Afghan Gunman Kills American Doctors in Kabul

Three shot dead, 1 wounded, as guard opens fire on civilian health workers.
7:25 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Afghan Gunman Kills American Doctors in Kabul
-- -- Hired to protect them and armed Afghan security worker gunned down three American doctors. Wounding one more before trying to kill he fell. Right now the international hot spot Kabul Afghanistan. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York another attack today on foreign civilians in Afghanistan this. At a hospital run by -- Pennsylvania based Ngo -- -- Here's Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said -- -- One on the end -- security guards then opened fire chief foreign nationals. 23 of them have been can -- -- -- other foreign national who was wounded in the incident. So devoted -- has since been taken to the hospital and get Packers also -- by the police. So we -- willing to investigate to find out about the most of -- attack. Among the dead doctor Jerious Monaco's. A former colleague at Lawndale Christian health center in Chicago spoke just moments ago. We have lost a different. -- clinic is grieving right now. Parts. -- broken. So we ask that you price for this family. By far our planet right for our patients and staff. Community. And -- the community -- served. In Afghanistan. And we're joined now from Kabul by the Wall Street Journal's Margarita -- -- As the Taliban claimed responsibility for this attack -- anyone claimed responsibility. No one has claimed attack so far from what we understand. It was a police car was at the gate of the hospital compound and that's not all of its visa decided to open -- -- On that three people including one Doctor -- -- just walking into the compound. -- -- -- DO what was the gunman who did -- work for who was he and what are the pre -- -- prerequisites for getting positioned guarding a hospital like this. -- All isn't that heavily guarded city and most come bounce. And -- government compounds. Or facilities run by international staff it will have some sort an armed guards. And most guards will have to be -- -- cards. And at this particular at least nine who had been act act cures hostage until apple had been appointed to that particular post quite recently. And that's pretty much all we know. I cannot. About him -- -- -- we don't diet whether -- links to the Taliban. We don't know that another particular reason -- you want Condit to kill that kid -- -- not. -- -- let's talk a little bit about the hospital on the work they do a -- spokesman made a brief statement. This morning let's take a listen. International has been serving Afghanistan people since 2002. And begin -- the hospital's current location in 2005. At the invitation of the government of Afghanistan. The hospitals focused on maternity and pediatric care serves 37000. Patients a year. Margarita how unique is the work there by cure hospital and and people who are there working in this capacity and what are the needs in that region of Afghanistan. -- and to help healthcare facilities in the -- Afghanistan. So hospitals like Europe -- -- crucial grow. And now it's extremely rash -- for health care workers to -- -- it. This is like today's attack is so shocking and even by the standards used to yet it hasn't today's attack is bad and it it is a potential game change. And the gunman we understand tried to kill himself according to authorities. But -- -- is he's still alive than actually being treated in the same hospital. That is treating one of his victims does anyone know -- -- if investigators will be able to speak to him. That's still don't -- there and apparently tried true. Then there's conflicting reports of what happened after the attack one version which has been act and your Ministry's version is that the attacker tried to -- -- I'll be attacked and was shocked by other security guards or what is certain is that he was injured and he's currently. -- girl undergoing as the treatment so once he's back there. I think that's -- the investigation will carry on. And you said no one has claimed responsibility for this so we know that the Taliban in that region. Has been known for targeting foreign workers more and more in the past two months many foreign journalists have also been targeted and killed. Most recently the attack on the Associated Press reporters. Are they creating a culture of fear trying to among foreigners and is it possible that. This attack could be linked to the Taliban. Just the start of a trend of foreign civilians being targetted because their corners and that's what Gary. Especially to the dwindling community of -- last year Afghanistan. Now as you said this is not an accident -- and a few weeks ago that was as -- salmon -- and very similar incident in cost and it. That -- Associated Press journalists were -- one was killed and another was injured in that case it was also a policeman who opened fire. And this comes in it has been a long string of that incidents targeting foreign Tibetans many of them have -- been written by the Taliban. A spectacularly. Smart this spectacular B they attacked -- hotel and in Kabul. And they also attacked a US and US -- -- -- -- of peace and full back at restaurants. Frequented by foreigners. And of course Margarita this is all taking place surrounding the elections there and Afghanistan give me an idea how has that changed. How you are able to do your job how you are able to move around. While as journalists we have to -- around we've all obviously trying to limit unnecessary meet -- but it's it's it's it's it's getting harder it's it's especially hard to get. Out of the major cities. But yet it is it is an issue but we try to the best we can by keeping a low profile and just you know limiting amendments. And are -- able to tell us about the elections. Who is supposed to be leading the pact in the next as the next president of picked -- Afghanistan. The FB counting process for the -- -- is still is still going. So body count than a little over 80% of the votes and one candidate Abdullah Abdullah isn't even about 44% of the -- Followed by -- -- another candidate -- Afghan. And now we'll have to wait until sat today to have to have a clear view of crew who who will will make it at the top. Not -- no single candidate. It's an absolute majority there will be second rounds of elections are not over yes and they may drag on the. -- -- The Wall Street Journal's -- -- -- in Kabul Afghanistan thank you very much for joining us. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- -- this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot on the -- France in the New York.

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{"id":23459514,"title":"Afghan Gunman Kills American Doctors in Kabul","duration":"7:25","description":"Three shot dead, 1 wounded, as guard opens fire on civilian health workers. ","url":"/International/video/afghan-gunman-kills-american-doctors-kabul-23459514","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}