ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks

The FBI joins the investigation, which experts say has the hallmarks of typical ISIS attacks.
2:35 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks
He says has claimed responsibility for these attacks in. Although the Sri Lankan government blamed the bombings or on a little known domestic. Militant groups so there's a little bit of a discrepancy there but I want to bring in Martha Raddatz in our DC bureau. Mark that just can we got a little bit deeper into this ice this claim and just wondering if this is something that we should be worried about given that. You know we said that they were defeated. Well I I think when president trump says they are defeated she is talking about the cal a fate he is really talking about the physical. Land that crisis try to do. Take in Syria and in Iraq. Ice is is not defeated world wide and intelligence officials have made that very clear they certainly. Have supporters worldwide they certainly have people who believe in that caused. Even though that. Physical Kalla fate. Is all but defeated in Iraq and Syria and and other areas in the mideast. It could reignite. At any minute and that is and that is obviously a fear as well. But this does have all the hallmarks. And ice this attack. And I think seeing those pictures you know we saw these reports early on that crisis was claiming responsibility. They usually do it sooner. In a case like this but seeing the pictures if in fact those are the bombers they have seven of them. Side by side. And another photographed separate from that and of course James just said the fury is there may be more bombers out there but US officials. Believe that ice is supported this. In some way to help. Then carried this off because it was indeed. A very sophisticated attack he had the coordination between all these bombers you had the backpacks you had where to go. Hooted target and it was also just so her wrist quickly brutal with all those children killed. Also a hallmark of crisis. Yes and I want to talk about the FBI joining the submit this investigation. Now the FBI is involved in the investigation not only because that's Sri lankans ask for help. But because of those four Americans at least four Americans. Were killed in this attack so the FBI. Would naturally just joined in and see what they can add to that the FBI obviously has a huge crisis. Connections and it did to help them. Tracked those connections and they will do whatever they can't I'm sure. To try to see what's at the heart of this all right Martha Raddatz in DC bureau thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The FBI joins the investigation, which experts say has the hallmarks of typical ISIS attacks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62578445","title":"ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks","url":"/International/video/isis-claims-responsibility-sri-lanka-attacks-62578445"}