American 'ISIS bride' speaks out

The Alabama woman who joined ISIS speaks out in an ABC News exclusive about now wanting to return home.
3:36 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for American 'ISIS bride' speaks out
And now to that ABC news exclusive with the 24 year old woman from Alabama who spent four years with crisis. Now she's begging to come back home and she sat down with our own James Longman James joins us live. From Syria and James had a she explain all this. Hi Diane I mean that the lord explaining to do right now and but we are up there in that east in Syria and as a watching that kind of fate. Dismantled if you like the cycle of Islamic cafe we have seen. Eyes despite this their wives and their children ferrying out. All of the space that it once occupied and among them is this 24 year old woman who got more from now she spent four years in the so called Islamic state. While she was that she married. Three times twice to fight this. She spent time inside the the ethical designs they tweeting. Trying to get Americans. To rise up using let's and kill their fellow Americans say. This was. She had a lot of expensive but like that such ballot there as you say. And I got the sensor and how that she really wasn't quite grasping. Exactly the magnitude. Of what she had done all the organizations she was a half solved. Have a watch. So by this time the 21 annual wooden toys. And and it's a sunny I feel like it's strange to you to Haney say. It is as a high of thinning. And they could arrest them American being widowed going through with an orphan child. It's not common at all accident probably the first. So do. Oh lost about well what life is like inside the Islamic state with regards to how much he knew about what it was doing as it ever organization. We were watching from the outside and we would see the videos the bad things being it is. Means it was shocking new aware of those things guy. Read within. That bodies in public we see kids seeing that finding publicly seen. Lynn was splattered on the floor. And seeing it seeing with young guys really made you wake up and change. There was a kind of childlike innocence about higher I'm honest Diane. I'm you know if you look at some of the other women that have been speaking about their experiences inside I'm talking specifically about should mean a bag of a British woman who has or so I've been speaking out about time. Inside the so called Islamic state should mean not really was on apologetic C mini refused to. Rejects the ideology of the cycle of Islamic state whereas holder I felt. Wanted to she wanted to say that she regret today and she did she said that. She must've been brainwashed and she doesn't know what she was thinking and she would love to be able to come back the United States and and stopped again Jim this does house to face justice but. I like Koch honest because this that you know. You have to understand how awful this organization was. This is an Illinois nation that was enslaving women that was murdering people that didn't agreement at that was throwing. Suspected homosexuals off roofs and was broadcasting around the low. I and she said that she didn't agree with it but that I couldn't in her eyes there was no registration. All of how willfully opened eyes issue was that was quite extraordinary to me how and of course as has been reported. And she is looking to come back to the states there's a big question about whether or not it's gonna happen. Then we'll we will. Find out if she's able to attract enough sympathy to get back home James Longman with a great report there James thank you for that.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The Alabama woman who joined ISIS speaks out in an ABC News exclusive about now wanting to return home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61192675","title":"American 'ISIS bride' speaks out","url":"/International/video/american-isis-bride-speaks-61192675"}