India’s medical system on the brink of collapse as COVID cases surge

Health experts point to vaccines as the key to ending the crisis as India reports more than 400,000 new cases in 24 hours.
7:53 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for India’s medical system on the brink of collapse as COVID cases surge
India. The cove in crisis there is at a breaking point and cases soar. The country's medical system is about to collapse the government is facing a backlash and officials are preparing for conditions. To get even worse ABC's Maggie really is in New Delhi. With the latest. Cage area the need here in India is still so desperate in New Delhi they are trying to control the outbreak there's a lockdown in place and even seated set up these roadblocks along some of the major highways they're trying to make sure that everyone was out had a reason to be out what. Terry Kinney there's still plenty of cars it is just nearly impossible to lock down a city of 22 million people there's no way that that many people can stay socially distant. Right now the numbers they just keep rising in the last 24 hours we've seen more than 400000. Cases more than 4000 dads and every expert injuries of those numbers are being drastically under counted most likely it is five to ten times more than. And Jerry we we feel that on the ground nearly. Everyone need and there had to cope with themselves or have a loved one religion they need right now play a one hospital worker that we spoke what she told us that. At her major hospital 90% of the patients right now are cool but it. Patients with everyone wants an out how to fix this Halloween get out of the crisis over. Do you think that vaccines are the best way to get us out of this crisis head the momentous. At the moment yes. Vaccine probably did you feel I mean do not imagine then things got vaccinated did not say if you're not. You mistaken tragedies these but listen editing below good. This is a serious situation that they are still dealing way that given that so many people that is simply. Can't find beds at hospitals hospitals that turned them away saying that they don't have oxygen they don't ICU that they don't have medical supplies. Many of those people. Redding I'm having to go find clinic led by volunteers sometimes you've seen them just on the side of the road. Trying to get how regret one of those clinic that was just made in the house of worship and have makeshift hospital run entirely by volunteers and a young woman there was there with her mother. Told us that in the middle of the night air her mom was struggling to breathe her oxygen levels top she went to the hospital she was turned away there was just no room. Luckily she found this clinic she got her mom oxygen her mom was doing so much better but sadly for many it's too late in news. Clinics are just so vital right now. But it Terry everyone says all the clinics are my Dylan and an urgent need this is not the long term solution we are vaccines and doctor bounty recently told ABC news of the key to ending this crisis here in India. Is vaccines getting vaccines in people's arms out of the only way we're gonna come out of this and the only way that the world. They're recover from this pandemic. Terry. Absolutely Maggie really from the nightmare scenario and New Delhi India thanks very much. We're good talk now for more on this crisis in India. With ABC news medical contributor and emergency physical Tuesday emergency physician a doctor Darian sudden productions and it's good to see you thank you for being on this on this difficult topic. So it is got a giant population more than a billion people the city of New Delhi has 22 million people. All alone seems a perfect storm for pandemic so how can India get this Kobe crisis under control. That it would replace it so extremely difficult to social distancing. We'll turn it is so concerning a look at these images and hear these stories is that you know I've been working with you and talking about the pandemic since the beginning of the pandemic as I work for the first half in New York City. And now here in California and I'm seeing a lot of the same things I saw in New York during the height of that outbreak of cases. I think when I look at India we need to attack this problem from a couple of different angles number one prevention obviously supplied supplies. As far as PPE and massive Stanley is as many families are living in multi generational homes which is increasing. The risk of transmission the second is testing we need to be able to provide everyone with the testing so that people noticed that his. And it obviously hospital capacity needs to be increased with makeshift hospital buildings that you can accommodate those who need simple treatments such as oxygen hole though it is so simple of course it is death is typical in these times you can get something as simple as oxygen. And then of course the most important thing that seems more from what we know vaccines are preventing hospitalizations. And deaths. And we need a back seat as many people in a crisis such as this is that we can get to end this pandemic or sees me into this outbreak. And then step into the next phase which is basically. Stabilizing what is going on right now in India. It did really is alarming and terribly sad to look at. So there's any government anger growing in that country. Rightly that then government seemed frozen for weeks in the face of this in the face of it don't epidemiology projecting that it was coming. In his prime minister facing criticism so what does the government need to do at this point to help get the situation under control. Resources and supplies there are many stories that are coming out of India were basic treatment for basic clinical disease is becoming difficult and that is what defines a crisis. When the breakdown happens not only will cook and nineteen become a problem. But other basic diseases that people are battling in their everyday experiences are becoming very difficult so I think of the governing government should step in by providing these families with resources and supplies and of course hospitals with the resources to be able to treat patients. And it also needs to be collaboration with other nearby countries as well the United States with supplying vaccines and supplies that they can get through this this. Current crisis. They'll need support from around the world a World Health Organization. Has designated the India variant of the corona virus as being of global concern so. A lot of really at times a long way away we know it's a pandemic but really how concerned about this India variant. Do we need to be here in the US what do we know about vaccine efficacy against him. So right now the growing information showing that in any data is showing that the current vaccines that we're using here in the United States show effectiveness against these variants. Millionaire and that India is currently suffering from is not something that's relatively new however is something that involves two different mutations that effective or been associated with two different surges once you're in California. And another in South Africa and so from what we can see right now that information. Plus the information of the effectiveness at the effectiveness of our current vaccines. We don't have any reasons that leave right now that we should be concerned but we have. To be cautious I'm especially since this is a global pandemic obviously and travel is inevitable so I'm predicting that soon will likely see that area here in the United States. This makes vaccination all that much more important to doctor Sutton let's turn. Back to back home here the FDA expected to authorize the vaccine for children ages twelve to fifteen any day now. Where does the US stand the fight against Coleman nineteen what about younger kids like got like my younger back to age six and for what do what is the vaccine outlook for them. I think allegedly caught in the future nobody will take time as you have probably know the amount of data and recent said he needed to be done in order to provide the information so that those who are twelve to fifteen can be included possibly in the emergency use authorization of the vaccines. Take significant amount of times I think what people may not realize is that when you're stepping even younger it's likely going to be more difficult to prove the Bolivia closing effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. Mainly because our children and each group are getting vaccinated from other diseases that we have to make sure that we due to recent appropriately while also mining the fact that those children are getting vaccinated from other common diseases that states should be and so I think it just simply as a matter of time hopefully Miley summer will start to see more results and younger age group so that we can apply that to get as many people vaccinated this house. More and thankfully the disease is not as severe in or near severe for the younger ones a blessing in these. Dark times a pandemic doctor Daron Sutton as always thanks very much for being with us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:53","description":"Health experts point to vaccines as the key to ending the crisis as India reports more than 400,000 new cases in 24 hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77607525","title":"India’s medical system on the brink of collapse as COVID cases surge","url":"/International/video/indias-medical-system-brink-collapse-covid-cases-surge-77607525"}