'Motivated' podcast: Mindful tips for surviving the holidays

Pressed Juicery CEO Hayden Slater and fitness expert Emily Abbate give tips on how to stay healthy and mindful during the holidays.
28:29 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Mindful tips for surviving the holidays
Talking about surviving the holidays it's hard to believe they are right around corner Thanksgiving is next. Week which is the kind of freaking me out it's almost time to get to Chris mystery. I nearly two great jazz teton Slater of the CEO and founder of pressed. 75 so that some anything it's exciting it's a good year for you are allowed about two things making complaint yet and Emily a body. Again Eric he got her. Emily is a writer a fitness enthusiasm Sara Bonner and has lost seventy pounds and successfully kept at op and hit you've also lost. A lot of what you lost sixty pounds yeah. And I was gonna say certainly but only. Customer nine my marriage to a 71. And add one pound is an accomplishment I can Altria married. And how long that is you lose your way it's been about six years case a pay rent them for you. I started my journey back in 2007 sites say it's. Time about ten years of tension here maintenance is hard news sometimes maintenance is harder then. The weight loss because there's a big the real and losing weight and maintenance can be kind of doll. It's gonna become routine. Becomes your team and that's where. Com doesn't want your little bit about both of your stories and in our review because you weren't always that the did you used the Joost guy. Re definitely now. Now you know I'm born and raised in LA and I'd say I am somewhat educated in nutrition but never really practiced you know it's kind of like a fast food junkie most of my life. And you know that was just like mine norm but I just thought you were supposed to feel like this always and then I went to NYU and I had. A yoga class at 8 AM which no college ski Clinton it and you're that would cut class in Iraq right Illinois. Politics as baby. Yeah yeah Hannity now. But it was there are kind of just like opened my eyes took all of these things that we're just words before it to sing and macro by ID and chanting. I asserted actually experiencing it. And I left I left and why you're going to HBO. And I never went abroad. When I was at college which was almost like a huge regret of mine. So when that show is working on wrapped up by a one way ticket to southeast Asia. What entry I did Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Japan in India and you would -- banana the united or never have been under the US never by myself and I just kinda it was that might Eat Pray Love me and and I was there I attempted a five BAT's Clinton's and I felt so good afterwards that I kept going. And when I hit thirty days it was kind of that these is what you're supposed to feel that you did a thirty day dues climbed 98 and yes you drink just reduces yet it was literally like pocono fair and we can't like me vegetable for now where was this was in -- and doing an island in time and I assume some items guy you want to Canada threats and Clinton who was it was it was it was Erica a program for just that says you ago and they created kind of different programs to cater towards each individual. And mind kind of shifted a little bit as a kept going. But it really like worries that like Pope had gone on that the way I had been feeling my whole life wasn't actually in normal. And then face is how well made to feel. And it was really at that point where I was like I got to take this newfound knowledge and experience share it with that is many people assent possibly can. And you lost weight then or when you came I would say I started losing weight when I was at NYU and I I don't wanna see Jews is what dated but it kind of for me was spanky you know is that like first step you know I would drink agreements juice in the morning and all of a sudden I wanna work or at wanna eat clean and you know from there it just as you know we said it kinda became a routine. And you know I started seeing all of these positive you know amazing changes and it was just like I can cope right now and that's kind of how it's only stock. Annaly haven't you have as you can start. Wow that so I Richards laughed he would EG the anti toxin did you get to receive either 31 day I'm. Good old stories Connecticut. I was a and a freshman in college in net source Connecticut you've content and I U was in my dorm room spring semester and 198 you know out of the corner of my eye I saw a scale thing under my bed and I said to myself like. And again on that scale and I had known you know I grew up huge Italian Jewish gambling. Lots of eating kind of cornerstone of channeling. For us a lot to do with food and so I knew I had a problem with my weak but it wasn't until I got that scale and saw two and in four pound staring back at mean that. I was just shell shocked I'm telling you. I am I but for and so I have adequate size fourteen at that time sixty and sixty and I remember. Just feeling so beside myself and sat. I immediately they're on some. Old workout clothes that Wear from high school and some old sneakers and ran on the stairs my dorm and sprinted down. The street almond like onto the grass and I just was so beside myself just in tears knowing that I couldn't live there smiling back so for me. That moment of realization just knowing like okay he need to make a change and that. That hurdle that I kind of overcame that night was yes it was defeating an upsetting to see that number but when I finally knew it's that. I had the power to meek this different from myself I had the power. To kind of turn around my circumstance I you know you can't change your beginning necessarily but you can changer and and so for me. I knew that I needed terror. You know were consciously. Changed that story going for over at. So it was it is. It was hard and Ian Allen and you know when you commit to losing weight you also commit to knowing that every day might be a little bit more challenging than one before so for me. The first part of it was really developing a relationship with food. Learning about portion control and serving size and that was definitely the first chunk of my and then after that. Really became. This amazing relationship that I developed with running growing up. My brother bless him was a track athlete and I definitely wasn't you know I was video dieting my whole life until this point and so. He sent poke fun it means coming down and say go run a mile because I couldn't do. So for me for running it just when ice finally stuck with it. It felt so good not just you know prove that girl from that time period wrong you actually can do that's but that hasn't got better about it. I'm you know the five to 1910 k.s that ten k.s became half marathons when I first started earning every day. I was running a half mile every single day and it didn't matter that is just half mine well it was just the fact that I committed. They're really doing something that benefit myself and so. Half marathon and a full marathon. I once did something as crazy as run two and one week. I but I still you know at out of the whole journey you know two marathons nowhere on everything is needy. I still look at the biggest accomplishment as that night when I committed to making that change right. Yeah do you like to run. I do and I always say I will say that. Give it a try if it's not your thing that's fine what's important with exercise in general I truly believe is that. You're finding something that you do enjoy that feels like some sort of release for you back can be anything from zoom back to running tech crossed it and Uga dance party a yoga or whatever the case may be right. Yet you've been running at the one thing that I do that I don't enjoy in the moment 'cause I'm a big believer too and do what you like. It shouldn't be like taking medicine it should be the most fun you have a holiday. Running I I kind of hate but I love the way I feel after. And I like it is also opening and then failing to breed summit steeper and breathing deep and the endorphins are kicking in and it's worth the pain of getting bear. This focus too much on on weight loss because you know that's just one component of it. And I think a lot of people that come to this show come here because they one of eagle they are best and they want to feel their strongest. You talked about how sluggish and and low you felt when you were insisting on fast food how is it different now. How how are things different on this. I mean first off like I'm up it 585. AM almost every single day like I just pop off and on like ready to go. It's crazy like how much I can accomplish any day now and how could field. That's kind of a quit I noticed the most. But kind of what you said it is a 100% truth it's not really about tightening its through its. For me it's always about balance you know we're all human beings. What we're gonna you know have good days and bad days but we have to kinda get out of that mine says if I'm bad while I can just state this and I'll start again Monday. It's almost like take three days a week can be good and scooters however you define it you know all of us are different all of us and have different goals and you know it's kind of like just be better you know sometimes we're so in our heads and symptoms of etiquette out of underpaid and just kind of go with you and your questions like how do you feel. And when you start doing more and more use you feel like you want to do more it how much geez do you drink now. You know I I without a doubt start my day with a green series it's just like Mike go to and the greens dues so I do KO cucumbers celery Romaine parsley and something unique or is it one of the pre misused her pestering me yeah. I figured that I just enough fuel only Atlantic questions. You know sometimes to be fair though I do I do I'm a huge fan of the vita mix so often don't panic take any of our. Pressed concoctions and poured in with just you know whatever is about Tico bad in my fridge or freezer and Hispanic. Get more now none of the things you just described in the greens dues. Sounds taste well. There yeah. I don't like couples and I was gonna say sometimes sometimes on at a apple or lemon or ginger. But something to find so fascinating about Jews saying and it's actually not just you saying it's kind of all these. The way here case by its chickens you know for me I love using juice. As as a reset. You know if five if I'm traveling alive or fun you know finding myself feeling not you know my best are a bit sluggish. And I would jump into like you know just eating salads increase all of a sudden like he split shift and I find myself craving or wanting cleaner. Sam but it Arafat that experience is when I'm with always kind of it's it's it's a mind that triggers are tricks of me when I eat something that I used to love the and all of a sudden it tastes like crap you and I know that they they haven't changed the formula that it's my taste buds and my standards at obtaining my. Really isn't junk it's not fit for human consumption. I headed doctor challenge we once and said you know go go six days without eating any shook her leg 000. Sugar and on the seventh date go back to you would regularly eat. And I was like I can do six days. On that seven day it was like I was hit by a truck like I feel terrible I fell horrific and that's when it was six so eye opening for Maine about like. Processed foods and you know package sugar yeah. And have for you how do you feel differently today than you did when you're background. You know it really is. A day by day thing and I think. You know an important lesson we talked about this a little bit before. Maintenance is hard and no matter what fees and means you're and whether. You've been down a certain Mannelly for five years ten years or maybe it's just been a few weeks. Thing for me is you know there are going to be some weeks where I'm going counselor juniors and going a large gatherings that scene you know my whole. Being is different when I feel like I'm on track. Day by day. Among many hats in a writer and editor in. And you know doing this experiment rain now for articles on pop center where I don't eat dessert at all for two weeks and it's like is not to lose next week at. It actually doesn't appear. All right exactly how my provider cruelest. I am greeted us through the end of this coming. But you know even a small speak like that again I notice it differently I myself as well and also a fine man Reiser and so. For me to get up at five get up at 6 AM. If crying and waking up after having a really having a clinic before I'm not sleeping while. I feel strained even in that work out that I'm gonna go and to you first thing in the morning which is my habit. I will feel slow and just not myself and so for me. You know I really also try T eat really consciously whether that is you know eating loads of greens and had a plan fees a lot of the time. And just really taking particular about the things that I that I look at consume and really think is this worth my time to write really want to field of it I'm gonna feel. If I go down this path for Al yeah. Let's about the holidays because they are coming up quickly so there a couple different approaches that people have to the holidays some just go completely off the rails they make that decision I'm gonna enjoy this and indulge and then. Make it up afterwards that come January. They're the people crowding out the jams vision and then some people really just wanna keep its -- Wednesday in San tracking and some there's kind of deprivation model which you know is I'm gonna pan and keep the same restrictions in place that I do and my general David Taylor. Where US bombing. Look for me you know most of my life I was I was option and you know I just say hey I'm gonna go foreign bank authority Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's like I'm just gonna allow myself to kind of be style and the truth is like it's never it's always been a problem because getting back. Yeah and it never worked. You know I really like to say do your best you know and that's it and like I'm gonna eat you know I'm gonna have turned imminent stuff famine have all that good stuff. But if I incorporate you know some some stuff if if I kind of blend it with sound. Salads or cleaner foods it's just it's easier to get back into your route to you know you don't fall off. And it kind of fight for me have been able to maintain. Look again if once got balance I mean everyone's got their you know I can't say you know this is what to do and it works perfectly. But like listen to your body you know if you're eaten a lot of stuff that's not good for union not feeling good. You know slow down a little bit you know try to kind of incorporate some other thing NC benefits accuse her cell it would have argued. Guy handing out dues to your family members and given ironing and they're like get away from my time I get creative like all like to some dishes and might use some of our cheese's this ingredients and soups and stuff last year I took our Allman milk and I froth. Bit and I use it as we're praying for pumpkin pie. Like you know there's gotta be like little ways where you can kind of like you know find the savings via. And it was so what's your philosophy. I mean I was definitely not touch on this idea of being slow I think the you know the standard Thanksgiving especially Christmas thing is. He walk into your room and there's justice for at. And you feel like RA and in front of this spread. I can either be really good and like touched two things here and go sit down and finish in four minutes and watch everyone else devouring all these things. And you could be that person or you can be the person that takes a little bit of everything and still feels really satisfied. That you indulge in the experience you know the real thing as is. A lot of us talk about these foods is like. Nearly guilt foods or foods and make us feel bad but these foods into any anti Oakley you can't look at them and be like this is a bad food. He has the second that you label something that way. Is the second but that is a dangerous thing trio sell instead of looking at. You know our bass family friends make these an easing sweet potatoes with but special cross that's out of cereal and began seasonal. Things and guy is crusted this thing on the list author senator us again. It's it's it's a family seeker and a fair nudity. I wanna say it's special K he's gonna kill me if I got on there with some kind of flea collect it and laugh and when and it reportedly asked that weren't high corn flakes food processor walnuts and some browns are happening and there are moments ago at the diner it's a winner and so. He seed and like calorie realize that the Bob hands down by it. It happens once a year so. The holidays are about you know sitting in a corner and like punishing yourself at this as a time for family this is it time to really enjoy yourself and so. Framing all of this is something that's gonna meet you feel guilty is wrong doing and lottery show and definitely important and then also. His idea slow and also as a part of it engaging with other people if you're sitting there and on your cell phone. It did this is your moment like Philip your love cup like what I like to talk about like this is your moment. He CO these people you don't see their oft and and so now it's a chance to fill up your cop engage in other people and let that part he. That that be part of your help the experience you know is in custody so can Allen who are you someone who can eat like a small piece acts can you the spoon full of Bat's sweet potato thing my thing is that I can has been involved with speaker camping but I've got to be a little bit occupied in other ways so if I'm gonna be like mine believed. Enjoying the experience that like I've got to have a large class of Waterbury instead of needy bottomless now back I have like. One boss and I'll back to glass of water that I sweet potato like it's a little bit of everything it's just you don't want to be sitting there you're sitting there empty handed you're gonna feel like you're missing now. So for me even if that is water or it's sipping on a glass of liner it's something. I want to feel like I'm part of the experience because you should be because again it's that special time of year should really be enjoying. Yes I was is that you know ourselves but it's not just about food I know molecular keep up with your program if your work canal I keep consistent you know it's crazy how much you get out of like. I I've I've been big on boxing lately and that for Sharman a box you know Thanksgiving morning and empire gonna try to get in the next day to their relatives give you a hard time when you go or count on Thanksgiving Day Lehman Brothers assuming a hard time but you know the other thing is that -- comic if holidays are all about family -- he lets you know let's give fold them it's gonna family walked in LI can the kind of on the I was gonna say they have little idea here California Boeing's conveying that you know who put like there's still you know its its like again how do we not fall so far from a program where makes it that much more intimidating to get back and and it. And you mentioned a good point about the exercise because that's a choice that then influences. So many other choice absolutely and also keeps you sane because as much as the holidays are rep filling up the love cup. They also can fill up your stress comes to if your hosting major dealing with family members that you have a difficult relationship with. Even just being around me thinks it has particularly cruel for people who have a history with striving with their weight as we'll do. It's a holiday that's only about. Food. It's very difficult to figure out how to manage that in a way that's not playing games with your head. Well it's also about being thankful. Yeah. Died. Her mind right. But it's it can be used as overlap or any stress release hastily and. I am you know I mean I I've I've. Dude on two different things by Bahia I love to kind of incorporate Luka and mountains or try to get them weighing in on them but you do your thing. It's also finding finding a little bit of an ally like it doesn't need to get the whole family doesn't have to lease up and go for a Turkey trot with you at 8 AM on Thanksgiving like let's be real like grandma's like going to the Turkey trot and that's fine. Buy it. Media like your cousin would do with you or you had a friend and it's early enough where the two of you can intersecting go do something like that ago talked take a boxing class. Go to yoga class. You know you do an if Rio like your family wants you to be your best self and that's something else to be super thankful for. I'm do you feel like. Doing some kind of Jews clans afterwards. Is that a good way to get re centered I mean and they use of juice so I'm sure that you do believe edges of the get ready every Saturday think it's it's appropriate you know for the holidays. Then after I mean again like every person's kinda got their different agenda for me absolutely you know because what it does it's like. It just gets me mentally back in it and also. It's kind of what I touched on earlier elect before I know it might consider continuing to crave foods that I now aren't as good for me. All of a sudden in my creeping crude today which sounds crazy but it like you know it really it's kind of reset. And January. But what what. What type of Jews fast would you recommend you India due thirty days or you know absolutely and I mean there could also just juice and then have dinner Horry you know just use juice as a meal replacement even for one meal like a whatever you would every you can incorporate is going to be better than the alternative. What I think SI and I think as we your notes Amelie that you said you need to have to eat like. Do the whole Thanksgiving Day like go going to enrollment dad like Thanksgiving is one meal all. Re exactly like god bless my father about a big family days he loves to start with like a beacon egg and cheese breakfast this situation and and it doesn't need to start like at eight may have Mike foale island love you dad but it doesn't get to you it's out. You know wake up maybe have a geez maybe. Eat some fruit because let's be honest are going to be in the kitchen on day you're going to be picking at things like be mindful of the fact that you are gonna have this very substantial likely. Neil lament leader so you don't need to go out with a baying in the beginning right. From the get out drinking tea do you drink hot and humid and yeah. Active stain. He do you feel like that does does the Jews and help with hangovers. I used uses the mixer. Because I'm my tell me about that. I think it's it's all these little things that really do act they take about monitoring government against them greens there's some nutrients than theirs well. And some plenty mixed that the green so all that equipment. Alive which is like got some pineapple. And orange and economics that you know makes him quicker I on the exit vodka. And is so that sounds like you can on what are some other combination this is intriguing as a whole and air Leon. Eight and the until you can't really go wrong you know a guard she's makes that they just make great mixers. Where anything could go with round. Well we do with so we do an omen milk that we keep gusts and it's kind of like at our version of and Eric have acknowledged. But attacks in made with ingredients that are good. You know the other thing we're about to do it unlike sipping on it right now but it numerical a tumor milk for the holidays. You know heated up at a little brandy it's I mean you've guy agree or you know apple juice with. Ginger lemon and you know to a little sector. Sent and again. And enough for me it's just sick a great way to kind of incorporate again some good stuff in there. And then if I if I go big gun and have a big drinking diet like a kind of bounce back. We do it rhetorical lemonade and to me it's kind of like clean you so it's in the charcoal and it's activated charcoal lemon oh you mean Michael literally chart yeah and I'm an idea and it just kind of it feel it for me it's like I drank and in my. And I think hey I thought. Well that's good that's that's a great come advertisement is now on the dying to drive as it turns eleven. Yeah it's pretty good but but again you know it's like whatever you can can negate your hands on. You know even just make and use yourself at home as a mixer. Verse is kind of by and that off the shelf you know loaded with sugars you think its use but it's really just concentrate. You know there's little things make a big big difference. Now when you're at home with your families are you known as like the healthy people like are your cousins and siblings. Either ask you questions are giving you a hard time about you can have some of this and you're going for around on Thanksgiving Day and. I mean I'm the youngest of three voice though pages to give me a hard time about no matter. The opposite they still find something that in the hard time out. I don't like for me it's all it's all will we get together as a thinly valve on all the recommendations of what they're missing and really need any walking Sheila everyone has you re questioned to give me the second they see me like. I think trying have been trying running lately like I ran for four minutes is that okay in my that's really Cree. But that's a really great first step like if you couldn't run performance before or this is great tree I mean I'm definitely not. The health group swords around the dining table for share. He will actually wanna do an episode on kind of like that quorum to gadgets and tell all the stuff that people last year about it I got so much out there are now. The social partying encouragement. For her all of our listeners as we gear up for Thanksgiving does it for me it is actually an extremely stressful time. Because. I feel like triumph by aiding. All of my demons at the same time between it's a family environment it's you know old stresses that resurface it's a food that I grew up on and I love. I'm fighting on it at the same time so it is stressful time for me. Bum and I know a lot of other people feel the same way to what any any words of encouragement for. For us as we embark on this period which routes are to Thanksgiving and doesn't stop until January. I think it's just coming back to gratitude you know. It's not just Thanksgiving it's honig it's Christmas it's the new year this is such a special time of year for you can really. Take a step back and look at. How you're you're has progressed tell you that the grass and realize that the struggles that you're dealing with you know they're bigger than this one day they're bigger than this one season and that. You are strong enough to both get through this c.s and to enjoy this season and and then progressed past the cease and and I think that's just so important just to be so grateful for what you've accomplished reflect on that and then move forward into the following. Oh yeah. I I'd say just do your best you know sometimes we complicate things so much or so in our head about. It's the holidays it's going to be bad or this is gonna happen Eric you know. There are going to be here and its units it's just once just be open minded you know who knows and maybe maybe things. Are different you know we kind of we kind of we re we creative before that date even comes and then we kind of predict the outcome so it's like just going in and essentially you know make the best of you know. But I always say just do your best you know we're all kind of that that's what it's all bow morrow an attorney and whatever that is whatever you gotta do you just do it and don't be so art in itself. He went in time and then afterwards stooges can't and it. At Christmas and I can't I can't. Get you where they wouldn't get more information about about the jeans yeah I know it's it's leader pressed usery dot com on social where where social press she's very. And where where retails and on the coast but we ship nationally so you should put up on the new social recipes fair pressed juice cocktails. It's coming and it can't. Does that mean we cannot buy it and have a fee and where to. Find me all over every social platform and lean body. He's been out. ABB eighteen. Thank you guys we appreciate you having a hot and Thanksgiving happy holidays.

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