India prime minister wins reelection

Six hundred million people voted to keep Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office.
1:18 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for India prime minister wins reelection
And we move on guys to India if you haven't been following the world's largest election the results are in this 600 million people. Voted to keep prime minister melody in office I wanna go industry and energy. In Delhi with more. That's like you did you master next to win the primary is an hour and abilities BJP oxygen. It. In front of the what does that wet supported them out that the senate parades. And we're very they're looking at a whopping majority even better than they did. Last time around in 2014. Dollars and let's just please use a Little League games. Elections. I'm innocent and abilities not the some nice on the terror attacks in this Samir. The weight all that's. Yeah. And even as my goodness I'm. That felt this way the electorate. Primus and her abilities also going to be hoping to. Closely with the United States and that that in India has always been important GO strategic hot. And they will open to strengthen these ties. Even as trade tensions Simone. All right we appreciate that Sharia thank you for. The updates on the alleged.

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{"duration":"1:18","description":"Six hundred million people voted to keep Prime Minister Narendra Modi in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63231157","title":"India prime minister wins reelection","url":"/International/video/india-prime-minister-wins-reelection-63231157"}