120,000 troops may be deployed if Iran targets US: Report

The New York Times report claims Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented an updated military plan to the White House late last week.
3:10 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for 120,000 troops may be deployed if Iran targets US: Report
And tensions continue to escalate with you Ron in the New York Times reporting. Acting Defense Secretary Shanahan present in an updated military plan last week the plan could send as many as 120000. Troops. In the Middle East if Iran attacks American forces so in a bring in Louis Martinez at the Pentagon. Leave them the report does say that the White House is divided. On how to approach this and they haven't officially commenting on it but is that true number is that a real plan or is that just a scare tactic. Well Kimberly were trying to confirm this information from the near times because it is eye catching. I'm because it's a high some of that we've actually seen it in regards to potential you know bullets military presence. In that region but as in your times reported this is a top line number. In case Iran attacks US forces or in case they accelerate their enrichment program. Out but they also make the point that this is not an invasion force for Iran. I'm so if anything this would be in response T something that Iran does in terms of attacking US military forces. Or enriching more uranium we response of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Bomb all they say it is that they do not comment on military operations or planning. He only talked to military officials here they tell us that the milk this is what the military does. They build plans they create plans four pick any potential situation. I'm in in this case it sounds like there were a range of options that were probably presented to the White House last week. On and in terms and some of them smaller scale summit in large scale and as possible at this was the largest scale probably the worst case scenario. But. Where do the White House go like this we know that and John Bolton whose national security advisor is a hawk on Iran. We know that he is very bullish on its bottom stronger US military presence. That's why he and he was the one that announced last week that we're gonna see an aircraft carrier strike group. And as well as B 52 bombers heading through the region to deter Ron. Based on new intelligence that indicated that they were planning attacks against US forces in Iraq Syria and its C. I sell it but at the same time I think there are other officials and administration who are urging caution. I'm probably because they don't wanna see beans if things escalate in the region. I'm but again this sounds to me like just the top will plan for a worst case scenario. Yet of course has us coming after what we discussed yesterday where four ships in the region. Where sabotaged. Over the weekend. Before we wrap up any updates there. Yet death ultimately there. We re hearing from a US official that an initial US military assessment though the US military team went over to assist Ian varieties in investigating what happened to those ships. The initial investigation has concluded. On that it was likely Iran or Iran is allies are carried out an attack by placing. Explosive charges along the sides of the ships at or near the water line that led to gash is Mi B five to ten feet across. Those none of those ships wears a severely damaged. -- but obviously the indication that if Iran did this. It's gonna what does that mean in terms of ramping up the situation there I think you probably gonna need and see more US intelligence needed to get a clearer picture in what exactly happened. Aaron limerick is at the Pentagon thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"The New York Times report claims Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented an updated military plan to the White House late last week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63032935","title":"120,000 troops may be deployed if Iran targets US: Report","url":"/International/video/120000-troops-deployed-iran-targets-us-report-63032935"}