Going on the Hunt for the Elusive White Truffle

ABC News' Ginger Zee goes truffle hunting in Italy.
7:14 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Going on the Hunt for the Elusive White Truffle
Bones and buddy instant. And Emily and behind me we have got a couple of really special guests that Latin meaning because we're truffle hunting. And get an idea of doing out here were working on food forecast and machines that. This is Phoebe is helping me and helping our team translate and get around it says she's brilliant to sit. And then an eagle eye. And the truffle hunt and eat. And Coke. Coca. Coca. And ask truffle machine so bent on the hunt for. This area. Alba and of course the EP area known. And so. We. Head over we're looking for black upper. But and often you know. That's. I. Heard. Wine. The line. And that he's. Both very big in this region tales but truffle a huge huge. And the white Catholics are insisting. Because it only happens in nature you can't. Put it in the ground you can't cultivated it it only happened. What kind of how it Tupper who works. He tells them the area to look at. Siegler directs the it. They must return a with. And the dogs into the ground that they get the hint of trouble. They start digging and he interrupts them and we'll go and if we've learned a lot about couple Huntsman but a lot of presidents. And a lot of how you have to be lucky. This is kind of ran a heart a couple sees it right now the white truffle. Is harvested late September it through an christmastime. And this has sent you not the best scene into the brains at the weather affects it greatly agreed to Miley here. Coco has anything. We found one flu. Because that don't need her and he could be wrong. For hunting knife right now in the afternoon and is loved using my. 200. Tanks and we needed one last thing we found them and it Netflix. With small. Size doesn't matter real the language. It's just the potency of it this. And we'll. Who throughput. And it will mean that you wouldn't learn from the fact boot. Thank. If you prime. And save elephants and check often. Because the scene hunter triple in the same area and it's fascinating to me because. There it's not really any prizes are all five Atlanta. And so they just publicly current aren't there 4000. Truffle hunters in this region alone says that number eight. I was telling us is growing and growing and growing. He forest size has been reduced because other crops are taking over so concentrated shuffle it's. Did you have any of the Catholic in his bag and don't take. They may fifteenth community. Clinton then on. Check little and little movement. I am the big ones at home. I found this place. And he found big like that since. Yes I think was confident that it was that because children should rule your boyfriend visited equipment. He had you'll note found around there were no merit Toronto content on this 118 grams and one. But your biggest tough. You've gotten that you might. Odland. It couldn't. That the bank. Done little to them who has. 200. Not proof of it yet. There's two different things. Some Cuban government but we're heading back to better that they not hopefully. And we'll keep hunting for hunting days after it hit its read into his empathy. I. We've learned so much about climate. How it affects health and changing and this is the last three winters here they haven't had any mountain. That usually there's a half from the and he gets snow on the ground that point it's not obviously. And you. Unity notes do have good faculties and it's been very hot and very dry a lot of places specifically here and most of the hundreds now we've met three. Had told that it impacted. Quantity. Of truffle. In that region. Still this is part of our art Italy trip what you in the told. Issue correct truffles first and then we're going to also investigate Al of oil which is another huge. Commodity here. But this is I find this fascinating in this I've always wanted a truffle hunting a lot of people ask a war about the pay eggs well they said. They used dogs. Here and we've learned. Most people just have dogs eating habits Patrick Yeltsin is very good job I'm a man and can be trained more easily not to eat the truffle. The teacher wondering why we're not running around with fixed. If yes. We have a lot of hunting have to deal inhibits you in a well loved and and many updates on the treatment in the you know Twitter and it's Graham and am actually forecasts and conceal this eagle landed all three parts it is completely. Al though the saints Al and I asked.

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{"id":43821780,"title":"Going on the Hunt for the Elusive White Truffle ","duration":"7:14","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee goes truffle hunting in Italy.","url":"/International/video/hunt-elusive-white-truffle-43821780","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}