The latest on COVID-19 in Europe

COVID-19 cases have begun to flatten in Europe as countries begin to ease restrictions and prepare for a massive vaccine rollout.
3:55 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for The latest on COVID-19 in Europe
As Kobe case is surge in the US yeah in cases are flattening just in time for the holidays. ABC news foreign correspondent nineteen Burley has more on that Maggie it sounds like Europe is finally flattening that curb. How are they doing it and what does this mean for restrictions are going into Christmas. She he had down and it doesn't a little bit of good news here you know most of your boy into a fairly strict to lock down last month here in the UK each we been in a near total lockdown for months very similar to what we saw the beginning of this pandemic in this. We're for just those five days you can mingle with up to three households so. Didn't still may have to invite in laws over about I think we're all looking for a little bit of that and we time right now our cities are dissimilar rollout potentially happening in places like Germany and France as wells so shocked by locking down now there hoping that first few days Italy on Christmas the live to ease up on some of these restrictions. Neck crossing fingers for that and Maggie you know here in the US we outlook tier approach as a guide for what we can be experiencing coming soon because you guys tend to beach couple weeks or few weeks ahead of us so what do you think this means. For Americans how much should the US be looking at this as a foreshadowing a what's to come here. Chocolate it was a real interesting this time around is that yes is very true like he's and most of the times a year but that a couple weeks or months ahead of America the disk it's different because this time and you're really lock down again summon that we haven't seen. You know happened widespread across the United States and also here in Europe she you know we didn't have Thanksgiving we didn't have that massive travel day that you guys on the stage just a few days ago -- shut this things are going to be I think a little bit different between the two continents that something to duckling or look up for the state to that she -- place is you start to lock down perhaps they'll be able to -- some of those restrictions around Christmas I think that's something that she you know people serve across the world right now we're looking towards the holidays as a chance to maybe come together but again if we're living through these surges right now authorities are still saying be cautious just because Christmas is here doesn't in the Kobe is going. Now but Maggie do we do also and additions looking forward to the holidays and hopefully being able to see family there's that create. Vaccine news it looks like we now have two that are right around the corner. And we're not just gonna happen here in the US but they're also going to Europe so what do we know about the vaccine roll out there. Should they again this is really -- the holiday music every one has been waiting for these vaccines are seeing a lot of optimism around ditch humor in Europe there is just a massive rollout operation underway shot in the UK right now we're seeing vaccination centers that are being construct we're seeing. Tears being trained how to administer this vaccine so authorities are doing absolutely everything they can't that this check change these vaccines get approval here in the UK -- they'll be rolled out nearly immediately but she can tell exacted date Diana still somewhat up in the air data action is currently being analyzed so we're not sure when that process is going to be completed -- -- they have an emergency authorization process happening right now and there are some estimates that the approval could happen as early as this week or early next accident and Scott you know we could be just a few days or few weeks away from seeing vaccines actually being administered here in the UK which I think everyone assays as kind of the site should that would be a sigh of relief something that we all wanna see this season snaps and and I can't come soon enough Maggie really forests in London thanks Maggie sese.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"COVID-19 cases have begun to flatten in Europe as countries begin to ease restrictions and prepare for a massive vaccine rollout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74464187","title":"The latest on COVID-19 in Europe","url":"/International/video/latest-covid-19-europe-74464187"}