Father of ex-Marine speaks out on Russian prison sentence

Joey Reed, the father of an ex-Marine convicted in Russia said, “I’d like to make a plea to President Putin.”
6:47 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Father of ex-Marine speaks out on Russian prison sentence
The Russian government has yet to comment on Trevor Reid's case and and I like to bring in Travers father Joseph we've read who's been in Russia fighting for his son's freedom. Thank you so much for joining us would I have to imagine is in excruciating time. Yes thanks for having me do this difficult for months and win. And Trevor. We we can imagine news first a look like to just get a sense of what kind of contact. You've had with your son and and how he's handle in all this. You know he's. He's obviously under a lot of stress. Just being you know trapped in a small room with six other people for 23 hours a day for the last year. But he's handling it very well and general insults. I was very proud of them and cork took the last two days were yet to give his own closing argument. And what went through your mind when you first heard that sentence nine years the maximum where you expecting such a harsh punishment. We were hoping. Four. A lenient sentence I guess that thing that was most surprising is so it was to our attorneys who have practiced law here there their entire lives. And they stated in closing arguments that they can never heard of a prosecutor asking for this much time. For this charge no we're not talking about. For a while my son was accused of doing. Under this charge which was what he's accused of doing didn't even need to current criteria for this higher charged. So he didn't he didn't even meet two criteria to this charge that and they asked for. Nine years and eight months ten years as the maximum. Souza sounds like it's unprecedented here now you stated that his assault charges are are trumped up so what's your understanding of just what happened that August night in Moscow. When Trevor was arrested. Trevor and his girlfriend Lena. We're a birthday party for Lehman and another coworker and at the party a lot of people were having Trevor toast vodka with them. And Trevor city understood that it was. Disrespectful not to toast with with other people were toasted the United States we're supposed to Russia the caught a ride home to other people from the party. And on the way home the six. And then they were unable to get him to get back into the car in the next year did he would run into traffic they install. The only people you call it could come quickly to help them with him was the police. So they called police and then there was a lot of other things and cancel it after that is so what's the crime I'm still waiting to hear that. It's horrible 318. Level to crime squeezes. The endangering the lives and hills of government officials sources Lee would be the equivalent of the United States those. You know attempting to seriously farmer she'll police officer my son has no memory of the evening passed. Might just isn't there six shot of vodka. And he did he remembers waking up in the police station the you know the next and well liked probably 65 or six hours later. But it was obvious to anyone who spent more than an hour in the courtroom did indeed Tom and is when you started seeing all the stories changing. And progressing as the defense just proved there are allegations. At each point than they would change the story. Hey you said in the past that you hope they Travers trial wouldn't be political and that he'll try to trust the Russian justice system. What are your thoughts on that now. Well and I think the United States government have the same colosio's and I guess and any other nation in the world when I'm Americans on trial they want Olympia. Aegis system play out in the country NC used to the American has given. At least equal justice under their loss they are reasonable laws and that's why didn't they were hoping for what we were hoping for here. But based on our attorneys saying the investigation was the strangest and had the most irregularities of any that ever seen. The charges are the senate's proposed by the prosecutor was stiffer than any they've ever seen and in this sentence was decent first ever. For a crime which was completely just proved in court the only evidence in the court was for us to judge never even mentioned. In the in the distance. Evidence or witnesses in his closing at us sentencing statement. So when you're out all these things looks like somebody wanted him to stay in prison. And and what's your best guess as to why it is that you're. Expectation or you're saw that that there'll be a prisoner exchange. Is that perhaps the rationale you think that they're trying to hold your son what's and also what's next. There are several scenarios of how this thing played out after these after the police became involved. And we don't obviously unless someone were to tell us which they happened when we don't know what. Caused it to be escalated where someone one of the G don't. Our and again so we. We have no we just know that is obviously above the level. Don't duke prosecutor in the investigator. Seoul as far as our next level or our next thing to do as. Probably saw one of fuel were discussing our right now all the options Luka the cost involved. And how long irritated skin you must send more believable stay in this Moscow. Jail vs going off to a prison you know far away. And so another thing also as far as our immediate plans I mention this to the media outside the courtroom. And I'd like to do this year I don't realize that he may not see this I'd like to me directly to President Putin. Do often talks about. Reducing corruption in and making sure the government in this country you know operates and a fair and equal manner in which I applaud. And we knew we were just like him to look at this case because again anyone to listen to this case Russian or American. Realized that there was something terribly terribly wrong was what was happening. And we would like him to look at that and and do the right thing under Russian law and we don't expect our only interpret don't expect to be treated differently because we have reviewed. From an American judicial system. We'd just expected to be treated the same this Russian citizens under Russian law and we just asked him to do that and he has the ability and the authority to do the right thing and we can we would. Applaud him doing that we think you would normally be the right thing to do for Russian but it would call international relations between our countries. All right all the best to you mr. Reid thank you so much for your time. Did you.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Joey Reed, the father of an ex-Marine convicted in Russia said, “I’d like to make a plea to President Putin.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72112340","title":"Father of ex-Marine speaks out on Russian prison sentence","url":"/International/video/father-marine-speaks-russian-prison-sentence-72112340"}