Across the Pond: American sentenced to 12 years in Vietnam

Plus: World War II bomb believed to be cause of crater in German field, and British taxpayers foot the bill for the royal family.
5:38 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: American sentenced to 12 years in Vietnam
Well let's go across the pond out to the London bureau where llamas on its keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning Lama so let's start. In Vietnam where an American man has been send us a twelve years in jail for what was described as an attempt to overthrow the Communist nation's government. Yet good morning to you guys this is an interesting cases of that gates about a 55 year old man called Michael and win. Who was born in Vietnam but moved to the states when he was at kids so that makes him an American citizen. And he would go to Vietnam every year to visit from him friends but lost it in July. He was arrested for attempting to prove it through the state. Now the his lawyer says that this absolutely no evidence showing him of planning or being in the planning stages of attacking government offices with petrol bombs. We understand that he's being sentenced now to twelve years in prison. We know that once he subplots sentence he will be deported but we don't know at this point is whether or not they will appeal. This case and the charges. And also this sentence. Now and wanting to bag and mind is that. I'm tests are back in Vietnam because the Communist governments just simply doesn't tolerate them so it is a pretty serious crime. And the protests that yours you printed it never happened correct. Exactly yes it didn't but that the government said that it it housed in off. Information at to sentence him to twelve years in prison but yes you apps that you write it didn't take place. What we're seeing an incredible image of a crater that spontaneously. Appeared and a field in Germany and so we're not claiming aliens while police think it was a bomb that was left over from world war two and they think that he you know their other run out there. A he has just amaze amazing I mean the aerial image of this crater is just unbelievable. That this is an explosion happened overnight on Sunday night navy German town of didn't. And bomb disposal ax but say that it's with almost half city certainty that this tied enormous crater was. Create sids by a World War II bomb that was dropped by a plane in fact they think it's a 550 pound bomb. They created this crater that was that he three feet wide. And he's a bit of interesting information for you and on detonated bombs all. Found in Gemini and this is a bit but I didn't know the destiny sect kind decomposed to the point where it can actually set itself off witches. Quite a scary thought when you think about. And oh yeah definitely am just thankful. We're thankful no one was hurt genetic dilution there exactly but. Holley Lama before you leave your taxes. I hear they go to this family. They are freeloaders. Things like there are on welfare. Job getting your tax dollar another royal family. So that the US out more do you tell information about how much they're costing taxpayers over there. Guesses but timing DA when while found the public really pay attention to how much the world found and he has cost of the public. Because that partly funded by the tax path. And eight times out it has been really in that revealed. That's. And the duke and duchess of Sussex has spent a whopping 3.5 million dollars renovating their home and wins problem cottage. Which house some people up in arms about it because it's much more done was anticipated. Don't forget that this was a a property that was renovated ends. Head and a and tons into a five bedroom house. Not a policy saying look yes it did spend that they did spend not much money but on fixed his and other things the couple paid for that and fittings for example the couple paid for not themselves. And the palace saying that this the they're an amount was already evolved to be spent on fall more cautious. Any way to maintain its union its greats landa. So trying to you know sort of backtrack a little bet that yeah does have a lot of people talking about it this morning is creating quite a bit of. Would not be wheat we saw earlier breakdown of the numbers for our viewers in equals about. A dollar 58 per taxpayer but since it's your money. That means you get invited over to fraud more per team in front that you write saying right you would thanks sadly not I'm still waiting mine and buys yes and I don't want my money I thought. I'm a fascinating because we know that's how much the tax payers gave but it would. Maybe that renovation is that possible and it cost more than that three million Annie and yeah I think when their own money. Exactly yes when you went into the suns when you sit down and and look at all the sons and see how much they've spends on it yes it probably does equal to mold the public. That the attacks as half paid for 3.5 million dollars about taking extra. The palace says the couple paid for them to vote for it themselves intersection. I did yes are they trying to justify or rice the right. That. I think if Obama thought there London bureau Lama thank you are different we appreciated. I want to salute the Dutch is our American. Royalty who's now over their debt is meg and general money if any of that being physicist sitting in a. Beijing has yet. How long as royal thing gonna last you know that's live. That's a good point where is that me and my baby Atwood. Did a good point though my medicated her finance you regularly do they have like questions and comments box right that we need. We've got a question.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Plus: World War II bomb believed to be cause of crater in German field, and British taxpayers foot the bill for the royal family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63928708","title":"Across the Pond: American sentenced to 12 years in Vietnam","url":"/International/video/pond-american-sentenced-12-years-vietnam-63928708"}