Light Show Illuminates London's Landmarks

ABC News' Louise Dewast shows the city's sparking venues.
3:21 | 01/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Light Show Illuminates London's Landmarks
I mean wiesel asked for ABC news in London. And we might hit tonight from the city's five avid nights festival. That's installations made of light sound and digitally fact by artists from around the wow look. And this behind me is club is one against the nation's called god and of light. And you can seem tied down to contaminated son Patterson resident inhibited tropical summit of the cold. Win tonight's and the London the event is free and it's here for a full night. And we're gonna go inside and give him milk poll show you what it's like. I. When anger and try to speak to some people here and often living things. And if incredible incrimination tonight. What do you feel when you open it. That. Guy. It is very talented and I think you semis and enjoy an evening. And the submit that the festivals or reading this and other cities like Sydney Berlin but it's a fun time but it happened in the hair in London. And what does opinion that John is usually be a very quiet time of the year incumbent in baton. But it goes a great opportunity this city think hard people to get out and explore this city by feds. They're not the people hate the night they are enjoying Davies. In the nation. You see is that it's a lot of stunning to organize this of that. Street lights have been solid sound cute station that there is down. And it's every second launch team I think at this old Gavin and and the cool thing is that it's happening in iconic places of London. I sit right hey when leftist clap. But there are other installations. In main fat in west mean and it had been me. And we're gonna go nine guarantee the other in the nation thank you so much for watching I'm doing the last ABC news and not that.

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{"id":36316954,"title":"Light Show Illuminates London's Landmarks","duration":"3:21","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast shows the city's sparking venues.","url":"/International/video/light-show-illuminates-londons-landmarks-36316954","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}