Oct. 29, 1982: Prince Charles on life as a royal

The Prince of Wales talks about his education and his biggest life challenges.
3:27 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for Oct. 29, 1982: Prince Charles on life as a royal
You out education you're bringing you broke with tradition you are not hot I just simply tutors UN classes with other students how that affected your. Your attitude isn't your and your values vehicle's life. You don't know me enormously. It took me. But I have to struggle. We've others to try and prove to the news reason because if you don't move can't rule New England. Because the Russian experts do not have been. And I think that the particular educations as some diamonds through. Through. I mean wasn't very comfortable. Say the least if you come from comfortable surroundings. And I was lucky to be blown into the it's very important and to experience. A certain degree of function by moving education. Because it hopes to give you I think a move reasonable and civilized trickled in. Which are foods I think being in the end. I learned that hadn't been reading about you he seemed to be a firm believer and challenging both your body and your spirit. And you even recently said that you envy your brother some what Prince Andrew for having been given the opportunity. To go to the Falklands to the test himself in the talent herself and how important that is. What do you think you are. Because tester biggest challenge has been in your life. This is to whom veteran. Chrysler's assessments of mine my education. And and I try to could challenge being. Crichton's isn't true to some women don't give up but to say there when I definitely want to. Get involved in many things and I'm not given introduced of the Washington post's. A few months back them. Again I was trying to explain. That I have moved sets. Rule. Oh draw for the that I have to. It was up to me to in this position as prison where it was a register and too. Decided on particular things that I was in sooner wanted to do something about its. Thousands led suction in public life. Especially now being being a father and husband yet regret having not some more privacy. And yes I think that two. And as early as later refined did in fact that is blessed producing it becomes available. And a normal people seem to be in Sununu is small. And minute aspect of one's life. And and that is one of those things as does not much pageantry that you can do register somehow you have to have. Have a sort of electrical philosophy which enables you to to bury it otherwise I promise you it's been easy game. May we ask you how was Princess Diana and little Prince William Google brew crew member mentioned and do. It's the two I couldn't bring my way through and and you know I think we will just for suitable occasion. And the there will be remembered zoos. Is the greatest girls were found Mason drove notre of them and only six runs in China business. And then Xoom. Is it was me loses there's a great deal have closure. I will get done as we didn't. The president of effective.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"The Prince of Wales talks about his education and his biggest life challenges.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"51119173","title":"Oct. 29, 1982: Prince Charles on life as a royal","url":"/International/video/oct-29-182-prince-charles-life-royal-51119173"}