Malala Youzafzai's Shooting Plotters Arrested in Pakistan

Pakistan Military says its captured ten gang members that planned the assassination of the girls education activist.
6:30 | 09/12/14

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Transcript for Malala Youzafzai's Shooting Plotters Arrested in Pakistan
-- And a gain of ten men arrested and charged with the shooting attack that injured education activist Mulally -- sat side. Right now the international hot spot Pakistan. To let me why I'm Susan solidly in Washington. In 2012 Mulally was shot for campaigning for education for girls in Pakistan the men under orders from the Taliban. She -- surgery in the UK and became a champion of girls' education worldwide. And now we're joined by ABC's Mohammad -- in Pakistan. Mohammed. Of these men. Well -- obvious for a start I should say all of the information we have about these men comes from the Pakistani army. -- -- Pakistan's typically difficult for journalists to verify information comes from the army. Is that tend to operate in areas that are difficult to access. Certainly wants -- behind bars you don't get access to those people -- -- wanting to keep in mind. Well we know about these ten people according to the army is that they were all living in the same area swat region of Pakistan. Where -- few years ago the military had conducted military operation to -- Taliban out. The military says that the first suspect the first these ten. Was captured some time ago it was after process interrogation questioning. They were able to get the identification of the other man were subsequently arrested and -- now the military says are now behind bars. We know that again Alderman lived and swats the military says they were all members of the Pakistani Taliban. One of them apparently owned a local furniture shopping he made being the ringleader of this group. But other than that we don't really know what their motives were -- he decided to target -- laugh and so there's still some very important -- -- -- that we don't audience first. -- details about how they were captured. The military in its typical military fashion isn't revealing much they simply said that it was a joint operation between the Pakistani military. Local police enforcement and local law enforcement which includes police. And of course Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI. It said it was joint operation but whether. -- this was -- -- you know the houses were rated they picked them up at a local mosque which is don't have -- It's and -- group's -- how closely is that related to the Taliban. While the military says this was a group that was actually part of the talent and that it was operating under -- person by the name of mullah spousal law. Whose nickname here for a long time as mullah radio because he used to -- radio addresses in the -- -- -- While -- was growing up -- even when she was riding her diary and advocate for education using can you name back before she got injured -- talk about those radio address so everybody -- -- who love puzzle is. He's the senior most leader of Taliban right now. His whereabouts right now we just don't know. But it's clear from -- the army's perspective that these people were arrested were indeed -- Active members of the Pakistani -- -- now since the -- shooting has progress been made for girls' education in Pakistan. You know this is a very very good question the biggest. I guess you could call it silver lining in -- way. -- the tragedy that happened to her. Is the awareness that is created here in Pakistan. You know education is a massive problem here in Pakistan. Ever since she was injured there's really been a lot of grassroots movements. In in various parts of the country. It is stepped up and said you know what. It's it's good that she's been -- for us because now it highlights and puts the world's attention. On this problem that illiteracy female illiteracy and especially girls getting into school. As a massive problem in Pakistan and so at the very least what it's done is ends puts a spotlight on the problem. In terms of tangible results. That's a totally different story because we just we're not -- sort of the 100%. Enrollment -- -- Wallace. Education fund is advocating for we're nowhere close to -- -- in fact it's gonna take several years to get to that point. It's gonna take massive investments from government and quite frankly to governments whether it's provincial or across you know the national government we're just not seeing the commitment to education. That Mulally has advocated for to the state. Now the -- was very popular in the west is she a hero and Pakistan to. You know that's a very good questions -- -- it really depends who you talk to you. Pakistan as some would say is a blend of conspiracy theories so there -- a lot of people in Pakistan that dismissed her -- -- though it was all just fabricated. It was all made up. Only so that the west -- -- darling that -- going television. I talk about how bad Pakistan has combat -- ruled this. So despite all the good that she's done her message hasn't necessarily taken office here in Pakistan to -- as internationally because. People here say you know what. We don't have clean water we don't have electricity. We have so many problems right now we have terrorism -- sectarianism. Education can kind of sit on the back burner because we can't keep people -- However we can keep him in schools a lot of people -- say let's deal with the bigger problems first and they -- mobile ala is not really being part of the solution to those bigger. Our house right and she still has enemies that are at large right. Yes there's no question she cannot come back to Pakistan which is the real tragedy in this you know she has been advocating for Pakistani girls her entire winds. And it's too dangerous for her to come back. -- she has continued her schooling in the United Kingdom. And in fact that you girls that were injured with -- are now also which -- Eddy can get because they deemed it too dangerous. First day you know our team on the ground our producer -- had actually been -- -- school and a number of occasions. And even though the school is running the school is to hire security guards to make sure that the premise. Is safe because even after Malone was attacked he continued to received threats not just on -- Stanley but on the actual school property. Saying that you know there -- people out there they wanted to finish what those Taliban conspirators had started. So it's still very dangerous earth to be in Pakistan to hope obviously is one -- you'll be able to come back but we just don't know and that's going to be. ABC's Mohammed -- in Pakistan thank you so much for joining us. -- -- You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story for exclusive updates on ago. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Susan follow me in Washington.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Pakistan Military says its captured ten gang members that planned the assassination of the girls education activist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25470275","title":"Malala Youzafzai's Shooting Plotters Arrested in Pakistan","url":"/International/video/malala-youzafzais-shooting-plotters-arrested-pakistan-25470275"}