Management dispute at Trump Hotel in Panama leads to violent clashes

ABC News' Aicha El Hammar reports from Panama.
11:14 | 03/02/18

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Transcript for Management dispute at Trump Hotel in Panama leads to violent clashes
Welcome to ABC news I'm Ron Claiborne at the ABC headquarters in New York we're gonna bring to you. A really complicated bizarre and and I think fascinating story involving. The trump organization's. Hotel that it owns hotel and Condo building and casino. In Panama City Panama which is in a literally. Violent dispute. With a business person. Who owns or has bought the majority shares in that building the two Ed loggerheads fighting one another literally fighting going on. Inside of that hotel Condo building in the past few days. Here to sort it all out if possible again I'm gonna war news the complicated story but but really fascinating is ABC news journalists I shall Hamas. Correspondent else who we know theft from her amazing work after the about a climb theatre a terrorist attacks in Paris from the follow up stories in Belgium. She is lives. From Panama City right now I Asia. We're trying to sort this out and make it co parent the people government following candidates complicated did not return a lot of Reading about it all week. Now there been fighting going on inside of this hotel and casino. Bob throughout this week flare up between employees and loyal. To the Trump Organization which developed and originally home this building. And supporters were aides to a guy by the name of arrest these bad people it's. Who bought a majority share the and that building. I Asia why are these people fighting one another in a hotel in Panama City and how does it relate to for the proper organization. That's exactly. Actually what's happening right now is that they've been beat. I eat because BP weeks. The police basic beat as the eye is there has been managed a big effect expected. He's in Miami based private it could be gone in he's trying to. The he's trying to you mean when did do that and that's. Those facing these PC days. It's an extremely extremely. The management of the company ended the easy BDO losing hope lots of money and he's not only won his seat and nice look to be open to raising them. All of this of the bill being beat that hasn't seen it's not just to put down it was still. Condos nomination and they polled say it goes losing a look at money for example one of their lazy didn't believe in the Atlanta. He needed when he falls. Gephardt my 20077. 1600. Dollars the night. And actually meet in January it doesn't eighteen. The that the management accepted when. But point 39500. Don't study that it beat beat big difference as you can imagine. And down like Bailey he's found and what happens is that. Festival. If you think these boats the about 202. Hundreds two. Unique it's called them put them. In August 2007. And you know don't keeps you this trend minutes. Remove them from from this division at that we. And that's when everything is done that would fade and these weak they've tried heat beat the beat went inside of them down and US west trying to get inside that Plano. Common space and what happened is that that trump. That basically gave it being hired extra security guards and actually they were different but big huge divide between did that the two. That's what's greeting friends and you also ahead in did meet that different racing events whip also put basic reading it by hand that they. I mean it's a very complicated study because you can't imagine that fifteen hundreds and millions of extremely afraid of losing game shop Davies a change of the my nets. Thinking he's playing him. But let let me interrupt you here just to be clear that Trump Organization. And president from he is has remove himself from day to day operations but still technically falls this organization. They are the management firm and the majority owner and out of gentleman enough spent six please. He wants them out why I mean if they have a contract which allow for proper organization to manage this building. How can he legally try to remove them as being at the managers. And the 2030 long he agrees to let kids that's an organization that instead of building and he hasn't domination of the contract because of huge. Finance showed he figured I wouldn't but he has not been. Yet but that he didn't think we call the bonds of look. A unique and everything you up to 1400000. Dollars to obviously everything needs to be mean you need to not be patient who needs to be. We need some stocks actually mean you know. And so we will see exactly what. What is behind this dummy that's. Right now how I mean you have to imagine it only 30%. Of the building is being looked at. So don't think anybody losing and they want. And management changes that he sees what he's trying. Through basic theme basically he wants to apple only in the event but. And and fans equities and his and his aides or supporters or. Friends if you will. Tried to go into the building going to the headquarters there the operation center of a hotel and they were very physical. Altercation there was a fight. You know somebody got thrown down a hallway. Book when they tried to essentially take over control of the hotel. It's crazy south. That's Toronto we only eat lunch one of this. What do mistakenly got one of the security guard has been detained by it will be so neat we imagine that and actually on the latency. Meaning that admits that upholds that we she's there late meaning street. Implement that make fish he came here and Amy's point eight I think the UNC game him. And she trying. And gate feet going to be a vote to count lacked. Kevin seen that there and vote we hope hope hope they fix it likes it there. It actually. Didn't deliberate in need to sit pretty crazy it is expecting up to show. I represented steamboat of the Bill Clinton to acknowledge that need to let it be neat well and still today until today it actually you can CC QBD. Extra thinking thinking god you don't look down that's spanning every it's just been coming visiting the non. And he's. Sutherland now. Well here. And I yeah. I gotta favorability car. Going back in a written statement the proper organization a few expect equities. Bob good life and mob like tactics in trying to physically. After the hotel bars I understand it. There are legal action going on both in the US. In federal court here in the US there was a board meeting there in Panama. A couple of days ago he resolutely. Maybe it would by visiting settlement of this. Coming forth from. On the scant. Enunciated she doesn't. I am then and I had an employee. And that. Yeah. Let it he wants to. Big if big ship. Of these people didn't even want the evening. Any leads that the didn't relent that given gentlemen that's fair the of that spent much and I mean we expect locally and patient to be announced between the police and it three days it will meet with instant. But that it can if we refused to concede there. That we Delhi yup that's been keeping to the extent of its decision the that the statement not a game that basic. Most of them are me in favor in the cleats that it all losing money they'll upgraded them. Investment in these seven and so he's built being. Will be for nothing at the end. And just to be clear practically not only want to prop organization. Removed as the managers of this. Of this very luxury building but you said he want they want. The trump name removed from the property that's fine we saw few minutes ago. I'd sit and read acts three and then. It would be extremely seems Foley has now. Eat eat eat. Didn't do it do death that he wants that because I think between stage that I didn't name up tram is not. If any because of but don't let them pick in the evening picnic it's about these. We'll put them actually and he also attributes. The also. Stated that he could be one of the reason why it's hard to have that clients don't mean to put them. I got to face it through they truly bizarre story and it had there been flare up of violence. Throughout this past week you believe there could be more of it certainly be two sides are. Our involved in a very heated dispute here and I doesn't ballot if cooling off any time. Again it's between the majority owner of the condos and that highrise building there in Panama City. A man by the name a recipe frantically. And the management company the profit organization. Again the president does not involve himself anymore and the data they operate from organization. But. He still can't draw money from profits that organization makes I think in ninety in 2016. They brought in. The president reported net income of about 800000 dollars up from that property tho. President not directly involved in this but for me the proper organization. In a furious battle. Literally physically. With these supporters of the majority owner of this property I HL com mark have found no thank you very much for helping us try to sort out the very complicated. Really weird. The fascinating story from Panama City thanks for joining us. Thank you Ben meant I think. OK I listen I'm sure this is gonna continue for a while and we will keep an eye on that I should will be down there I believe for a number of days if we have any more clarity. War if there's any more fisticuffs. In the streets or inside of that property will be sure. To let you know thanks for joining us some Ron Claiborne ABC news headquarters. In New York.

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{"id":53474787,"title":"Management dispute at Trump Hotel in Panama leads to violent clashes","duration":"11:14","description":"ABC News' Aicha El Hammar reports from Panama.","url":"/International/video/management-dispute-trump-hotel-panama-leads-violent-clashes-53474787","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}