Ex-Marine sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison

Trevor Reed’s parents are hoping U.S. officials will help secure their son’s release after he was sentenced for an assault on officers.
4:13 | 07/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Marine sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison
An American family is begging for US officials to try and intervene in the case of a former US marine sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison. Between nine year old was initially arrested for an alleged attack against officers. Now some are questioning if his conviction was politically motivated. And if a prisoner swap may be in the works behind the scenes Patrick regional files this report. This was what Trevor reed's family but most feared there. The 29 year old former US marine from Texas sentenced by a Russian court on Thursday to nine years in prison and are now pleading for his home country to get him out. Former congressman from them and one in the United States department. Secretary percent. Problem out. The verdict washed my Reid's father Jody reed who spent almost a year alone in Moscow trying to help free his son. Reid was convicted of charges of assaulting two police offices but his family and now we US officials say those charges are trumped up. The US ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan talking to ABC news today to slam the verdict as absurd. Just step backward in relations between the United States and Russia. Does well. It was literally. And show no matter what ouster. In the courtroom. It's bad. Bad joke at least is. Case rests on a drunken incident at reads things he has no memory of at a party last August but his fiancee Reid became heavily intoxicated. On the way home friends said they called the police to take him to sober up. Reads fiance said police initially told it's a come pick him up in a few hours the when she dated she said Russian intelligence offices also arrives. Police now charge street accusing him of attacking the offices while they were driving him causing that can't to swerve dangerously. In court prosecutors presented almost no evidence to support the charges. The offices repeatedly contradicted their testimony. I haven't seen me. He is. He's taken by. Which was on the street which. With Reid already detained eleven months his family and US officials had still hoped the court might recognize the case is alleged problems. Enough to he received a maximum sentence they have no more doubts I think it's. Movements since there's history making a partner. I'm sure. Friends are. Fueling those fears is the trial of cool we learn another ex marine jailed by Russian just last month. On espionage charges that the US government sees how fabricated. We Lin's family and US officials believe we Lynn was targeted as a bargaining chip. The question to reed's family now is whether he may also have been kept for a similar reason. I won't add to that speculation except to say is saying I said previously. Given how flimsy the evidence was in the news it need more into question. The motives behind. Wider lace why it was brought. Russian authorities have already floated the idea of a possible trade for pull weed and naming two Russians jailed in the US feet to boots serving a 25 year sentence for terrorism charges. One of the world's most notorious arms dealers. The model for the tax in the Nicolas Cage film lord of war I supply every aren't parents are. And Constantine -- Russian coach sentenced to twenty years on large scale drug smuggling charges. Both have suspected ties to Russian intelligence. US officials have declined to say if Russia has approached them a bouncer trays or if it could be possible. Morning get them home I know the president feels very strongly about this secretary yoke fuels very strong. Sends a very strong signal Americans are out of welcoming. Russia is what they can expect a rationing and to be eating high judicial system minutes are not a pretty picture. Our thanks to Patrick.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Trevor Reed’s parents are hoping U.S. officials will help secure their son’s release after he was sentenced for an assault on officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72112341","title":"Ex-Marine sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison","url":"/International/video/marine-sentenced-years-russian-prison-72112341"}