Biden, Putin meet in high-stakes summit in Geneva

President Biden said it's "always better to meet face-to-face."
1:22 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Biden, Putin meet in high-stakes summit in Geneva
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Happening today, the suffolk county district attorney is expected to indict a man accused of strangling and raping a woman. 29-year-old Jessie Diaz jumped the victim along a walking path in Coram. New information, the Manhattan D. A.'s investigation into the trump organization cfo is headed into the final stages. He could face charges at soon a this summer. The grand jury has been hearing evidence for several weeks. The investigation is focused on whether he failed to pay taxes on benefits like apartments and cars and private school tuition provided by president trump. Good morning, Shirleen, good morning, everyone, a beautiful, clear shot into Jersey City. Everybody has great looking skies. A northwestern breeze. That is the area of high pressure up around the great Lakes and stirring up dry, beautiful weather keeping the clouds well off shore. We'll have full on sunshine during the day today. 77 degrees at 3:00 P.M. Off of a 79-degree high temperature. We could see 81, 82 degrees on the Jersey shore. Hi, Heather. Hi, Sam. N and W trains suspended between 57th and queensboro plaza because of a smoke condition. On the L.I.E. Going west near exit 58, we have a crash. You can see traffic is bumper-to-bumper. It looks like the accident is in the HOV lane. All of those travelling on the HOV lane are going to have to get onto the main line of the L.I.E.. Northern state west at the meadowbrook parkway, an accident reported. We also have an accident on the sagtikos near the L.I.E.. Here is the bqe as you go northeast coming around the corner, coming into the Brooklyn you have the typical volume. You look at the Brooklyn bridge inbound, no major issues. If you're going over to Brooklyn, also a great ride. Street cleaning rules are in effect. Back to you. Thank you for that. "Good morning America" will continue after the break. 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Hold developers' feet to the fire while supporting families still struggling to make rent. And put an end to the lie that says we can't have public safety without police abuse. I'm Maya Wiley, I have that courage, and I'm asking for your vote. Paid for by Maya for Mayor, Inc. It takes less than one minute to find out if you may have prediabetes. And you can do it here. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to the site. Good morning, America. It's 8:00 A.M. President Biden and Vladimir Putin meeting for the first summit, arriving in Geneva with relations at an all time low. Set to discussion cyberattacks and a possible prisoner swap. The new warning about the delta variant now in at least 34 states as experts say it could become the dominate strain in the U.S. Cosmetic crack down. The hidden chemicals in your every day items. How to spot them. Plus, we're on a mission with princess Diana's brother to find a legendary sunken ship. Family cooking on a budget. One influencer and mom of two is sharing her secrets to feed a family of four healthy meals for $500 a month or less. Her top three tips you can start using this morning. And we're one on one with the break-out star behind "The other black girl," one of the summer's biggest thrills. It's all ahead as we say good morning, America. That's how you do a little shimmy. You can't help it. Good morning, America. I'm looking forward to sharing my conversation with the zakira Dalila Harris, her debut novel, "The other black girl" in stand "New York Times" best seller. Hair is a huge theme in the book. We sat down at a salon in Harlem to share her story. You want to have a good conversation, you go to a salon in Harlem. We have a lot of news this morning. The summit between president Biden and president Putin. We saw the leaders arriving at the villa la grange. Cecilia Vega is right there in Geneva. She joins us with the latest. Ood morning, Cecelia. Reporter: Robin, good morning O you. The meeting site is happening up the road from me. That meeting is underway right now behind closed doors. We saw the leaders shaking hands. Vladimir Putin saying he wants this to be a productive meeting. The high stakes meeting with Vladimir Putin underway right now. The two leaders shaking hands before getting down to business. It's all taking place right here in this Swiss villa on the hill. We were brought here to see this site because the Russia media were allowed to do this. The face-to-face is expected to last four to four hours, split into two sessions. The first president Biden, president Putin, secretary of state blinken and his counter part. The leaders never expected to be alone, unlike with president trump. Both sides agree u.s./russia relations are at an all time low. The president telling me he has one goal. Make it clear what the red lines are. Reporter: On the issue, Russia election meddling and the fate of the two U.S. Marines held by the Kremlin. Trevor reed's family releasing a new audio. I would appreciate if my country would bring me home and back to my family. Reporter: We've been talking about the high stakes here. I want to give you a scene of the chaos. Two press corps. There was a scrum to get into that room. There was pushing, shouting. Not all American journalists were able to make it in the room. The last time these two leaders saw each other was when president Biden was vice president in 2011. That's when he looked in Vladimir Putin's eyes and told him you don't have a soul. Cecelia, thank you so much. T.J.? Let's turn to the coronavirus emergency. The CDC giving a new warning about the delta variant. Whit Johnson has the latest. Good morning, whit. Reporter: T.J., good morning to you. After more than a year of pain and loss, New York City, once the epicenter of the pandemic is eager to get back to normal fireworks last night over the city. In California, the most populous state. Governor Gavin Newsom dropping most restrictions. As the country looks to move on, the CDC is calling the delta variant a variant of concern. Experts warning it's likely to become the dominant strain in it's already accounting for about 10% of covid cases nationwide. Dr. Ashish jha saying it's more contagious than any variant we've seen. The vaccines are proving to be working against it. This as the country is passing thatainful milestone of more than 600,000 lives lost to covid-19. Amy? Important to remember that number. It's significant. Coming up next on "Gma" the new study on every day cosmetics, how to discover the hidden chemicals not on the labels. It's our insta parent series. The mother who is on a mission to find new foods. Tory Johnson is here with summer time "Deals & steals." Folks, don't go away. "Gma" is right back. Comfort in the extreme. The Lincoln family of luxury SUVs. (Tonya) Because I smoked, I have heart failure. 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As Attorney General for President Obama, I worked with some impressive people. But Tali Farhadian Weinstein stood out. I came to rely on Tali's intelligence and her integrity. She was committed to doing what was right, even when it was hard. Tali has the courage to take on the bias in our criminal justice system, and make sure that it's fair for all New Yorkers. While focusing on bringing those who commit murder, assault, or use illegal guns to justice. Please join me in supporting Tali Farhadian Weinstein for D.A. Rain on me Welcome back to "Gma." All right. No rain out there. It's a gorgeous morning. Tomorrow we have more we have the great Antonio Banderas joining us live. Yes, yes. Get in there, robin. How I enjoy watching you all on "Gma3." Getting a little snapshot. Now a snapshot of "Pop news" with this Lara Spencer. Good morning, Lara. Good morning, all three of you and to you all. We begin with TV news and the story before "Beauty and the best." A musical prequel is in the works with Luke Evans reprising his role from the 2017 movie. This series will be set many years earlier and focus on the unlikely duos adventures alongside tilly. We'll see the events that led to the enchantress. Josh gad posting it's like the marvel series but without any marvel series or like the "Star wars" series without any "Star wars" characters. I cannot wait to take you on this journey. "The beauty and the beast" prequel starts filming in spring 2002. Also this morning Jack Black is in talks to star alongside ice cube in a movie called "Hell no." As you can get ice cube's character has something to say. It's set to hit theaters July 1, 2022. If you work from anywhere and love to travel, we may have - the opportunity of a lifetime for you. Airbnb holding their first live anywhere contest, where 12 people get to choose listings throughout the world, live in them for free for an entire year. You can go anywhere you want. All you need to do is report your experiences on each destination to help airbnb help improve their offerings for the future. There's no salary. You can stay anywhere -- Paris, Hawaii, New Mexico. You name it. You can host your own house on airbnb to make extra cash and you can invite three friends to any of your chosen destinations. The program runs from this September to next July. You can apply now on the airbnb website. I love this idea. Finally, Samson the dog is a digger. Rather than get mad at him his mom decided to take his skill set and use it to her advantage. She points at the spot. He digs. Then she plants. It's a system that has everything coming up roses. With that I send it back to you all in the studio. Riva does that without you asking, right? And so much more, robin. Lara, thank you. Now to our "Gma" cover story, a new story finds many cosmetics sold in the U.S. And Canada contain hidden toxic chemicals. Two senators introduced a bill that would ban these products. Dr. Whitney bow joins us now to tell us more. What is the concern here? These chemicals, these researchers studied over 200 different cosmetics. They specifically looked for this chemical. They're man made products added to cosmetics. You can find them in mascara, long-wear lipstick. They resist moisture and add to the staying power of a cosmetic. The same properties that make them so desirable are what causes concern when it comes to our bodies and comes to the environment because, robin, this class of chemicals, they don't break down. They've been nicknamed forever chemicals because they accumulate in our tissues, persist in our environment. The researchers found concerning leveling of these compounds in foundations, lip products, eye products, mascara. A number of these products don't list these ingredients in the label. What are the health concerns associated with this? Don't know how much is absorbed through the skin and can enter the blood stream. The fda hasn't set a limit when it comes to safety. Any time you apply an ingredient close to the eyes or on the lips, there's an increased risk of the absorption. They're made up of mucous membranes that more readily absorb ingredients. When you apply a product to your lips, think about it, you're licking your lips throughout the day. You're potentially ingesting some of those ingredients. The chemicals are in our soil, getting into our water supply. We're ingesting and coming into contact with these chemicals potentially throughout our day and there are concerning studies linking this class of compounds to certain types of cancers, thyroid disease, liver toxicity and reproductive issues. Doctor, as you said, manufacturers are not required to put this on the label. I know you're always stressing read the label. If it's not on there, what can we do to product ourselves? So knowledge is power. I'm always telling my patients pick up the product, turn it around, read the ingredient list. If there is an ingredient that starts with perflor that's a red flag. An extra added precaution might be to limit your use of cosmetics that claim to be water proof or long wear or long lasting. We have to keep that in mind. As always, doctor, thank you so much. Have a great day. For more, head to our Instagram page @goodmorningamerica. This morning we're meeting the mom and dietician trying to get kids to eat more foods. For more on this erielle reshef. That mom of two is trying to get kids to eat more foods, and she says it doesn't have to break the bank. Cooking for kids can take creativity. Getting them to eat, that's another story. It's a struggle mom of two Jennifer Anderson knows all too well. My first son fell off the growth chart when he was 6 months old. I was in the pediatrician's office thinking I'm a dietician. How does this happen to a dietician? Reporter: Jennifer dove into research and created kids eat in color. Where she gives her 1.3 million followers tips. You may be feeding your child only fast food. You may be feeding your child only chicken nuggets. Whoever you are you'll find a place where other parents are there to welcome you. Reporter: For families on the a budget her meal plan is the perfect tool to help children expand their pallet. Jennifer teaming up with experts to develop a resource to feed a family of four for $500 a month or less. The plan including step by step recipes, shopping lists and a wide variety of food cultures. We don't believe you have to eat poorly on a budget. You have to be careful and creative, but the food can be flavorful, delicious. Reporter: Jennifer recommends serving child micro portions which stretch your food budgets. That's when you serve your child a small amount of food and let them keep asking for more until they're full. Reporter: Learning to cook basics means big savings. You can cook your chicken on the weekend. Reporter: Jennifer says splurging on organic foods aren't necessary. Conventionally grown foods are less expensive and you'll get more variety and more food for your dollar. Reporter: Satisfying meals and savings for your family. Picky eating is not a character defect. There's many reasons why kids avoid certain foods. It's important not to force them to clean their plates. They just need some guidance and we need some patience. If you could have seen Amy -- My parents set a timer and said if you don't finish your food by this amount of time -- It's a new day. Erielle, great to see you back in the studio. Nice for a little bit of normalcy. She's got legs. I was just not going to say that. You can get the recipe from Jennifer's affordable meal plan on our website at go 65 degrees is where we start this morning. Good morning, by the way, and a great looking sky shot looking at lady liberty and beyond. The clear skies this morning. They're wandering by and we'll go to clear skies overnight tonight. This is not the only day that is this nice. Tomorrow equally good. So is Friday. Time to kick off our "Deals & steals" summer bonanza bringing two sets of deals this morning from amazing small businesses. We'll start with accessories. You can head right to the deals by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr Tory Johnson is here to guide us. This first deal is important and it keeps your keys close. Yes. Amy, this is is oventure. It's a key ring. It's silicone. You can wear it on your wrist, elbow, forearm. Lots of ways to wear it. They have optional pouchs and I.D. Cards. That neon pink is hot. Create your own look. All 50% off. All right. Now next up, these glasses can help us with sleep? Please explain. So these are from Felix gray. They are blue light sleep if you want to have your evening screen time, but not to stay up all night because of that, these help by -- it's clinically proven to increase the production of melatonin. You get that screen time and glare protection. They look fabulous. They're definitely an investment in your eyes because at 50% off the price starts at $72.50. Next up we have fashionable and comfortable shoes. Yes. Luxurious too. They're from Margot. They're handmade in Spain. They believe you can look beautiful and feel comfortable at the same time. That is the most stylish. We have all kinds of styles, heel, sandal, black loafer. All kinds of features that aid in comfort. A variety of widths. Today the prices are 50% off. They start at $74. Super cute. Next up some beautiful jewelry. Tell us about this. That is the pattern that we see here from canvas style. It's a brand new collection to add pop of blue and white into your summer wardrobe. Beautiful chain links as well as pearls. They look beautiful alone or with a layered look. These are $7 to $24. Fantastic. Now we have a wide assortment of lip care. Sarah Happ she's the lip clean. Sometimes your best accessory is that gorgeous smile. It's all made in America. Three steps to the perfect pout. Clay masks to restore then dream slip to continuously moisturize. The must is the gloss, it's for extra shine. Singles and sets start at $10. It's father's day this weekend. What do you have? For the fellas brava Ciara. Made in America, tested for performance on the U.S. Military. Clean, sustainable packages. We have deodorant, body spray, all kinds of products. Everything is 50% off from them and free shipping from them. Amazing, Tory. Coming up we have more summer "Deals & steals." We'll be right back. Stay with us. Good morning. It is 8:27 this Wednesday, June 16th. I'm Ken Rosato. We're following breaking news in hell's kitchen. Several people were hurt after flames tore through a building overnight. You can see fire shooting into the windows in the video. The building on west 50th and 9th. Firefighters had to rescue several people including an 80-year-old woman as thick, black smoke-filled the building. Three residents and three firefighters got hurt, all expected to be okay. An investigation into the cause of the fire is under way. 16 parks around New York City set to be renamed today in honor of members of the black one of the parks will be Mullaly park in the bronx. They will be named after educators, civil rights leaders, members of the lgbtq plus community, entertainers and writers. Sam has the accuweather forecast. Take the big to do list and put an X through it and head outside. We have two beautiful days and maybe even three. 65 degrees outside. Anything on the list can wait really, right? Northwestern winds at 12 miles an hour. We have a nice, clear sky. Any clouds, if you're headed toward Boston toward the cape, clouds on the cape right now but that is the closest. Sunshine all day long. 79 degrees. Heather? We're talking about the subways, we have a smoke condition. The N and W trains are suspended both ways between 57th and 7th in queensboro plaza the L.I.E. West near exit 58, that is a crash that is clearing away. You can see that we have some delays. That is the remains of the accident right over there. Our street cleaning rules are in effect. Ken, back to you. I've only got thirty seconds to talk about my plan to help New York make it back, so I gotta talk fast. First - Housing. As Comptroller, I'll audit the city's affordable housing programs to make sure what they call affordable housing is actually affordable. Next - Police Reform. By auditing risk assessments of officers' behavior, I can offer up changes that will not just reduce misconduct, but also the cost to taxpayers. Third - Contracting. I'll use my office to make sure Black and Brown businesses get a fairer share of city contracts. I'm Corey Johnson, and there's a lot more right - Paid for by Corey Twenty twenty-one. 8:29. Ryan Seacrest, that is not a bottle of booze in front of you. It is. I'm trying to figure out what that is for. Josh gad is here. Wilson Cruz joipz us and how to get rid of stains with the laundry guy. This is his hydration or a trick. Look at this. I should read my notes the night before. Don't breathe that in too much. Stick around for live with Kelly and Ryan coming up in a half hour. In the meantime, more of "Good morning America" is coming up next here on channel 7. We're always on at or download the free ABC 7 ny app. We play music during the break. For some reason we were talking about mixed tapes. You're telling your age when you know about mixed Back on "Gma," it's time for our June book club pick, "The other black girl" by zakira Dalila Harris. I had the opportunity to speak with the young author about her "New York Times" best seller, one of the hottest books of the summer. Break out author zakira Dalila Harris is reriveting readers. How does it feel? It feels surreal. I wanted to write since I was 5 or 6 years old. Reporter: The novel tells the story of 26-year-old editorial assistant Nella who is forced to navigate being the only black employee in the office. She got used to being around white people for most of her life. Then hazel the new girl who comes to work, born and bred in Harlem, has been around black people all her life. Has really cool dread locks. When hazel comes into this space, she has this assumption we got into this white world Reporter: The book tackles micro aggressions and workplace politics. I wrote this book for black women who have been in those workplaces, but anyone who has been an "Other" in those types of spaces. What it's like to go through certain things on your own. There was a poignant line, you wrote it would be great to have another black girl working at Wagner, but Nella was hesitant to do a celebratory electric slide sequence. Over the last two years, the only people hired were very specific people who came from a very specific box. Yes. There's the burden, feeling like you have to speak for all black people in the world when you're the only one which is it a self-imposed burden versus one that people ask for you to do. How much of you is Nella? So much. Maybe too much. Reporter: Zakira used her own experiences, including hair. We're in the sunny salon in Harlem because hair is almost a character itself in your book. Yeah. I grew up like Nella, the main character, in very white spaces in Connecticut. For most of my young life I wanted straight hair like my young friends. I wanted to explore how hair is supposed to bring them together. You're getting rave reviews, brilliant, twisty, highly relevant. What impact are you hoping to have? I want readers to come away with another example of what blackness can be, what black women can be. Reporter: Now being adapted into a hulu series co-written with Rashida Jones, zakira says it's a cross pattern. Your hope is when you close the book you'll want to throw it against the wall and have a conversation. Yes. What do you want that conversation to be? I want readers to talk about diversity and workplaces an how to make those spaces more diverse and how to retain the diversity and make it an environment where people can be themselves. I want it to be better for black women, for people of color, any marginalized groups not represented way they they should in the workplaces. Anyone whoever felt they were the only -- not felt that way, but they were. If you didn't know it, you wouldn't tell this is her debut novel. She weaved in so many different timelines which is complex. Just 28 years old. She's also old school. Her first draft written by hand. I love that. Written by hand. I think we have some of her work you saw that she did by hand right there. Isn't that amazing? Incredible. So many folks can relate to that story. She said she wrote it for black women, a lot of people in the office have been in that you make it. I'm the only one that looks like me. Workplace politics. And a cross between "Get out" and "Devil wears Prada," I'm in. Be sure to read along on our gram. Coming up next, "The hand Hi, I'm Dr. Dave Chokshi, your health commissioner. I'm Helen Arteaga Landaverde, Ecuadorian and New Yorker, and the proud CEO of New York City Health and Hospitals, Elmhurst. Hi, I'm Dr. Bookhardt-murray, Chief Medical Officer at Morris Heights Health Center. Hi, I'm Dr. Stella Safo, an HIV primary care physician at Mount Sinai Health System. As a health care provider and a New Yorker, we are daily asked questions about the covid-19 vaccines by our friends, families, and patients. I get asked - why did you choose to get vaccinated? And I tell them - I did it honestly to feel free... Free to hug my mom, free to hug my sister, free to hug my children and my neighbors, even able to give my mother-in-law a big kiss. Even though she doesn't want one. My patients say to me - I hear the vaccines have bad side effects. Will I get any side effects from the covid-19 vaccines? I tell them some people do get side effects. The most common side effects are pain, redness and swelling in the arm where the shot was given. Some people may get a headache, muscle pain, nausea, or feel really tired. My patients ask me - will I need a booster shot after I get a covid-19 vaccine? I tell them we may need to get booster shots in the future as we do not yet know how long protection from the vaccines lasts. However, it is very important to get vaccinated because we do know the authorized vaccines are very effective at preventing severe covid-19 and will protect you right now. All of the authorized vaccines are safe, free and decrease the risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death due to covid-19. So we urge you... To learn more about the vaccines and make an appointment or walk in to get yours. Thank you. Diana's brother's new mission. An expedition to find a legendary ship wreck. Our Maggie Rulli got to go on his deep sea adventure. Maggie, good morning. Reporter: Hey, robin, good morning. I can't give away the ending. Let's just say we may have discovered some history ourselves. Princess Diana's brother is a man on a mission. Together with this archaeologist, divers and me were on the first ever expedition to find the legendary white ship. Do you expect to find anything today? Honestly we would be lucky to find something. Reporter: The ship sank off the crew of France. The crew were drunk and they were going too fast. They hit the rock and that was Reporter: He describes this as "Game of thrones" meets "Titanic." It was right here, a mile off the coast of France where the white ship crashed into these rocks and killed almost everyone on board including the heir to the throne of England. What happened next wasecades of civil war. Coming here in the hope of finding a relic from the greatest tragedy that ever happened on sea to the English. This the like Christmas morning. You don't know what's under the That was a very successful dive. It's incredible. We found a piece of ship wreck. Reporter: One more analysis needs to be done to confirm it's the white ship. It was beyond my wildest dream. When the drivers said this is what they had seen, the right configuration of wooden nails and copper and iron. It's incredible. Reporter: The team already has more explorations planned to figure out more about this discovery. The moment those divers came above the surface and said we found a ship wreck it was so cool. Just like lord Spencer said, it's about bringing history back to life. We can feel your excitement, Maggie. It's precious. Thank you. Thank you for bringing that to us. What adventure. Take care. Let's go The season finale of the Emmy award winning show "The handmaid's tale," the cast calling it the most satisfying finale. We have star Joe feinnes to talk about it. Joe, good morning. I don't know if you heard earlier, but I'm a mega, super fan. I feel like I should call you commander or Fred. You look different without your I'm curious what it's been like for you to take on such a role. I mean, I love to hate you, and how fans react to you. Well, you should love to hate me, not me per se, but certainly the character. He's despicable and it's about time that he met his demise. You know, Fred hides behind mahogany desks and studies and powerful double breasted suits and big beards. Much like gilead he's a warning to us all about the dangers of this rule and how precious our democracy is. I think the fans will be supremely rewarded by the season finale. I applauded the great finale which really delivers. You are so phenomenal throughout this. I'll be watching later today. I have a watch party planned for later this afternoon. We have a clip from the finale. We can get a sneak peek. This is June, played by Elisabeth moss, pays you her former commander a visit. Blessed evening, June. May I call you June? That is my name. Yes, it is. Always was my name actually. Of course. Well then, June, why have you come? I have been cheering along with Elisabeth moss' character June throughout the entire season. She's been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. What has it been like to be directed by her? Well, I mean, lizzy is an extraordinary actor. She's luminous and gifted beyond belief. As a producer from day one, along with Bruce Miller, this year she delivered two for me out of her three extraordinary stand-out episodes as director. To be directed by her was a joy. She knows the materialnside out. She's got a gift of communicating with actors. That would come naturally to her. Her eye as a director is extraordinary. She has this gift of moving the camera in a very lean, fat free way. It's economic and gets to the heart of the narrative. She's extraordinary and it adds to an amazing season. She's extraordinary. You're extraordinary. The entire cast is. You really -- it's an immerse if experience. Are you ready to take a break from a drama like this? Maybe dabble in some comedy? You know what, as soon as I wrap, the first thing I do is run to the trailer and shave off the beard that takes me months to get on, but seconds to get off, so I can get rid of the residue of Fred, the creepy man he is. This is a shout out to Disney. Give me a cheesy comedy. No more villains. A cheesy comedy. You mention the villain thing. How do you get into playing someone so dark and go home and say, okay, I'm Joe again? Yeah, that's tough. I mean, it's a tough thing for a lot of actors, to film away from home and being away from family I found difficult amidst the pandemic. I miss them dearly. In many ways it's a virtue. I go to a kind of pretty horrible place with Fred. I don't necessarily want to meet my children straightaway. You know, my two girls and my wife are the most important elements of my life, and to do this show juxtaposed to those important elements is a tough one. It's nice to have space apart while I'm working. I'm looking for that cheesy proud of. I don't think they're going to be proud of daddy playing Fred. You're brilliant as Fred. Joe, thank you so much for being with us. Thank you. Good morning to you. 01:00:7200,379 -- 01:00:7202,419 Have a wonderful day. 01:00:7202,419 -- 01:00:7204,969 The season four finale of 01:00:7204,969 -- 01:00:7208,539 After 9-11, he was a young Assemblyman 01:00:7208,539 -- 01:00:7211,089 who helped pass emergency aid. 01:00:7211,089 -- 01:00:7215,679 In the Great Recession, he was the borough president 01:00:7215,679 -- 01:00:7219,249 who led the call for affordable housing. 01:00:7219,249 -- 01:00:7223,329 And from the first days of the pandemic, 01:00:7223,329 -- 01:00:7227,409 he was the comptroller fighting for economic justice. 01:00:7227,409 -- 01:00:7230,979 Now, when the stakes couldn't be higher, 01:00:7230,979 -- 01:00:7235,569 Scott Stringer's the only candidate prepared to be mayor. 01:00:7235,569 -- 01:00:7240,159 He'll rebuild our city... And leave no one behind. 01:00:7240,159 -- 01:00:7243,219 Paid for by Stringer for Mayor. 01:00:7243,219 -- 01:00:7244,749 I'm voting for... 01:00:7244,749 -- 01:00:7245,769 Racial justice. 01:00:7245,769 -- 01:00:7246,789 Covid-19 relief. 01:00:7246,789 -- 01:00:7248,829 A quality public education. 01:00:7248,829 -- 01:00:7250,869 And so much more. 01:00:7250,869 -- 01:00:7254,439 Because our future is on the ballot. 01:00:7254,439 -- 01:00:7256,479 Learn more at 01:00:7256,479 -- 01:00:7258,519 Welcome back to "Gma."

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