Vaccine Watch: How a COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff speaks with executives at Pfizer and CVS and the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed program on the process of eventually distributing a coronavirus vaccine.
4:37 | 10/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: How a COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed
With cases hospitalizations and deaths from the corona virus now rising in states across the country progress on a safe and effective vaccine cannot come soon enough. But vaccine gets a green light from the FDA actually getting the vaccine out to the American public will pose yet another challenge so. How the logistics for distributing an eventual vaccine work who will be the key players and who'll be first in line. Bob Woodruff has that story in tonight's vaccine watch. Right now pharmaceutical company save millions upon millions of there yet to be approved Covert vaccine doses are now being manufactured. Boxed and stored in facilities around the country. The president's chief vaccine advisor is predicting that at least two vaccine developers are nearing the finish line. My prediction is. Eight. The month of December. For the more than an accident defies a vaccine we have. Between twenty and forty million doses of vaccine stock five's. The plan now is to get these doses to those most at risk as soon as the FDA does authorize the vaccines as safe and effective. Perhaps as soon as November or December it's actually pretty simple. The folks who are dying. Our nursing home residents of nursing staff so they are ones we need to protect. It's a complex plan private companies taking the lead and the military and state officials coordinating logistics. I tell you we've engaged in military we have a general who's in charge able logistics who. Delivers soldiers. It will top seeded vision. An army truck struck street. Back. Lol or where you do it god it is commercial and do it. Two of those private companies CVS and Walgreens have entered into a deal with the government's operation warp speed. To hasten distribution amongst nursing homes that opt in to the program. It was really about being year old kid to the nursing homes and those odds you know this is one of our core competency or were actually get you over 400000. Flu shots this year. In nursing homes do about 8500 off site clinics outside our arms he. And so this is something that we do you. Coordinating the deal for CBS senior vice president Chris Cox says the company is prepared to distribute to at least 50% of the nation's nursing homes when a vaccine is ready. All ultimately we're gonna be looking to get you take every nursing home with us as a partner. I'm you don't within a three week period. One hurdle could be the need to transport and store some vaccines in below freezing temperatures for example Pfizer. But the current time we shouldn't them dry ice temperatures we held a series that packaging. Will we get these Tribune called pizza boxes. And they have they have roughly that shape will vaccine we get packed around right in the Mary in lady containers another possible hurdle hiring more staff to handle the millions of doses likely to be injected. You know the administration. Oh and it Nightline there'll actually. While more local farmers. Are you would. Not something that is actually a new idea. There were already five states nationwide that allow pharmacists. Pharmacy technician castration of vaccines. There's an existing training protocol place that the American Pharmacists Association actually signed off harm. It's very robust. And as for the general public Cox says getting vaccinated will both both familiar and a bit different. We're going to make this effort once we get twit general population stage. An appointment all we. Give me an estimate once the vaccine leaves the door is Pfizer where her company while lives. When would I be able to get it. Pharmacists in my rumor I go to the store and get shot quickly when that. I would be speculating at this point what I will tell you. We are prepared to our backs in a nursing homes. He for the new year. And we will be prepared to take on broader general election effort you know within the first months twenty. CBS added that along with residence nursing facility staff will also have the opportunity to be vaccinated. In the early days of distributing this is Bob Woodruff tracking the race. For a vaccine.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff speaks with executives at Pfizer and CVS and the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed program on the process of eventually distributing a coronavirus vaccine. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73892572","title":"Vaccine Watch: How a COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-covid-19-vaccine-distributed-73892572"}