The children of Syria devastated by a decade of civil war

ABC News’ James Longman reports on the impact the civil war has had on Syria's children after more than 10 years, and the aftermath of ISIS.
6:11 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for The children of Syria devastated by a decade of civil war
Now we move on to this question what about the children that's what many groups are asking aid groups in particular tonight as a ten year long war in Syria has shattered life for an entire generation. Our James longer in records on the children caught in the cross hairs of the vicious cycle of violence and we need help with a teenager who we first met. More than a year ago. In every war children suffer. Up to ten years of conflict in Syria and into play a generation has been lost and the situation is now getting even worse. This is the hell hole refugee camp in the northeast of the country. It was sets out to the found these devices members of their so called kind of face fell. But with international attention elsewhere it's now become an almost fooled us festering wound on the landscape. We were lost there a year ago. They admitted he invested in they have these bad ideas there really influenced and affected by eight. The years they have school on either. Hi this when plugging in different. Teaches. Their tails of the headings only killings and even slavery and mini ice this regime. As extremism poisons the the innocent suffocate yeah they've done a cost is mounting. People have left little Marcus who identifies the tiles. But they've tried to catch someone's name on most days of the blankets. But the house VA's at some point this portal that children who are buried here this is essentially. A grave site for children. And yes is the legacy of I six that is also the consequence. Of leaving thousands of people. Stranded in the desert. More than 22000. Children of at least sixty nationalities. Are still languishing here and that held account. And centers. UNICEF is among the charities working hard to find a future for them. Applause cheering their orphanage tournament thirteen year old curry yeah Eagles took lexicon. Exclusion yeah this month. The city and its contents and second is from there until it's just lost place us this album today. The end of the finalists in. It was he had a rough time for a moment. Thank you. But senior to two years he was stuck at home paying for the crimes of others spends a period twenty civilians and I'm so I. I mean it's time comes they really like him they have they always toll. Who that we are following that for an individual it's. Betty with the situation he goes off her. It's a pretty. Back I think they are trying. But one year old legal uses a color you had been given new legs and had left a hole camera somehow got lost. We central producer to find him Sox. Complicated and dangerous surge that took him hundreds of miles south of. We found him. But the discovery was devastating. Don't let it go home. Key fact Sacchetti our 51. Blood you could. And uncle had claimed the Korea and said he'd been reunited with family. He sits alone most of the day in a room he says with seven other people and the legs. State and wound up she Nicaragua. I can't use them because the ground years not flat market and the knees do not twist them so these prosthetics do not help me to law. True site. Africa Arlington lieutenant Vickie I don't know I thought these prosthetics if you like the real ones to keep its market walk. Play and work with keeping an eye but they've never helped she. But when I was told about them I was excited she thought they have knees that would then it's like a whopper them. I don't know what to do. And we don't have the money to buy better once. These legs upon helping. UNICEF says the car it was fitted with a new next by a local hospital. But in the country at war with tens of thousands of children to provide full following up and keeping track of individual cases is clearly home. Oh. Governor rents and an oil companies. You do need to allow long. Support. And that is silly and really also why we continue to advocate for more resource is have been able to expand those services. To curry needs new legs because the life waiting for him is unimaginably haunt authorities there have also left whole camp. And that's great ping an existence prices have rocketed he says says the cost of the average freed Boskin has gone up 213%. In the last year. Water and bread is almost beyond their means. The defeat devices didn't mean the end of misery in Syria who in fact the devastation of war ruled booming like almost on livable for years to come. The Korea and thousands like need all the help they can get this big going to stand any chance. The tools. Good. Yeah. It's an excellent police you know it's a path. He loses his life. We live in the Dalis has no value and should he'd gotten a person who doesn't. How delayed skinny look yeah they were friends. Cologne work. Just sitting. At visit B doesn't exist in life and he sees people doing everything. He's just in his place. James Longman foot ABC news. Our hearts go announces a car and we know that his story is just one of so many of our thanks to James alone and for that for anyone who would like to help children in need in Syria and abroad you can make a donation by going to UNICEF dot org.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"ABC News’ James Longman reports on the impact the civil war has had on Syria's children after more than 10 years, and the aftermath of ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77473992","title":"The children of Syria devastated by a decade of civil war","url":"/International/video/children-syria-devastated-decade-civil-war-77473992"}