Canadian Parliament Praises National Hero Kevin Vickers

Vickers confronted, killed suspect in deadly shooting near Canadian parliament in Ottawa.
47:55 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Canadian Parliament Praises National Hero Kevin Vickers
Developing now in Ottawa Canada of this. Is parliament and you're looking at a live shot interior there where this session is about to begin. And this morning making their way down the hall of honors. Is the sergeant at arms Kevin Vickers he. Is the gentleman that is responsible. We're shooting and killing yesterday's. Gunmen. In Canada's capital in Ottawa. Let's listen in as he is being greeted in this ceremonial procession as the session of parliament is about to get under way. Gracious reception. We'll Canada's parliament. With saving lives and stopping feeding when. Began firing shots first outside. And from national war memorial. Shooting and killing. And at that point. The shooter had gone inside the parliament building itself. And through that very all that we just saw that. Perception take place. And it was not done the sergeant at arms credited with stopping that shooting Rampage. And this morning. Colleagues members of parliament very grateful to grow actions. That's definitely our own parliament was asked about to get underway. And will begin first in French. And then proceed on it in English. And this morning that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and will be making some comments from. This morning breeze he has laying flowers and street past where that site of the war memorial where that soldier was shot and killed yesterday. This was just a couple of moments ago very solemn very quiet. Recognition. For that point four year old soldier that was killed yesterday. Compared. Cool or. Okay. Taking it documents fitful. Deduct Santiago promised shifted the government helps him. Because the fake official dissenting board 36 point eight I'd be honored table both official languages the government's responses to 62 petitions. Henderson that there have been consultations among. The parties and there's agreement to hold a moment of silence. At this time in memory. They can sort. Statements by ministers the right honorable prime minister. Convincing them. Let it become a citizen. I want to become a caucus on a wrong amounts Yahoo! News just into the snow and thank you goodness and the president did the equivalent of a woman about her being a mud. So where there are are increasingly it's not missed. Saddam not since then I'm not confident mean those nonexistent isn't getting them. We may only and do some jamming this and but Lee song after they can't again Louis April. Across the aisle from one another. But when faced with a tax on the contrary. We all love. And the things we all stand for I know we will always stand together. It's yeah. Mr. scoop here. Today more than ever get so. I am very good. To see all my own leaks from all parties. In good helping us. May be used that mr. speaker through you to provide a little bit of advice to my colleagues I think my. Position in growing number of great pair of entitles me to do this once and awhile. And that is just to say we all. Here. Are engaged in extremely demanding and stressful jobs but. The stress. That. Many of you. Faced that yesterday. Was really at beyond and above. Any thing that any of us. Are really expecting. To face the I would just say well we resume our duties and I'll talk about that moment. I would encourage everybody here. To take care of their hell. Be sure that you find some time to relax. In the next little while and also. If any of you because we are not all the perfect health if any of you are experiencing any. And do physical stresses the rolls off of what occurred yesterday. A please take the time to see a physician. And get that checked out by also. The safety Canadians. We heard a lot of feedback from Canadian yesterday we are all used to the feedback we get very regularly from Canadian. Much of it in the form brick bats and some of that that deserve. But in this case mr. speaker I think we all experience the tremendous outpouring of warmth and affection and good wishes from people across the country and we thank them. I just also. Want it today all the good wishes that I heard personally not just from Canadians but from our friends outside the country I heard from President Obama. Fromm prime minister Abbott. For prime minister Netanyahu through statement from prime minister Cameron. We've heard these expressions across the world I think we were all this Canadians touched by the wonderful gesture showing last night Pittsburgh Penguins. Hockey game so thank you two are friends of the United States and of course. Mr. speaker. We know all too well that this is not. A happy day for everybody. In particular. Terribly sad day for all of the family loved ones friends colleagues of both Nathan's a row. And their pets he's fassel. On the admit fault those civil we have seen we've all seen who's who of the men and pictures of these beautiful guy has Don cherry. It's day. And our hearts really are with. With all of them. We are so fortunate. To have people like this the past couple of decades has. You know we see across the world. Increasing. The places where. The planet sending in the savagery. And there are people who every day of their lives. Stand on guard for this country and for all of us. And we obviously want to convey our gratitude. To these two servicemen and their families but also all the people. Who undertake this extremely dangerous work. Mr. speaker Wright spoke of the state of much of the world. And I think for all of us who are blessed to live in a country like this. It is hard to. Appreciate understand about. How we can have people who so. Despise it are involved in the movement and so wanton violence in so. That despise my Garrity but there entity and so. Hate. Progress. That they can and desire. To drive out medical workers from their community. Harm them. How they can enslave. Women. Torture children. How they can kill want to kill anyone. Who looks or thinks different than that. It is in a sense mr. speaker beyond our comprehension but it is very real. And in this struggle. In which we are engaged. In which not only. Our finest values must be pushed to work so must be and will be. The highest unity and resolve they are also met him indispensable weapons and that's what these people will face. So because it's also hit days. MasterCard nit yesterday's off. He doesn't get you on them and some news and went on Q. Harbaugh and Los it's kept. Venezia forces if any fifth to Houston who may find the answer these questions get us on what I can tell the house visitor attendance is does that pack. Did you typically set up terrace slipped to instill fear and panic incident pre. And to interrupt. If you government. Remembers. The good district didn't. Canadians. We won't do it completely. We hope will be vigilant but we will not run scared we will be prudent but we will not panic. And as for the business government well here we are. In our seats. In our chamber in the very heart of our democracy and our work. But such compliments of outlook is that bills a news hounds who described as the Kenya on. Count best but he. Du Canada personify Canada and yet he never yield to terrorism and neither will this house of commons we carry on. We will attend of the country's affairs. And we will be faithful to the trust that people have placed in us. Now mr. speaker as I said earlier and I have been saying for a long time. We live in a dangerous world. Terrorism has been. Here with us for a while and dangerously close on the number of occasions. I speak for example right from members' attention back to incidents such as it probably teen. The deal rail conspiracy and 2013 I could. Point to a number of others as well as many that most will never know. For that reason. And with the belief in security that can it is the government's primary responsibility we have over the years pass such legislation as the combatting terrorism act. And the strengthening Canadian citizenship back to better protect Canadians. And secure institutions. Last week a government proposed amendments to legislation under which the Canadian intelligence. Canadian Security Intelligence Service operates. And as you know mr. speaker in recent weeks I've been saying. That our laws and police powers need to be strength in the area of surveillance detentions arrests they need to be much strengthened. And I assure you mr. speaker that work which is already under way. We'll be acts but. In conclusion mr. speaker. We're all away or. And deeply troubled. That both of this week's terrorist attacks were carried out by Canadian citizens. By young man born and raised in this peaceful country. She thought that if sit back it. Today. It was a long contends that the fastest. And one more thing that I saw what does not replace chips. NASA and that could lead someone to listen to additional student had gone to that so many people to save our lives and here's what bills off. Want weather to a that is a question for another day. For now make no mistake. Even as the brave men and women of our armed forces are taking this fight terrorists. On their own territory. We are equally resolved. To fight it here we live in dangerous times yes. But the mission of our country and the work of this parliament goes on and the so does the work throughout this sit. Let me just. Say one. Final word. In recognize thing all of the heroics that yesterday first of all I know so many I can certainly speak personally. To my staff it's money for Sus sex it's or trick or Jay shuttle and all. The chefs dementieva were up all night but I know. Of people who for all of us across the country and hear an auto while we're working day and night to it. To make things as easy as possible officials who were busy at work trying to respond to the situation. First responders and citizens who put themselves in harm's way. When this incident began to unfold. But obviously mr. speaker and in conclusion most particularly the men and women or our security surpluses. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Canadian Armed Forces the city of Ottawa police. And most particularly of course mr. speaker I. The very remiss if I tonight conclusion acknowledging specifically worked security force Sierra parliament. And a great work of art surgeon at times. The honorable leader of the opposition. Listen that's exhausted and that was what got within nameless people looking into my apartment monetization and to speak in this house yeah that's yesterday's upon receipt of operation and it came with students and tried to sound off exit DOC announced that he tried to sound that you don't resolve that our country represents. He does it costs tolerate us just stand diversity. The suit says don't mister speaker. It actually. This is because you don't yesterday's count. Hartley act was meant to shake this great city of Ottawa. And indeed the entire country. But it is only hardened our resolve. Strengthened our commitment to each other and to a peaceful world. Not let us not. Become more suspicious of our neighbors. Let's not be driven by fear because in Canada. Love always triumphs over hate. To the family of corporal Nathan Cirillo please know that the thoughts and prayers of every single member of this house. And of every single Canadians are with you today. Cirillo was a young man just 24 with a beautiful son and a bright future ahead of them. Friends city always had a smile on his space while that smile would be remembered right nation. Seau CS Saturday. When meanwhile some business on down from heaven veterans homes can. Should read up on don't let them know that I'm Bob Smith knows this. Minus don't have my tennis classic the Spanish acronym on this don't always has been etc. musicals but it's only don't know him aimed at policies coming and atlases and the Canadian Arnold kind of odd thought. We do we know. Known only after a global company of it was stepping into the reserves but you get all this song on here. Don't care. Including engine that funds and ultimately concludes that a total medical and doesn't gently against Hezbollah with submit those dozen fingering others are telling us to get back. In a purpose and a Korean puppets and that is going to professional investment that would educational down. He's looking totality the meter shows those incessant and that it mechanic. About can see don't I don't post and it's approximately foresters and receive the guys that you have had to showed some two bit on the incredible casualties or penalties resulting from the Kennedy I was also to do. All commuting habits are weak. This is as the value mr. Kruger. Yes don't deputy we don't know. In the country they don't now have a diversity. A case but found your program has. Set the last thing. I'm who also went on something they knew it I don't want and in the best candidate to you know men opposite we commit to a local business this moment it's possible that the minister soldiering well that Cubans are here today. News sales. At all no hush up remember our whole needed to limitless loans and it only got us generosity socially inept you don't fight this violence wasn't present that I don't want it was just an example and some. He left me on the event is bill clearly that he Gupta is at Dennett. One of applying 300 examples. Look how this. Parliamentary Perrier in and of itself becomes a symbol. The freedom and openness of this great country of ours Canada is that every Wednesday. At noon if you come out during good weather. You'll see hundreds of people multi colored doing yoga on the front lawn. It is a symbol of openness and freedom. And if the person who came here yesterday. With violence. In his mind and in his gestures. Didn't win. We can't allow. That openness and freedom. To be rolled back. Either we how. Have to continue to back. So mr. speaker today I stand here on behalf of all new Democrats. And all Canadians. We say that there is great solidarity here in this house but across the country. The so therein with the prime minister. These acts were driven by hatred. But also designed to drive us to hate others. That's not gonna happen. Stand up. And we'll stand together. Preserve. Vote persevere. We will prevail. Because mr. speaker that's what Canadians have always done together and that's what we do best. Together. Let's see miss you because you don't thank you some group together we. A okay. On average depth data and wanted to for pump enough. Thank you to speak that's. Missiles in I would believe he joins us time degenerative and cougars you know if there's a lot with about as you know me. America passionate and firm yesterday's events where shared national tragedy. It is fitting that we have come together in this place immediately. To let the world know that Canada's values are strong. Our institutions. Are resilient. And our people. Are united together here. Prayers are with the families of the victims. Families and friends of the victims of yesterday's tragic events. Corporal Nathan is Cirillo was murdered while guarding our nation's sacred memorial. To his own farm a fallen comrades. He was unarmed. Kept city and corporal surreal it was a hero who say it is concerned that is our country. He did it seems also got a father. From the double bogey English algae can not a new must reconcile that today yet there is a little boy who lost us soldiers dead. Shocking and tragic way I'll get you move. Under the name you will honor its memory. I'd follow kept adds that in the corporal and analysts their budget that is very subtle these dual citizen and and a warrant officer in the Hassan earlier this on quite. Was cool to do that are murdered and yet these are just minutes. They are enough. And forgiven should any other perpetrators are co conspirators exist. They should be punished. With the full force of our laws. My deep and sincere gratitude on behalf of the liberal party of Canada. To the brave. Who selflessly. And courageously. Came to our help yesterday. Their actions we are reminded of the professionals. And dedication. So often exhibited. By those who protect us thank you. In the town no I don't particularly we have looked at plus art thou art and the policies are the only cure or to rule out and ask have been he had claimed that aren't wide and Wright episode. Without your courage. A terrible situation. Would have become much worse. We are in your debt. Canadians are proud of you. And they thank you. Tack on both our military and our most cherished democratic symbols. Was designed. To frighten us. It was Matt to a bad out of bed in that within our minds. And image of terror. It was managed to make us think differently. About our surroundings. And our fellow citizens. Sit there and tactical is listener schools met and PA to make consumers aren't who we are well Lou doubtful. Local time when we must usual do not believe he is keen a member of the sub at all times who we are proud democracy. A welcoming and peace in peaceful nation. A country of open paths open minds. And open hearts. We are a nation of fairness. And justice. And the rule of law. And we will not be intimidated into changing that not by any. These parents that. Very values and ideals. Upon which we must plot in the days ahead. It is in our dedication to these principles. That we can set an example to the world. Six I see it sleepers people usually get political over the diocese gain district it all our society. In the book club called stop six and our things on hold principals did kids you do the kind Duluth for those wanted to we will monotony in the future. Let us remember also. What we are up against. The individuals who committed these awful acts. Are not larger than life. They are not giants. They are certainly not mark us. That is how they would like us to see them. But he does not what they are. Seeing them outweighed that's the fear they try to perpetuate. Crowd. Because she data set. Yeah look at content and it increases its own future that you're trying to perpetuate. Because he did this at my I don't know them to act fast wing big gives them credibility communion when they disapproved. Just sell. He can you. They are. Cleavage and handed to double in the criminal fashion model that it is a would only act as a country that clearly not dictate the wrong. But still not dictate the way that we season. Each other. To all but they will model take our daily will stalk. Make the rules about this land that we share. And they do not get to change us. We are aware. Of the threats we face as a nation. We know. Has we have long known. That we are not immune. Nor can we guard totally against danger in the future. But what we can do. He's not let this these threats defiance. We need to have answers for how and why this happened. They will be vital. In preventing. And helping to prevent any future attack. He knew it until police chief and we extend that Hannity and you're sending to our. He Clinton's plan and fellow citizens with the vision in the Muslim community. The Connecticut south comedians know kitty is active it would lead yesterday so she's in it. Well it was a criminal act did not result is that's you'll. Idea this was about Caroline her version of your face coach me quote still continuing with an operation and receive. I threw as she did get a sheet. Curve on I don't see movies to see us this but he propaganda ideology that claims to know that. That need our values. Mean it was my top news. Can't tell thought but don't wanna can get our Canadian value strong song. We will walk down together. Never a part. These attacks wanted to leave us with an image of feet. Of chaos. So let's remember one of strength. And of hope. The image in our collective minds. Shared in our hearts. Of Canadians. Helping and protecting. Canadians. Of passers by. Trying to save the life of a young man who gave it. In service to his country. Six you know some yeah. It's who we really are BC teams and that technical teams who will continue to be. Very special. Session of parliament. And Ottawa Canucks candidates say. You can see being embraced there is Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper who views earlier today. Had laid flowers. At the tomb of the unknown yesterday the site of a deadly shooting another soldier. When one sole gunman. Sort of opening fire yesterday just before 10 o'clock in the morning. At that national war memorial. And then proceeding inside. Parliament. He was stopped by the gentleman that we saw. Briefly on and off camera there. And from a gentleman that had led a procession at the beginning of this session here the sergeant at arms Kevin Vickerson 58 year old man. Who spent nearly thirty. Years serving on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force. He was brought on board at the head of security for the house of comets 2005 and later named the sergeant at arms. And now he is credited with stopping. That shooting Rampage that happened yesterday and when that shooter may twenty excuse me 32 year old Canadian national my cozy half Bebo. And made its way inside the building. But stopped by that sergeant at arms. ABC's caricatures he is standing by outside the building there. An error ended the procession. We saw. As going through here the sergeant at arms carrying their base as he always does but this warrants a special recognition for him. Mammy many members of parliament and credit the sergeant at arms would saving their lives because he took out the gunman. Who had been firing bullets that echoed across the halls of parliament. After the shooting at the national war memorial that you see here behind me and Dan court Kevin victors. We spoke to his brother. Did he said that this was just demand. Answering the call of his nation. At the time that it needed him and this appears to be a very humble man you could see he was near tears not quite there but but clearly emotional. At the reception that he received from both sides of the political Lyle. In the house of commons and and then following that an in person handshake. From Prime Minister Stephen Harper who had vowed to to members of parliament that Canada would not be intimidated. Not be intimidated the resolution as we heard there there are not a went from the prime minister but from other members of parliament as well. And just earlier. In recognition. That loss of life. From the 24 year old corporal Nathan Cirillo. The prime minister. Held a brief moment this morning at the war memorial. He dropped flowers and so many passers by ordinary folks have done the same thing they've taped bouquets to the police barricades one woman wrapped the Canadian flag around the lamppost and and others it. Left candles and notes that said we will continue to love. We will not treat others said Canada we stand on guard for the invoking the National Anthem. Even hockey fans in Pittsburgh. Saying the nationalism even though that the penguins are playing a Canadian team last night and so there has been an outpouring. The prime minister harper acknowledged. From around the world coming in to Canada after this unspeakable act of violence that has really seek in this sleepy capital city to its core. And caused idealism of soul searching I think. This kind of violence had been unimaginable to many people here and as one woman told me Dan this now mate may be a moment of innocence lost. There and I wanted to ask you then about that about the investigation because the events were boys so quickly yesterday. And we are just now getting a better idea about the suspect what do we now. His name is Michael sub pop Bebo 32 years old boarding could back. And he may have been one of nine the year so Canadian citizens put on a no travel list. But the Canadian authorities had started to fear that more of their citizens would try to go overseas. To fight would nicest to join a fight that that candidate itself recently joined the fighter jets from Canada had just taken off toward Iraq. In the last couple of days and and as that decision was made it was racing for many members of parliament whether to get involved because they feared retaliatory attacks. Like the one that. This may in fact turn out to be a specific motive has not yet known. But people is undoubtedly being scrubbed by Canadian authorities by American authorities to see if there's any kind of broader plot. If he was talking to anyone overseas or whether he may have been radicalized through the Internet and was simply a lone wolf. That's the kind of attack but authorities in him both countries have feared most. Aired earlier this week on Monday there was a deadly hit and run also in Canada. Believed to believe you who believed to be okay caused by a member of the ice and aspiring. Suspect. Do we know is there any at this point link between these two events. This a lot of suspicion but the police here have drawn no direct lines between what happened in Quebec and what happens here in Ontario. But that attack outside Montreal left the that that the soldier dead and get me wrong. Indeed the suspect was also later killed and that person had been according to officials here radicalized and and many people are wondering if it's the very same thing. If it's another attack. Specifically seeking out soldiers many of the eyewitnesses that we spoke to here dance at the gunman if he had wanted to. Included sprayed bullets in the direction of members of parliament because he walked by. Offices where many were seated but instead it appeared to these eyewitnesses that he was seeking out. People in uniform. He didn't get very far in the parliament though because sergeant at arms Kevin Vickers shot and killed him on the spot. And again we've seen some of the video that was he just yesterday in those first moments. When it Bebo had made his way inside of the building there and that one particular. Still shop that we saw the sergeant at arms there with his gun in hand and credited with stopping that. Erin you had mentioned that somewhere saying and in fact that this might be a moment of reflection that this might in fact be a moment of innocence lost. What now do we see for security measures put in place is there reassurance within the public pic com is now there. What we've heard from from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from prime minister harper and other officials that all measures are being taken to keep Canadians safe. In general the area behind me now is still up a crime scene cordoned off by yellow tape. Also police barricade so our are blocking traffic and there are tiny orange cones that indicate where police have found evidence so there's a lot of forensic work to do at the scene and beyond that there are additional measures being taken. On the trains for example into Canada from the US extra security measures are being put in the place there are more police officers than usual. But in general Dan Canadians pride themselves on on and hold the second access to their members of parliament. That along the front lawn of parliament hosts a weekly yoga class I mean could you imagine. The South Lawn of the White House being free and open to members of the public to do yoga once a week. So Canadians are are really I think wondering whether that that kind of freedom of movement that they've had in this rather sleepy capital. Is going to have to change now these these measures are going to be debated urgently in parliament right away. Area when a task given bricks before religion go but I know you've been on the ground there and it for not extended period of time but of the people that you were able to speak with. Just to see in their faces do you see any kind of trepidation or do you see that kind of resolve that we were hearing about from those members of parliament this morning. You know mainly as seen a degree of sadness I think. First of all what went on as one woman told me this is that the kind of attack that they're used to watching on television either in the United States or or or overseas. But now that it's come home. It's left many I think a bit unsure about what it portends for the future and in a bit sad that perhaps security is going to have to get a little tighter. Then they might have been used to it here. There there has not yet been as far as I can tell a rush to judgment. As to what may have caused this are motivated this prime minister harper said it was the work of a terrorist. But beyond that police have not drawn specific lines to say what may have motivated the government. Too risky and Ottawa Canada force this morning Aaron thank you that we appreciate it. Of course this morning a very special session of parliament in the capital of Canada today following yesterday's deadly shooting. And of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down perhaps learn New York. Do I. Yeah. We. Cool. Oh who.

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