Alaska she touched down here in Tokyo. Had dinner with the prime minister and his wife we understand that as she leaves this a US diplomatic delegation. She will attend the opening ceremonies but she's also expected to meet with team USA athlete. I see expected to go to some gains as welder her three day stay on the ground here and Tokyo. Any opening ceremony in less than 24 hours away now Kenneth what can we expect from that. Well we know in the past we seem very vibrant full of life. Opening ceremonies. Throughout the Olympics history. This will be different and that shouldn't be a surprise to any wind. Because of this pandemic we heard from Tokyo Tony Tony officials. We've heard from them every single day but especially to Davies made a point to say that this will not be a festival. That this will be a solemn occasion delivering this message up together and S. But they will tried to put on somewhat of a show again but it won't be a show like we've seen before when it comes through Olympics. Because they realize how I'm popular these games are. Here and Tokyo here in Japan. They realize that we're in the middle of this pandemic but they wanna show this recovery from this pandemic is show that we're still recovering from the pandemic but there were all. In this together again it won't be that vibrant show that we've seen in the past. Also when it comes to this. 111000 athletes you will see all of those athletes pull wading through. But opening ceremonies were actually expecting about. Half of that and for the obvious reason of they want to make sure and all the athletes we even be in the country at the time. But I want to make sure they keep these athletes social distance follow the protocols to keep them safe. And I know you've gotten to see some of teen USA's training sessions Kenneth Howe and the athletes dealing with all of this because. Just being at the Olympics is stressful enough room. Right exactly there's no doubt they're trying to block it all out I'm block out. Any distraction they're used to blocking out distractions but cove in nineteen is not a distraction is a serious virus and they know that. That health is important is our priority especially as they compete. And so that's on their mind is is definitely stressful for them. You mentioned. Diane that I went and saw some training today from teen USA gymnastics. Dying can get low country area will south got a country are you and say it won't. Bay at war and let cool credible those where men. Are so dad home talent that I mean watching them out of that I couldn't post any video the pictures I don't know if you bombing of social media diet you do. I suppose sometimes not that I got both yeah it's because. Right but yet you there and if you know when it comes to this we get them. You know policies strict rules and the rules say I cannot post the video I cannot die and I wanted to I want to beer belly maybe I will on August night. Who can this is all over. But I will say watching them watching some mode by als watching her teammates. Practice bear trained and it was remarkable and I think that's. Wet. Olympic officials really hope will happen what's bees games start that. Kind of people take their minds up about the rim this pandemic that we're seeing a surge in front of ars cases and you will see that it. It is all about the athletes and what they train so hard for. And watching them if I'd just will never ever forget as a person ever seen anything like that my first amid the Olympics. Again it can't wait to post that video and there's pictures I saw Simone vials Diane that's a big deal. I can tell is I have to admit I am gel is our resident reporter and cheerleader Kenneth Snowden and Tokyo we appreciate it can and. Thanks for. A resident country board. And had sailed absolutely it.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The opening ceremony will look different from previous games due to health and safety precautions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78997975","title":"First lady leads delegation to Tokyo Olympics amid COVID-19 surge","url":"/Health/video/lady-leads-delegation-tokyo-olympics-amid-covid-19-78997975"}