Maya Angelou's Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Maya Angelou's poem "His Day Is Done" honors Mandela's life and passion for human rights.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maya Angelou's Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Last tribute this from the poet Maya Angelou given on behalf of the American people. And released by the State Department here is my Angelou -- the home for Nelson Mandela. His day is done. He's -- is down. -- The news came on the leans in the league and reluctant to carry its very. Nelson Mandela's day is down. Then news -- big dinner and still in -- Read stents in the United States and suddenly. Our world became somewhere. -- guys we're live from. His day is done. We see -- south African people who. Standing -- since. At this slamming up this time -- will two weeks notre avenue returns. -- periods reach out to use them to the zoo. Close. Oh we think of -- and -- son of Africa. You're trying to you know when -- and of the work. We send our souls to you as you reflect upon -- -- -- Armed with a mere student but it facing down in 99. -- amendments general Gideon. Emerging -- and -- -- -- boom I'm into the theme -- embrace and a client. It's time. This and -- atmosphere. Racism. Unjustly. Imprisoned. In the bloody mountains. Of south African dungeons. With the -- since nine. At the Manson. His answer strength in men and women around the world. In the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. On the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. And she -- those who knew. In New Orleans Mardi Gras. In New York city's time square. We minds. And stay home but Africa spraying. Do the prisons told us. This stupendous night in -- His gargantuan live video and -- He had not been crippled bank -- Novelist his passion for their ranks of human beings diminished. -- 27 years of imprisonment. Even here in America it's announced the smooth refreshing breeze. Of freedom. Lynn Nelson Mandela took the seat a presidency. In his country. Chris harmony. He was not even -- -- -- to vote. We were immunized. Bacteria is a crash. As Lisa Nelson Mandela's. From a -- times in thanked me -- TSE. Thank him. To lunch and trim the front rooms and his inauguration. We saw him except the world's -- -- warden in no way with the grace and gratitude. This only has an ancient Romans bullets. And it's confidence. Of African seeps. From yanks and royals -- No sun out and that's its sense. Not in the ranks again and bring them down. This Mandela's day is. Yet -- His inheritance. That opened the gates lack. For reconciliation. And we will respond generously. To the Cranston blanks and blanks. Asian Hispanics. The book who live previously. On the thriller about a -- he has also fast understand. We will not. With food for achievements. Even from those who do not dance. Nelson Mandela's day is done we can faces. And tears of point six -- sniffed out only to say thank you. Thank you I didn't. Thank you and dangerous. Country to -- man. We will not forget -- we will not disarming. We will remember and -- drink and they -- lived in months. And 52 continents. And they --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Maya Angelou's poem \"His Day Is Done\" honors Mandela's life and passion for human rights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21161526","title":"Maya Angelou's Tribute to Nelson Mandela","url":"/International/video/maya-angelous-poem-day-tribute-nelson-mandela-21161526"}