North Korean cheerleaders, marching band tour Ojukheon in South Korea

ABC News' Matt Gutman and Joohee Cho follow North Korea's cheerleaders and marching band to tour South Korea's oldest wooden residential buildings, a national treasure, at Ojukheon in Gangneung, South Korea.
11:23 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for North Korean cheerleaders, marching band tour Ojukheon in South Korea
OK and you're living back there. But the other part of the darker yet. Yet the actual parking. At LT. If it might reminds. That's a perfect right that's what I read and bad they have to be 155. Centimeters tall tower hit about five but three. So that there has the standard for duty in North Korea I agree I think. You expect it. Here there are more reporters for George under our Elaine hunter that members and I did expect a lot of reporters. Because it's very rare that that falcons. We'll be able to do it actually have a physical contact with created and we haven't seen this much north Koreans in our country. For a very long time. Many of us are very excited curious. Find out how big changes they especially because of that with the crisis last year. Then there's that point the prices. People are very best they can find a glimpse of hope. Burton that means the patient. But it because there that security there's hit back in cultures that are vehemently. Reservist. They always marched through vikings over the and that's say anything and isn't anything I faint they don't think anything can. They probably remain very respected Arab mind here in each group trying to at bat because by then yeah yeah. Yeah. Question complaint I bet I don't want to talk them out of my that. Up my. But I guess the ladies clothing and that must change anything. I invited me and I was acting gearing home and. This I'll. With the controversial like he's not everybody is happy that they're here and. You know stuff here is the very westernized country and they kind of don't get it. The last time they are here what's in 2002003. And fact that I was reporter that meant that I can't prevent this thing. Since Israel that they adored these north pre candidates at this time you can definitely. A defendant was. Fancy neighborhood yet. I think. It's an untrained eye realizing that Eric Parker is very different from what we have now says yeah. Even that afternoon the fire. Sympathetic towards the north. Ladies. I don't have failing on. Appear ready death. 11 on Bob. Took the sale. 100 I didn't fail and uncle got the details. Yeah yeah yeah yeah all the good. Affidavit did it well I didn't have a problem. Yes and I yeah we're getting we're getting there stopping him from David. Mind you. Reminded him over. But that wouldn't it that elicit more charisma that you. I have definitely having an impact them but I've been. If you can charge the North Korea cheerleading squad. Yeah. And they go. That part of their happy to be here. I think there really aren't that it wouldn't put they have this has been thought out that the country. Parent 299. About the Clinton when he I have been here and there aren't their plight and they've been. Carefully selected because of their beauty and exhibit very intelligent that there are bound. Good family thought coming up. That shot again. Blood on the ball on those kind of I don't know if it one under Bob. Why not revoked under a veil. Any features that most vivid reminders that hosted the project teams have nailed again it's a wonder to females there everybody else. F. Bad. Would think would happen if one of them went out of line. Sad to think they should. I would not speculate on that but it won't be. That could then there at least eighty. Back home and I think there are good that I don't I think if the south airports yet but it paid off. When at a live them at all. But today in the foundry newspapers I read that some of them. I've definitely again they held as soon camera that they got a shot. What have you interrogators in their hotel room watching the TV. And they are not thought. Wow. They are hard on his fame Y deal YDNN. Reporters at bat like you might have been you. Can't hear from him into trouble with the back amp. And another we can't seriously. That's that's a big branch. And I was out at me but I have never seen. An important suddenly you couldn't let stupid. I. I would I would do that but you don't think there's no not bid because they are very loyal to the I think it won't be good news for whoever was hot watching TV and exposed by south cream. I'm looking at recognizing makes. I totally understand it this morning on tonight. That's one of them. You cant Christians everywhere. I don't know another North Africa. It's kind of. I'm. Appeared to visit Cameron who. Expect. Thousands of downtown green. Why I think. To come here Jewish and anti you're glad that things along wanted to take so long for the big guns. We don't do to them during. Bob. There was and government. And that competitive government. Happy fourth. All big his nickname north and south they have not been well yeah. Good government softened up. Get them to do about this president like him president today. He has the penalty flag. Go look at that there Friday. One. Talk about you. Area. This is why they bits that after they took power goes North Korea responding. Obviously very well. And there they're all for it. At this point and that is very surprising. You think about last hair Wayne and Allen threatening South Korea and that. This whole country will be under fire. You know. US seems to be doing what really play hardball right now North Korea if it's going to have nuclear weapons what Cadillac if it. It. At a north Koreans feel and in South Koreans. You'd be surprised if it's mixed me fat here. FAA. A majority of people hoping that North Korea has the right thing and pilot pen if it's for Iraq. South side. But then again there also especially the elder generation experienced this you more god alive. No I don't want to jeopardize that relationship with united thing that's been withdrawn its allies with. And pat. So in that sense. They're tough they want comfort that Maria but right now. The candidate power had shifted tours. Factions that want better relations. And more communication and things like that. But there are re tears generations the older generation actually experienced the Korean War. If more conservative. They want to keep North Korea check the younger generations. Dan. Maybe that peace in the youngest generation B look at it exactly. Talking to me. The other dale went cute the the unified. Women I and that was and I am balance the whole cloak of shock for me because. I thought everyone console before it though it so it can get sick and welcoming Clinton who really. Cares. It was that don't affect our offensive. Mood in their arena where you can feel the cultural difference there's singing their own folks don't and they felt pretty younger generation they are yet to. You know what I would always it was we will rock you right where he will Wheeler unit and pop songs that came up and then the North Korean team was doing it yeah rogue son yet. Their own thing so there they lowered. To different music. Going on in the fading at the scene at the same time. Heather's faith event and that tells. How different it is between north and south right now. It's. You. I. Drive all.

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{"id":53050850,"title":"North Korean cheerleaders, marching band tour Ojukheon in South Korea ","duration":"11:23","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman and Joohee Cho follow North Korea's cheerleaders and marching band to tour South Korea's oldest wooden residential buildings, a national treasure, at Ojukheon in Gangneung, South Korea.","url":"/International/video/north-korean-cheerleaders-marching-band-tour-ojukheon-south-53050850","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}