A$AP Rocky detained in Sweden after fight video goes viral

Celebrities have been calling for the release of the rapper and two of his friends, who have been detained in a Swedish prison since July 2.
5:13 | 07/19/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A$AP Rocky detained in Sweden after fight video goes viral
Guys we move on to Sweden. Where hip hop artists asap Iraqi and two of his friends. Had been detained in a Swedish prison since July 2 lots of people in Hollywood in congress. Are calling for his release even a movement with a petition of over 600000. Signatures so I have my news with me here because we wanna discuss this I'm gonna get people like a background on this story the arrest came after a fight. Broke out in the streets of Stockholm. TUZ released a video showing asap and two of his friends beating a guy up. But before he was detained. Asap Iraqi posted two videos on instant Graham that showed what happened right before where the same guy was following them around him wouldn't leave them alone. Even hitting a saps body guard with his head phones menu you heard asap in the video telling the guy that he doesn't want. Any trouble but stands is app was arrested on aggravated assault so. You know this seems a bit extreme. For this spikes he still in prison. Since the beginning of July yet. It's securely and even today vascular prosecutors and now the announcement that he sits on the house for an additional period of time as they continue this investigation and an assist our state the facts mislead a suspected as the suspect it is they don't have a bail system at any place for them. And bear perspective is that he has been treated fairly someone to make sure that we put it out there with regards to that. And they also say they are holding him because. When the sentiments of a flight risk and so they use they say this is not unusual. For any foreigner to still be held a certain amount of time. Do usability of them for a flight risk with that being said though there's also it's a lot of inconsistencies that come up with this story and it's clear that Geneva convention which states it any time a foreigner is arrested. They had to be notified immediately the home country has notified immediately. They weren't notified immediately and then when diplomats and went to actually go check in on a sack rocky they weren't allowed to see him initially. And really aware about the finally see him they were allowed to meet in private with them there's an a lot of inconsistency when it comes to this. Analyst fact that we must say that he came in voluntarily write because of the fact that he wanted to be pro act. Active with this so that sound as a makes it would typically as you go and pro actively and you get arrested by coming emperor actively. And I can't understand why the prolonged about time when the videos clearly. Show an example of them being harassed for an extended period tang period of time and they were antagonize. So I won't say it's act of self defense if someone's antagonizing you and really trolling Etsy was at my time and then attacks your bodyguard that. They attack first the evidence is clear I. At an original bail system maybe a week at the most but for visits and an on time something else is happening within the diplomatic system. While many would say in May have said on Twitter that this may have happened because his crew was black yet. And I think that's important part of the story this isn't a marriage that we've been happening all we embrace and that America races in America isn't just the racism isn't just restricted T matches in America. The world and particularly to Europe has at a very complicated system with race. From past to president. And hopefully not mourn the future but here we are and the president but the migrants right and Meyer communities that the European countries there is still tension that exists there as it is this notion. Racism goes outside the boundaries and that is America but didn't let down in terms of black Americans right you wanna be able to feel safe. And so comfortable when you go abroad is on now there is is he dynamic. Where can we be safe right where we won't be discriminated against. Some people are still a bit upset about his comments. On Ferguson. You are he said he didn't want to be political and now he's in this situation. Potentially because of his race yet it's interesting how. I'm so glad it's you mention that. Because a lot of talk about it individuals even think about OJ Simpson and his famous words where are not black eye modes. Right there is a sentiment sometimes that when you are successful and you make it. That you are become exact from racism. That's you come from exempt from the law or you become exempt from discrimination but timing times' history has so does that no matter as a black American or person of color. No matter how educated you or. No matter how many degrees at your path. No matter how much money that you own that's your hat no matter where you live readers that the cold. Your skin and a color in your religion does not remove you're always seen it. As that and so there's no visit no exemption and pray there is no exception unfortunately. Investing in equities and our criminal justice system that we senior right now is we see privilege is being played out based upon. Your your your finances or your Stanley circumstance educational background was really interesting that somehow we keep incarnate and Kim Kardashian has had some type. Interference and it comes of this is Jason got a treat yesterday released thanking the president and Jared Kushner on their behalf are working for is that rocky ever criminal justice reform. They have yet to see her dates that root cause of racism inequality that has been existence. From our sins and as our president talk about let your home country's north address tremendous reform one has addressed through paces and that's associated with it. And the rhetoric from our elected officials.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Celebrities have been calling for the release of the rapper and two of his friends, who have been detained in a Swedish prison since July 2.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64442928","title":"A$AP Rocky detained in Sweden after fight video goes viral","url":"/International/video/aap-rocky-detained-sweden-fight-video-viral-64442928"}