ABC News Live Update: Biden meets with world leaders at G7 summit

Plus, the latest on the Army’s investigation into Vanessa Guillen’s murder and a Harvard-bound grad gives away her scholarship money.
19:43 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden meets with world leaders at G7 summit
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming in with us in today's update president Biden and the leaders of the other six most powerful democracies in the world. Our meeting today in England for the G-7 summit. The group is committing to donating one million common vaccines jobs to foreign nations. And announcing plans free 15% of global corporate tax we have the latest from core mom and a moment. An ABC news has confirmed the New York Times report that the trump Justice Department secretly ceased communications data from two house Democrats in the hunt for leaks. The DOJ secretly subpoenaed apple for that data on congressman Adam shift and Eric's post ball well both vocal critics of president Trout. Apple turned over Mitt data but no emails or bono's. The Justice Department also secured a gag order on apple meaning the congressman didn't know about any of this until recently. Now they're calling for an investigation by the inspector general. And two people have not tested positive for growth in nineteen on a celebrity cruise ship that required vaccinations. The celebrity millennium was firsts the first ship to set sail North America since funny funny. And it still is seeing celebrities as all close contact to those passengers have tested negative. And all crew members were also vaccinated and doctors tell us rate increases are rare but they do happen. May nomination still chipping away at the president's goal of having at least 70% of adults vaccinated by July 4. Thirteen states have already crossed that threshold and at least 64% of adults have received at least one shot so far. The senate has confirmed the first Muslim American federal judge in US history. Exact gauge qureshi was confirmed by an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote of 81 to sixteenth. The son of Pakistan immigrants units raced in New Jersey and enlisted in the military after the nine elevenths terror attacks. And as you mentioned the G sediment is G-7 seven I should say is now under way and carb is bay a seaside town of Carlisle England. President Biden joined UK prime minister Boris Johnson and the leaders of France Germany Italy Canada and Japan. For that tradition also called family photo before getting down to business. National correspondent Rachel Scott joins us live from arm while with the latest on the summit. Rachel what is some of the big issues on the table this time around and what kind of challenges do you think Biden could face here. Well this first time Diane that all of these world leaders are for higher gathering. Amid a global pandemic they have not seen each other president has not stepped foot on. Foreign soil in more than 400 and it's been days of certainly a lot to discuss here everything ranging from climate change. To the pandemic to getting more vaccines to other countries that eat them. Discussing some of the cyber attacks that the United States believes that Russia is behind so that is going to be a clear point of focus. But back the G-7 summit that is happening right now but also some of the challenges that we're gonna see the president faces really convincing these allies. That Amir back this message that the president is bringing to our allies but he didn't do Whipple cash. Over the last several years former president Donald Trump he pulled the United States from the pairs climate accord heater and two leave need no calling it obsolete. And so now president Biden is going to have to convince these allies that this time is going to being different he's also bring a message democracy works. But I can tell you that those images of the insurrection at the capitol on January 6 and made its way across the world. So you have to convincing -- also that it's working back home as well Diane. The regional leaders have agreed to this 15% global tax on corporations howl that work. And what are they trying to accomplish with that. This is having that the president and the White House have been pushing for so they are pretty pleased by this. I've being that did that that this is actually pushing through here is his and that they've been pushing for they're trying to pay for their larger domestic agenda back home so this is going to make it so that companies pay the same tax rate regardless of where their headquarters arts missile for bad. Companies from paying a little bit lasts if they decide to have their headquarters in a different part. Of the world to me that is important the United States as. I'm but it's a look at ways to go hear what the are hoping is that by getting disagreement you're at the G-7 that this is now going to be a springboard. Leading into the G-20 in that other countries we'll have to come on board but. Every government including right back home in congress they're gonna have to approve this first before it actually goes into effect time and buy and set to meet the queen later this weekend Rachel what kind of a role. We'll see in the rest of the royal family play and in terms of being on the sidelines of this summit. Yeah how long Biden will become the third president to meet with the queen all we back to 1951. Actually. The queen was actually princess she traveled to the White House and that Truman at this time instead that I'm the world looks to the United States for hope and for democracy. And regardless of politics and talked about the winter blast of any of our allies have the experience over the last several years over the last several decades rather. I'd look bins sort of the stable figure she has and that. With all of our leaders. Of our country and so once again we're gonna see this happen today they're going to be holding a reception the queen inviting some of these world leaders. Over Adobe meeting face to face. Needing thirteen. US presidents basic face pretty incredible. And racial all of these events lead up to Biden's summit with Vladimir Putin next we catch you think. These meetings that he's having now could influence how he handles that meeting next week. Yeah how well the White House has said that they believe that the president Biden's going to be heading into this and meeting with President Putin what the wind out his back in and that's another core focus. A BG seven summit is making sure that all of the allies are communicating with a one waste. Against the rash act I this is going to be a very blunt meeting it's a deadly high stakes meeting expectations though. Are rather well what they want to go into this with this passion and if ands and president Biden has made it clear that he wants a stable but predictable relationship. With rash and with President Hu and but it's unclear just what that looks like when as we know Russia has been very unpredictable. Especially this year all right. Angels got thank you so much Rachel and you can watch our full coverage of the Biden prudent summit next Wednesday June 16 right here on ABC news lives. The fiancee of the Nancy Guillen is speaking on national television for the first time since her murder. The twenty year old army soldier was killed on a military base after tundra Stanley she'd been sexually harassed by supervisor. John Quinones has more on her family's search for justice. We want and I'm serious. We want to host this. One good news has spent the last year looking for answers after the brutal murder of his fiancee. Army specialist Vanessa Guillen. Guillen was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen Texas when she disappeared in April 20/20. Just twenty years old she was missing for more than two months before her body was found in the woods twenty miles away. The prime suspect fellow army specialist Aaron Robinson he died by suicide after escaping the base during the investigation. Now he ends fiance is speaking out in his first national television interview. Sometimes don't know it completely. He sees reality. She's not alone here here. I'm always thinking a minor. He's so good coup memories. Crews describing the moment he learned Vanessa had been found dead I don't know where it. Hold the TVs when red. But in the so breaking news. There are main square Manassas PS. When last seen them. There's dart across. At the time of GM's disappearance her family claimed the army wasn't taking it seriously. Leading to protests. An investigation into the handling of the Guillen case and resulted in the suspension or firing of 21 soldiers the investigation finding that Guillen was sexually harassed by a supervisor. But that leadership in her unit failed to take action or investigate. The allegations. Investigators also saying they did not find any connection between the harassment. And her murder and the poor communication. Was to blame for allowing the suspect. To escape custody. Despite the army accepting responsibility for many missteps bruise says he still wants justice. For his beloved. If so those since the beginning pumpkins home to let that happen on the military base. They are taking care of those protecting those but the who's protecting them. We will hear much more from an us against Yancey tonight 120 each when he and ABC's John Quinones will be hosting that episode and John. It's your life with me now for more on this John thanks so much for being here I know you've been covering. But us again story for over a year now so tell me while only learned about her and her case tonight that we haven't already heard. Well for the first time in addition to hear from her fiance and her family we're going to hear from super friends fellow soldiers. Until now not sit very much in we will hear. What they say Minnesota hold them and that is that she was being sexually harassed by whatever superiors. While at Fort Hood. You also that your new yellow beauties feels about her killer of a specialist Aaron Rollins why why was he ever arrested and colleague managed to escape on this militarized. He's and get a gun and then die body. It was it has some tough questions for the army itself we sit down with a major general who helped lead the new investigation. Into the Vanessa Guillen case. Does he explain all the mistakes the blunders. Young family says led to his watch investigation. And on the army just finished an investigation into begins case what course other big findings. I can't find that she wasn't he sexually harassed by one person barriers although they will not say who that person is. Assembly and perhaps most important thing happened on the motive determine why Vanessa was little Allison million panel was created to look at the command. And culture or go to under the wants what is good results in this role they discovered that a good number blunders and mistakes were committed by investigators early on in the investigate and response. That review board eskimo would seventy recommendations. And for those already been in place among the most important new policy were missing soldiers are automatically listed as a wall gone you'll also sprang from its program for reporting sexual assault and sexual arrests. Are now all of Symbian and he will be in charge of the RE CIE. A little investigative command will no longer overseen. By the military. To big development nine MGM's family's been very critical of the army's handling of the case how are they reacting to this new investigation and some of the changes you just said. They'll look kindly still very modest beside themselves while I don't know. Why did her daughter was killed and who was it was indeed sexually harassing him as nice perk as they said that the military won't tell us. They say the family says the command investigative report has revealed what they already knew more than a year ago there especially. Because the army and promised them that I ranking officer is it their all and personally explain the writings or their investigation. Established illnesses -- currency interest instead. Results were sent to them by email and it was due to the rest of most of the media and all conference call. Only expected much more early aren't. Johnny is spent a lot of time with her family at this point the prime suspect in her murder is dead here so what do you think justice looks like now. For Manassas loved ones. You know that you don't speaks Spanish Diana when you see tomorrow's report will steal although Koppel or even but boy this spam we spend less where. The fiance Juan Cruz dream is dreams marriage children a future where it. We're that is below biomass are gone and there's a sense that this sounded like Cusack will never see real justice because although one woman incessantly at Omar. And accused of helping bury bonuses body and she will stand trial soon. Is the killer of specialist Aaron Robinson died ice homicides so bagel and we will very likely. Never aren't exactly. What happened murdered daughter. Or. All right John Quinones great to have you John thank you. And you can watch the full plate when he special what happened to the NASA tonight at 9 PM eastern on ABC. But a recent high school graduate got a surprise scholarship at her graduation ceremony but it's what she did with that money that's making headlines. Steele Good Friday is after the break stay with us. Welcome back it's time for feel Good Friday when we bring you a little good news heading into the weekend and today it's all about Harvard bound high school graduate bird antenna. Murder received a surprise 40000 dollar scholarship but her graduation ceremony last week but it's what she's doing with that money that's making headlines take a look. I am so very grateful for this. But I or so a knows day. I am not the one who's has the mouse and knowing my mom went to needy colleagues. And at how much that was hopeful I would be so very grateful. If administration. Would be can say I'm would consider giving the general Thomas excellence scholarship. To someone who's going to community college. From because I know it is it's a great honor but I ozone known that I am not to be most in need advanced. That's right she gave all of that money away and Verna is here now did tell us more about why murder first of all things your being here and congratulations on graduating. EU. So you get a scholarship based on general excellence for outstanding academic achievements so you clearly earned this why did you decide to give it away. Come on. I was in the audience and the online amazing Jeannie Mai amazing here is and I realized hey you know I didn't he agent Jerrold very well I arm Harvard financial eight radar image someone in the audience and ice and someone sitting next to me. Jack financial aid for college and asking my mom and the were principle we're seeing light HBO and be selfless things that I you know I know and I live. RI and that it is seeking when he's sitting there now you didn't know you're getting the scholarship until you've heard her name called cell. How did you make this decision so quickly. Yeah I can sit com. This is about time before I had newscast or even should I why because I need Danish you know I I would his you know. Bray aren't. Had financial aid and I don't know why it's good someone else begin -- and you know you are a desert any youths if you get an. Answer it's your arms so let's begin weight I wish I myself I am but I. An HI write this down and I my assistant principal who is speaking arm and and in her journey through New Orleans and having to pay for it and I I just need that was struggle on one then yes grows stronger but of course a struggle relax and which I just knew today it would it would be so the show some announced an act that's me let me make this and so what was your mom's reaction when first she heard her name called and then she signed your response. The mini I don't need both times honesty so excited seeing Alexander I do you know bush. Seasons. And it has scholars in the does those pretty. Draconian really. The rate. And it is us the way arms and they. Are being patted me not so stands today. So are telling what do you must looking forward to out of Harvard this fall. And then as a lot of things are looking forward to the it makes you know injuries and freezers. Just life in box in. We definitely say I'm just a six and this is our economies really I. I really hope they get from heart you're with Harvard universe yet so I'll tell. Kind of continue to act of kindness and and it you know I was more scars it's his kids who need it. And I minor setting a great example today Byrd and Ted we appreciate having you thank you and again congratulations. EU. And you can find more feel good stories at Good Morning America dot com. That doesn't put his ABC news live update on that and the status thanks for joining us and remember ABC news levels here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis stay safe and had a great weekend. This here is just part of this problem lost. But do it to be. One in each corner and went in the sensor can become a crisis. Champagne and Donald Tony Clark. But there was also another scandal had back packed into it didn't. And Rangel will be here. For those who oblivious of the times I would like to tell us let's simply couldn't be myself. Two people fifty.

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