Jordan Executes Captives in Retaliation After Jordan Pilot Is Burned Alive

Jordan's King Abdullah II promises "decisive action" against ISIS after Lt. Mu'ath al-Kasasbeh is killed.
16:02 | 02/04/15

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Transcript for Jordan Executes Captives in Retaliation After Jordan Pilot Is Burned Alive
Can. Funeral prayers throughout Jordan for the pilot that crisis burned alive. The militant group releasing a video showing lieutenant mullahs I'll cut suspect. Being killed causing an uproar throughout the region. The pilot's father saying that Muslims now need to come together. To fight crisis right now and hot spot Jordan hello everyone. New York in response to the killings the Jordanian government killed two militants that had been caught and tried for terrorism. Jordan's King Abdullah promised an earthshaking and decisive response to the pilot's death the BBC's Jim Mir has more from Amman. A day off to the video showing captured pilot model because that's been being burned alive in a cage Jordan is seething with anger and shock. If anybody here had any sympathy for the Islamic militants their voices have been spilled for the moment. And don't. Just demonstrators in Amman demanding the government take drastic revenge. That its promise to do to make the ground shake under the self styled Islamic state. Sargent Andris Charlie was the first to pay the price. On death row for ten years for her part in multiple suicide bomb attacks on a luxury hotels here. She and another convicted al-Qaeda member and what executed at dawn. But that's clearly not enough to satisfy public opinion or the grieving family. The motive pilot came from a big tribe in the south of the country who his father receiving condolences wants much more. Oh well have been my of them and an oil hate. I demand that the very very should be bigger than just hanging these prison is there is no comparison. And oh my son's bloody sweat a million times mole. Is that a lot of the nation that the union might amount that this criminal role price patient should be wiped out. The Jordanian military is also thirsting for revenge. The choreographed horror of the video was TV and did tiring Jordanians and others from fighting alongside the US led coalition. That puts King Abdullah sent to stage. A staunch ally of America he cut short a visit to Washington to come back and come on Jordan's reply. He'll find himself under pressure to come up with something spectacular. At the moment and condit's home in the south and throughout the country Prez we'll being set for his soul. They'll also be praying that if Jordan doesn't plunged deeper into the freight nobody else will suffer the same fate as models of costs us bait. Should go BBC news a mom. And we're joined now by ABC news chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran who is in London for us. Terry in response the Jordanians executed two militant prisoners including some Jada Alva shall we the failed female suicide bomber. That ice is wanted in exchange. For that other prisoner how shocked as Jordan and the region by this will horrific video. Well Michelle what this shows is that this is a fight to the death. Among Muslims among Arab Muslims in particular to fight for the future of their societies. Of their destiny. It's a fight against. The savagery. Though romantic savagery of crisis by that I mean it has appeal increasingly wide appeal. Among young people in particular who love its boldness who love. The worry them the very fact that it shocks us to war core emboldened some young people to be drawn to it. Especially in a region. With such broken and failed governments in the wake of the Arab Spring where it seemed that young Arabs and so many countries stood up. Part of the FaceBook generation if you Willard said the future is ours that's now been smacked. It's been smashed by their elders who didn't want democracy in Egypt. It's been smashed. By the chaos in tribalism and blood blood letting in Libya and elsewhere. It's over that dream is over the question is what's the next dream and what you're seeing in Jordan right now is an agony. Over what comes next. For their country in the short term they want revenge but in the long term for their country and for others. What's gonna date is it going to be the future of crisis or is going to be some more decent and civilized future and right now as I say is fight to the death. In those societies. And Jordan has. Had relative calm in this volatile region up until now Terry these prisoners. Weren't directly related crisis write it as their background and about their executions to. That's right they did they weren't directly to rate related to ice this crisis is a is a more recent outgrowth. Of al-Qaeda in Iraq first it and spilled into the Syrian civil war spilled back into Iraq and is now metastasized. In across the region. As a self proclaimed. Cal affect its own state its own Islamist state. The woman it's a gene that was it sent was arrested as you point out as a failed suicide bomber. In what may be the worst attack terrorist attack in the history of Jordan. The bombing of three hotels. In 2005 that predates crisis. But clearly she was on the same track of of radicalism in the name of the god that they that they believe in a defined for themselves rejected by most Muslims. And and yet they wanted horror. In exchange. Four. This pilot and for some of the other hostages and the other. Prisoner who was executed was a man who was convicted by Jordanian courts of plotting to kill Jordan's. In Jordanians in Iraq so he was apparently associated with al-Qaeda but as I see these groups are essentially. Metastasized. And what were watching is a competition. Ice is is winning it right now for the hearts and minds first. Of all Arabs who might and Muslims who might be drawn to this kind of extremism. They're competing against al-Qaeda they're competing against other radical groups and sects. In order to get as many followers as they can. And then much more broadly they're competing for the future of Islam itself. And what you're seeing in Jordan in this desire and demand for revenge in this insistence that something be done to stop this savagery. Is the ordinary. More or less quiet most of the time middle class. Jordanian and Arab Muslims rising up and saying no that's not going to be our future but it is it is of fight right now among them. And we heard from King Abdullah of Jordan yesterday vowing retaliation. Does this mean that beyond those executions Jordan will increase its involvement in the fight against a license and now. Well that is a great question Michelle right now there is that demand as I say. For revenge in for Jordan to prove that it's that it can take care and of its citizens and defend them when they are attacked like this that said. The there's also great. Wariness. About King Abdullah is in the states closeness to the west closeness to the United States the fact that King Abdullah signed up. For president Obama's out war against crisis had already cost some dissent in Jordan. And remember that Jordan is not a free country King Abdullah does not run a democracy and it not anywhere near it's basically. A police state he is a king. With some consensual governance sitting on top of a cauldron. Of of people many of whom are poor. Not well educated disenfranchises. Looking for answers looking for a different kind of destiny. And he's got to be careful about just how much he signs on with the United States in this campaign against prices I think in the short term. You're C a strong response from the Jordanian government. But they're gonna have to manage. A population. That isn't sure. That they should be allied with the United States in what many Arabs see as yet another war. By the United States against there. And the challenge for Jordan also not just how that where it will be limited right in the regions that they decide to fight. In Iraq and Syria knot in Syria. That's right do they do they wanted to join pitch in and join what is now just vipers nest of war. And tribalism sectarianism. And the destruction of Syria. A country that you really have been stitched together. With so many different parts there are Christians there are Shiite Muslims are sunny Muslims are Allah like Muslims are drew is there is the Indies who are described as devil worshippers in accurately there's all kinds of different. A peoples. In Syria now Horne a part in this horrible bloodletting that's been going on now going on. Into five years almost. And as Jordan wanna get involved in that does Jordan wanna get at ice is there. That is true rice's is strongest. And that is where lieutenant Marcus abbate was shot down over Syria. Oh or will they participate. With the United States in in the effort to roll back crisis is vast games. In Iraq. That that's what they've been signed on to do they share a very long border with with Iraq and it and we'll see what happens going forward but right now they are. They are in them an angry mood of the people of Jordan and they want to see action from their king he was sheared. On his return for declaring. That. A these two militants convicted of terrorism would be executed and B that Jordan would have a response. And Terry how does this brutal killing differ from bee headings and how could it shape how other countries in that region view ices. And their willingness to participate and how. Is the US and other western countries taking watch honest. You know that that's an interesting cultural question as well I had read and heard from from people that I follow on on Twitter and elsewhere air Arabs in the region. That when they first heard of the burning alive. This Jordanian pilot they couldn't believe it because there's no they say there is no pro vision in Islamic law. For burning people alive. It would make some sense because you you think there had been an ice is already would have done it remember this man was a specifically. Hated. Enemy. A fellow Arab fellow Muslim who had joined in what they see is that western campaign. Against Arabs and so they hated him especially seems. And maybe devise this diabolical punishment. Just for him. You'd think also that this would alien just about everybody it's so horrific it's so. Bar Barrett you would think that any decent person would be horrified by it. And yet as I say. The very boldness of the very repugnant stuff at the very. Way that it shocks us to the core is a kind of marketing device that crisis can use. To so many people young people in the Arab world without a future right now. Without any way at sing sing a path board for their lives politically. Where their civic lives or of their their economic lives anyway because the governments there. Are so broken so corrupt or torn apart already by by tribalism and bloodshed and so while it seems a huge error. It did there may be method in this madness there may be. A way that this is actually a kind of commercial com. Join us and be that shocker of the world be the triumphant night's. Of a war you're Islam. That is going to take over the world that might be an appealing message. Two to people and they did that's why they videotaped it put it in this slick package and putting that on the Internet. The Jordanian government also says that the video showing that killing was recorded a month ago at some January 3 that means prices. Was negotiated with Jordan and Japan even though they had already killed. This pilot so do we have any word on whether the US had any word of that either. Apparently the US government did not have solid intelligence that this mad that flight lieutenant first lieutenant cuts have a had been killed as you say. More than a month ago on January 3 however there were indications. There was some Twitter activity out of purportedly out of rock cop which is where this event suppose that took place the stronghold in Syria crisis. Back in the first week of January people saying. They burned a man alive. So in other words that there were some eyewitness accounts or floating around out there at the time. But as this are the people that this is available couldn't believe it because team so anti Islamic there's no provision at all in this. In the text or history of Islam for burning people alive there isn't christianity. Recruitment firm that we at the burn witches hundreds of years ago. Not not in his Lama apparently and so. The United States had no understanding that but what this demonstrates as you point out you can't trust spices. European governments have paid tens of millions of dollars. To license to get there hostages out the United States and Britain. Does not negotiate do not negotiate with terrorists and at this point it's hard to say. That you could trust any such negotiations. There is an American hostage a young woman 26 year old aid worker still held by crisis. It is hard to say that there's any deal that could be done. With this group of people that the United States could conceivably do even if the United States had that policy. That would let her go so with this knowledge with that horrific video. How does this change the way the US. Deals and goes forward. With crisis. What was shot I do think it's time for the Obama administration to the United States. To take stock of what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished in this campaign against crisis right now. I'm on the plus side as our colleague Alex Smart card and Matt me Gary his producers showed they went into Cole bombing Syria. That was that the town right on the border of Turkey crisis was determined to take it and with the Kurds with the assistance of US military in and coalition military. Airpower defeated ices it was a signal defeat prices and that's on the plus side. On the minus side ice is probably stronger in Syria and Iraq. And is gaining in popularity throughout the region. So the United States has to it has to determine. What it can do militarily to step up its game against diocese in particular in Syria. And improve its messaging. Because right now whatever is happening on the battlefield ice is as winning in some places losing and others. It's winning the war. For hearts and minds right now the ABC news chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran in London thank you for joining us. And of course you can keep up with this story and real time by downloading. He ABC news happen starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot. I'm Michelle Franzen a New York.

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{"id":28722498,"title":"Jordan Executes Captives in Retaliation After Jordan Pilot Is Burned Alive","duration":"16:02","description":"Jordan's King Abdullah II promises \"decisive action\" against ISIS after Lt. Mu'ath al-Kasasbeh is killed.","url":"/International/video/jordan-executes-captives-retaliation-jordan-pilot-burned-alive-28722498","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}