Increasing violence impacting aid efforts to contain Ebola outbreak in DR Congo

The nation is facing the second worst Ebola outbreak in its history.
3:38 | 05/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Increasing violence impacting aid efforts to contain Ebola outbreak in DR Congo
We're moving overseas to the old Ebola epidemic. It's getting worse it's. It's the second biggest outbreak in history the in the epicenter of this epidemic is in the democratic republic. Of the Congo. Over 17100 people. Have been infected half of which have died in the numbers keep rising and that's where we finds hard kriegel he's emergency response director for the International Rescue Committee. I'm so he's joining us on the phone Tyreke thanks for joining us are you there. There's this new yes so one thing I think it's hard for people to like. Actually grasp the numbers and how many people this is impacting you just talk a little bit about the fatality rate. He could Charlton didn't about art which could send you choose about the age wants Ebola outbreak. So while he didn't kick out in the Cold War emblem on the court didn't. But why intention to include an eight. But no opening of the Detroit brought out there is a home Oakland Portland wants. A lot which can. Yet and in one thing that I think exacerbates the problem that I that I know you've talked a lot about is. The violence in the region so just tell us how that complicates matters. Like this can happen with this or are we are working game in the area that are more confident about twelve hard years. Birth certificate. Issued in the tribute to temple which is the current epicenter of the outbreak it's what the current. Right now there is a lot of insecurity. In the town with a lot of attack directed me what was on trial. A content from the World Health Organization was killed when people mention. In the heart because its arc. I'm park near the incident to its continued to work in London on our own apple also been affected. We are urging burnt down constant in this scandal. Systems are there incidents that is very difficult to work. But beyond those black. As general tension to choose you that you read Newton. Cotton you choose that it will be responsive environment and so our messaging to me and shooting toward common terms in Beijing to community. Yet one of the alarming statistics that we were looking at today it said 55% of the cases are women in girls. Because they are the primary caretakers of the sake I don't think a lot of people know that what else do you think people need to know about this. Important moral that the burden by the architect can be effective then cobalt spartans are for all of us the other awful open. In the war on their art and consoles. The woman just declines as the culprit is and what they believe they're from reaching the numbers we saw there a couple of years ago. We are confident parent is the very bury our situation. So you can you can leave it there are more attention by the election couldn't be. I won't be watching this because we built in complaints are one country and the outs of what geographic footprint. Number it would be extremely won. An informant who did looking at what's going on up huge six to eight months. All right that's set Tariq re able my certainly want to thank you for joining us because you're actually there in the region in the eastern part. Of the Democratic Republic of the Congo so thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The nation is facing the second worst Ebola outbreak in its history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63080134","title":"Increasing violence impacting aid efforts to contain Ebola outbreak in DR Congo","url":"/International/video/increasing-violence-impacting-aid-efforts-ebola-outbreak-dr-63080134"}