Kenyan Forces Secure Westgate Mall

Hostage standoff nears conclusion as government officials take control of Nairobi mall.
12:57 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for Kenyan Forces Secure Westgate Mall
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Dan -- in New York with the CBC news digital special. Report nearly three days after it began the terrorist assaults on an upscale mall in Nairobi Kenya. Continues the city of Nairobi woke up to more gunfire and explosions today as government soldiers try to clear that shopping center. ABC's -- Rania is on the ground in Nairobi with the latest on that -- siege. Today explosions at the Westgate mall thick black smoke spewing out of the building then a fevered gun battle. Inside Kenyan security forces fighting dozens of terrorists holding civilians hostage. The battle raged all night it now appears to be reaching its climax. There's an automatic gun fight until we hear I'd be here for about fifteen minutes now the terrorists and the security forces in a pitched battle at the west -- You can also see the black smoke coming out of the top of the building earlier today there was a big explosion at for the last couple hours and seeing that big thick smoke coming out. Today is day three of defeat. On Saturday Somali terrorists took over the -- hurling grenades firing their automatic weapons they -- to kill as many people with possible. Britney looks sort of it to adopt the content he -- kept white from -- -- The public -- each it bounced on the -- It's the boy who has yet to -- By lead after dude can. At forty -- secured all the floors of the building rescuing most of the hostages. The terrorists were believed to be holed up in the supermarket. Along with an unknown number of hostages. -- says it has killed three of those terrorists. The death -- now stands at 62. With many more -- did. Among the injured at least five Americans including one child -- today's battle goes on the death told will surely rise. And -- joins us now live via Skype from Nairobi. Care -- and some very emphatic tweets coming from the Kenyan police today what exactly are they saying. Right well it sounds like this may actually be over not exactly clear the -- Policing at the -- your all of those floors. Of this building this entire crop up but the shopping mall. And except that -- been able to constrain all of these all the terrorists that killed three of them they've -- the rescue hostages right now I'm. Standing outside of the -- here Achilles it -- -- -- it's already nighttime here. We're about a mile away this is about as close as we could get to it we were able to actually see the building to be able to see that giant plume of spoke a smoke -- -- -- package there. About for several hours it was burning and control -- it was unclear exactly what that was for a long time -- conceded that Kenyan authorities were very careful about not releasing much information. Much to our -- but for their reasons they say that it was very important that they not broadcast what they were doing because they feared that the terrorists side. Would be able to mom heard news reports that -- -- information. Read and it's and it's always that balance -- exactly anything can get to that point -- here I mean from what police are tweeting out insanity gotten control -- from what you've been hearing. Does that seem to be. In line with what you're seeing enemies -- about a mile away but at the same time are you still hearing gunshots as they're still. Good deal of chaos there. But that's exactly right for a long time actually -- this -- -- automatic gunfire or hearing some explosions -- that's smoke. But for the past I would see a couple hours it's been relatively quiet for a long time we had helicopters. Circling overhead. That's gone away it's been pretty quiet so far a big difference this time yesterday it's not like it's nighttime -- despite yesterday's -- The the -- that started. And we were having these helicopters buzzing over our heads so a big difference here -- there is any I think what they've said that they're trying to clear the building right now which means that they're going through it slow or root -- to make sure -- but there's no terrorist still hiding in -- Also -- -- it as any. Any people who have managed to hide this entire time we're still there go rescue. And we we've seen reports here -- that militants separated. In let Muslims leave before beginning their assault to do we have any further information about that any of those reports. That something that -- you talked to some of the people who were inside they'll tell you that you know one of the things that was said that when it went in there was if you're Muslim. You it is you can you can leave and anyone else in most cases were shot. What about Americans do we know. It when we heard anything either from the embassy. Or or from any police reports there. That were inside the mall at the time of the attack it. Any hostages America from America still inside. You know we don't have any information to more Americans that would have been held -- it's really we haven't got that information yet. About that the people that were held hostage for three days that'll be the kind of thing -- -- -- coming out in the near future hopefully. ST what -- -- if they're over Turkey. Checked out for medical -- but by by by by doctors and psychologists -- thing. But you know from the State Department -- there were five Americans who were injured in this attack one -- -- was child. Right ABC's -- Roddy on the ground in Nairobi -- -- obviously your safety first and foremost on our minds thank you for that. I want to go to Washington where ABC's Karen Travers has been tracking some of the incredible stories. Of survival -- Hi Dan is -- just mentioned there were five Americans that were injured in the attack and -- it was a child. And US officials are now talking more about what Al -- is and they say it is one of the only al-Qaeda affiliates to recruit here in the US and that gives a lot of reason to have big concerns about what they can do here. -- -- -- -- was at the Westgate mall on Saturday with his two year old daughter. His wife who's eight months pregnant was a floor below them he heard a loud explosion -- gunfire still he grabbed his daughter and ran. We got pushed back into the building and up the stairs and the only ended up -- -- out in -- And inventory -- His wife was evacuated by police and the family reunited outside on the street -- server and toward each other and there is -- -- incredibly emotional moment. California needed -- -- tag was among the dozens injured she said she had surgeries in her chest arms and legs. -- -- I'm very grateful. To realize. The Somali terror group Al -- -- claimed responsibility for the attack. It's extremely deadly organization very well trained. US officials say it's -- -- the only al-Qaeda affiliates to recruit here in the US. They say they're bit about fifty American recruits and more than half have been traced back to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Last month ousted Bob posted this online recruiting video with three young men from Minneapolis who it said died as martyrs and. -- you guys only know. Moments but we have -- game that has really been the big concern I think based on this attack is that. Ones that have gone and now are back. Could they conceivably be in place here at some point to launch an attack. President Obama reached out to Kenya's president yesterday to offer his condolences he also reiterated US support for -- bringing the attackers to justice Dan. -- Karen thank you for that from Washington DC I wanna go up to New York City now. Where world leaders have been gathering for this week's United Nations General Assembly meetings -- ABC's Dan Hughes in town covering that in Dana I wanted to ask you President Obama as we just heard from Karen there was offering his condolences to Kenya two -- president. What it has the White House said though in regards to this attack. Well the White House as you pointed out has put out a statement. Condemning. The attack but secretary Kerry -- actually spoken to it. I yesterday before his meeting with the Egyptian foreign minister he called the act ruthless and said the United States will pursue. Al-Qaeda terrorists wherever they are. And so. The United States is paying -- very close attention to this. This is the second largest terrorist attack in Africa since the 1998. US embassy bombings and it's carrying cure it pointed out. There were Americans. Involved an injured. In the attack. What -- material support from western governments has that been provided or is that on its way. -- western governments have offered their support and there are -- some reports that. Various western governments are offering military guidance and support -- in the siege but. You know Kenyans at this point haven't asked for assistance. -- many Kenyans are actually pulling together in this situation. There's been campaigns to raise money for the victims. In using. Mobile phone banking transmissions and there -- some reports that they raise as much as a 100000 dollars in six. Hours that's it's amazing and -- that short period of time to get that kind of support. Did I know that you spent four years as a reporter in Nairobi and talk to me a little bit about the symbolic value. Of this particular location. Westgate is a place that high and many ex pats and many of my. Middle class -- prince -- Many many years and Kenya has a history of along ex pat community and some people -- it's quite segregated. What's he really represented the new Kenyon the new Nairobi it was a place where you would -- Kenyan Indians middle class Kenyans. Ex pats UN. UN staff. Embassy staff and many meetings there and so when the terroristic tactics they were attacking not just a shopping mall but a symbol of Kenya's growth and and in some -- Africa's growth as well. So based on that what we've been hearing that if in fact -- -- Bob is behind the attack. Talk to me about the the roots of the fight with the Kenyan government that that organization has an end that the support or the role that Somalia place. Well Kenya a couple of years ago. Joined the act for -- union African troops that we're fighting to defeat should Bob. And once that happened to Bob basically declared. War on Kenya and for years they've been warning that they were going to launch attacks with in Kenya as revenge for -- -- For their help in and fighting should Bob. In Somalia. There -- was that if you're taking the fight to last. We're going to take the fight you and they've done it before in 2010. They launched a very deadly attack -- you've gone to which contributes the most troops in the African force. Killing many people at a World Cup. Event so that explain that his -- more much about the relationship that that organization has to al-Qaeda. Well -- Bob is considered an offshoot of al-Qaeda and several years ago they declared their allegiance to al-Qaeda now with inch of Bob. Part of the reason why many analysts say that it fell apart was because there were sort of two camps there was -- that. Just -- Somalia to go lenders check -- law. And up foreign fighters that were part of should Bob that wine into Bob to be. Join the global Jihad and and windy organization. Weekend. It was in some -- very good for Somalia but in other ways it need the organization much more dangerous because. Those who were convinced that they needed to launch attacks outside of Somalia now had fuel to do so and they are much harder to track with. And I want to ask yourself what last thing for what you -- -- Al Shabazz has -- have been known to recruit Americans are there any indications. That there were any American militants in this attack. There are many many reports stand out there floating around saying that the Arab where American some give numbers some give names but at this time. The fact that there were Americans as part of the attack. Can't be substantiated. There -- witnesses that do say that it's some of the attackers were speaking English. And -- that they that they appeared to. Be not it's specifically from Somalia but those reports can't be substantiated right now. All right ABC's -- Hughes Dana thank you for that -- again. Of course once again 62 people are dead more than 175 injured and that fighting does continue inside Nairobi's Westgate mall. The latest on that siege and the world's reaction on for now I'm Dan -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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