Cardinal Robert Sarah: Papal Contender

The 67-year-old cardinal from Guinea oversees Catholic charities around the world.
1:29 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Robert Sarah: Papal Contender
Cardinal Robert Sarah -- -- is 67. His job overseeing Catholic Charities around the world. Brings him to the front lines in the church's mission to relieve suffering and minister of the war. -- traveled to Haiti and the pope's special envoy after the devastating earthquake in 2010. More recently he spent time in Lebanon and Jordan to visit refugees from Syria's bloody civil war. Pope John Paul called him the baby bishop consecrated at age 34 at the time the youngest archbishop in the world. As a young prelate in Guinea he bravely spoke out against corruption and injustice. He's considered very trustworthy very orthodox he's not a real charismatic figure. And yet he might be the kind of person the church the cardinals may turn to he's known as a man of prayer in person low key almost -- -- -- -- -- He's been tight lipped about this historic moment for the church -- -- pray and do wade wouldn't. That the the good -- doing you put the -- -- to -- it's difficult to command. And the decision was put it but we hope that we'd be paving soon. -- -- -- Electing Sarah could be that churches Obama moment but make no mistake on church doctrine he staunchly conservative. On abortion gay rights and contraception. He's also said Africa must protect itself from the contamination. Of intellectual cynicism in the west.

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{"id":18709163,"title":"Cardinal Robert Sarah: Papal Contender","duration":"1:29","description":"The 67-year-old cardinal from Guinea oversees Catholic charities around the world.","url":"/International/video/cardinal-robert-sarah-papal-contender-18709163","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}