A brief history of US-Iran relations

Experience the tense history both sides must overcome to reach a nuclear deal.
12:04 | 06/29/15

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Transcript for A brief history of US-Iran relations
US embassy in Iran has been invaded tonight tonight by Iranian student and a one in jetliner shot down by US warship. You are sent a wrong disagree over just about every taste like the. Axis of evil it was the government of United States. This. UTE. Iran has long been at odds United States but as the world prepares for a historic nuclear deal. The ice between the two nations may finally. We thought life experience that gripping events both sides must overcome to get there. It may be sees a brief history of US Iran relations. Tehran 1951. After years of foreign governments controlling the oil fields a running ads look to reclaim their natural resources there was a strong feeling amongst the runs that. The country's most important resource oil. Didn't belong to Iran didn't belong to the British. So in a move that stuns the west Iran's democratically elected prime minister Mohammed must today nationalize the running oil industry previously controlled by the British. England have spent millions to develop its oil. Expropriated by miles a day. More thought there was the quintessential. Nationalist politician who saw your wrongs Luis was being exploited by the British and simply wanted an equitable deal. The British and the United States. Took exception to most adults nationalism and they appeared to be wrong was appearing to close through communism in the Soviet Union. And so you saw operation Ajax and I can 53 coup against most of them. That operation was carried out by the CIA's top operative in Tehran Kermit Roosevelt. Who orchestrates it could replace most of it was Mohammed Reza a lot a former exiled monarch also known as the shock. I'm acting contest moved the shop and return to Iran. What followed them was the most of them went in through internal exile he he died under house arrest. And the Shaw sort of through with much heavier. For the next twenty years that shy in the United States grew still closer and unseasonably. Hot and his lovely queen arrived for statement. Until in the 1970s. Iran became America's strongest ally in the Persian gulf. At one point even the single biggest purchaser of American weapons Americans and Iranians were experiencing you know love affair. And ludicrous. We've made. Excuse the United States. Saw any wrong as a very important partner for energy and the Shaw saw in the United States a very important partner for for you on security and for security in the Persian gulf. Four years later in 1957 in the US helped establish the shah's brutal secret police known as some Iraq. So brutal that Amnesty International named Iran one of the world's worst violators of human rights. Sidewalk was known to engage in torture and without reason that was something. Lot of you onions. Here and to make matters worse president Jimmy Carter known for its human rights initiatives welcomes a shot in the White House in 1977 and toast of the show you realize that this. Iran. Because of the great leadership. At the shop. It is an all involved stability. And none of them all troubled areas of the world. There was resentment towards Carter's speech because on one hand he was paying lip service to human rights. And on the other hand he anointed the Shaw's has his best friend who didn't criticize the shows human rights records. Unknown to Carter. The shah's days in power are numbered. Just a few minutes ago that the word reached here on Hillary mistakenly shot at finally left the country. After months of protests against his rule the Shaw leaves Iran for exile in January 16 1979. Two weeks later Ayatollah Khomeini ride into the wrong and the Shauna who time. Are these solar. Kind as to tell us how you feel about being. Thought when you. As in making. Meanwhile a cancer ridden shot travels from country a country seeking a temporary residents and medical care. Before President Carter reluctantly grant him asylum in the United States. We'll Carter was reluctant to allow the shots and two the United States fearful that it was going to spark a backlash with any wrong. And in some ways he turned out to be oppression. The US embassy in Iran has been invaded and occupied by Iranian student Iranians have caught US marine guards for three hours for control of the embassy. The American hostages were blindfolded handcuffed and marched out on the US embassy's front steps by the revolutionary student. For the next 444. Days 52 Americans are held captive we'll becomes known as the erotic hostage crisis. It Jones it is not staged did. School. But shocked. And to expect. As a prospect VV and send these people into the night states. Ordering that we discontinued. Purchasing any oil from Iran border leverage in this country from Iran him hostage crisis essentially sabotaged. Jimmy Carter's chances of re election because this was. Daily humiliation or the United States program Nightline was born as a result hostage crisis. And it showed. Daily basis. This faraway Third World country was humiliating them abuse. Less than a year later Iraq and it's Iraq hoping to take advantage of the revolutionary chaos and it ignites the Iran Iraq War. Uranium shells and not raining heaven there of the Iraqi positions. Henry Kissinger famously said. During the Iran Iraq or the only problem is that there is ample news. Plan Iran appeared to be winning the war America tilted towards the wrong it wasn't just a tilt toward Iraq it was an opening of the floodgates. Throughout the eight year war the US supply Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi Army with a intelligence reports billions of dollars. Military technology even chemical weapons to fight your audience. To this day this is. Major source of antagonism. Ron's leadership harbors toward the United States you running wrong or was the bloodiest battle of the second half of the twentieth century. And after eight here is a fighting. Boundaries and change one. During the war the Iran in backed Lebanese militant group known as Hezbollah carries other deadly attack against US Marines barracks in Peru. Killing 21 and 41 Americans and further straining US Iran relations. Then a bizarre twist in November of 1986 the world learns of a series of secret of arms sales to Iran. And action that we commonly known as the Iran Contra scandal. That action involved profits of up to thirty million dollars from US arms sales to Iran. He secretly funneled through Contra rebels fighting in Nicaragua. President Reagan tries to downplay the arms sales these modest deliveries taken together could easily fit into a single cargo plane. But the Iraqis see it differently they saw Iran Contra. As an example of US duplicity that on one hand America is willing to. Provide your own arms vote on the other hand. America was still supporting Saddam Hussein during the Iran. Then in 1988 US forces operating in the gulf committed atrocities. And a running in jetliner shot down by US warship in the Persian gulf. 290 passengers and crew Q. This man lost five members of his family he found three of the bodies here is shock is key. I think it would be understandable that the. Think that they were under attack. That's playing the United States never apologizes for the incident nearly three decades later the attack continues to color running leaders' views towards America. That we run in leadership has a long list of past American transgressions. And shooting down of the civilian airliners as this was the Tom. It. Although Iran pursued refining uranium since the 1950s. With how the times are about the United States and Russia. It wasn't until the mid two thousands that Iran stepped up its efforts to develop nuclear power. Under this president. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Here is anyone in leadership which rejects Israel's existence denies the Holocaust. And it these nuclear ambitions. Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror. While an unelected few repress the Iranian people call them freedom. Then 2010. The US is really designed computer worm known as stocks that is unleashed on the running nuclear facility the virus secretly recorded down of the reactor working properly. Plays then back while it is willing to plant so operators think everything is okay. Thought that sabotage Iran's central Richardson and caused the nuclear. We've been. Three years later rod finally comes back to the negotiating. Where officials begin to outline a partial rollback of the Iraqi if the program in exchange for sanctions relief. So we first began negotiating with Iran in 2003. These negotiations. Went on and off for the last dozen years. But it wasn't until this election from wrong 2013. When the dynamics of these negotiations began and suits. This first step will provide most far reaching insight. And view of Iran nuclear program that the international community has ever had. After two years of negotiating with the rods were moderate leadership. A historic announcement comes from President Obama. Today the United States together with our allies and partners. Has reached historic understanding with a run. The major challenge and nuclear negotiations with the wrong isn't reaching a deal between president Barack Obama and president house and raw honey. Hi you've reached a group in between the supreme leader the real power in Tehran Ayatollah. And the US congress. Which Boras Iran's regional policies. Are getting those who. Actors through sign the same document would prove to be extremely difficult. And even though Iran is provided crucial support in the fight against dice this. Its support for rebels again and poses yet another obstacle for improving relations with the west. If anything is certain is that each time the US and Iran meet both nations have a lot of history to overcome. A.

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