Ireland’s pubs begin reopening

After more than 3 months on lockdown, Ireland’s pubs are reopening with new social distancing guidelines.
4:46 | 07/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ireland’s pubs begin reopening
Nothing more than three months ended Bruno fire a slow down Ireland's hopes the reopening. With the country reporting less than twenty glass pieces today trying to get back. To some kind of normality. Obviously. 80. Again. I mean with the. Most of our pick your place here coleslaw all retired I think it's. Carter for the dumbest of hope. Like some other pubs ranges happens corner in Dublin tend to deliveries to help keep afloat. But now they're reopening there are a lot more changes. And it's would be a different Pope. And the Pope that we left removed. A capacity down hair was about a home and suddenly people. Without the only suddenly people with a new renovation. To reopen pubs must ensure social distancing. That means table service only customers must order a meal and they can't stay long at the ninety minutes. By you can see here and around the continent these providers. For six people who sit there. No more than six most on the devising. The C upstairs I don't care now. All on that a new law now you can't have music. So we can't take any practice. So you're limited seventy people appear to don't want people council. Plus a year before Oakland but others are we don't want a second second goal Raton. But the danger. The reckon the Pope was the work. Dynamite pervert I have no. But that's in the pulpit. Of ugliness. Helpful and everything got back and make a moment. Recent murder and that's right it's going part about the identity because I wasn't about. It's obvious case Reuters yeah behind again. At the incredible day now. Second in the east bay so. Didn't that you want. Do. It is on. The program. It fits into that an officer about the details. We don't ultimately up to us American and our party and the city. Ed didn't really. Believe we have two hopefully we don't have voted by the or social distancing. After a few points much here what did he was. The what went up along route one between. So hopefully. The Cleveland. And they don't want appointment as a point where he's everything on the roads. Hope you know. It looks no different different. Back to normal.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"After more than 3 months on lockdown, Ireland’s pubs are reopening with new social distancing guidelines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71718598","title":"Ireland’s pubs begin reopening","url":"/International/video/irelands-pubs-begin-reopening-71718598"}