Across the pond: Kidnapped tourist freed after ransom in Uganda

Plus, Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank settlements ahead of Israel's elections, and Prince William gets spy training.
7:38 | 04/08/19

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Transcript for Across the pond: Kidnapped tourist freed after ransom in Uganda
Welcome back flip so profit plunged now on to ABC news London bureau. We're joined MacFarlane is to. But both sides of the biggest international news Chile and good morning thank you for telling us good morning guys happy Monday I'm pretty happy to style with a rating post of stories some good news coming out of Uganda. American says in. Came and to cut and how Ugandan tour guide they have been rescued on a reported by the Ugandan police to be. In safe hands just to recap and the car and had toe guides on board they were kidnapped by bombs gunmen. Whilst they Wear in the Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda that's close to the border with Congo. Now president trump treating and the weekend. The playing some golf on Sunday he said pleased to report that the American tourists on tour guide. That were abducted in Uganda have been released and god bless them. And that families. Now the FBI got involved and the size two to find the missing two in the Ugandan security forces have been hunting to find them. The gunman that they Tim onto the ransom of half a million. Dole is for their safe release at the minute it's on cliff. If that runs and was paid. If they're paid by his wife compared to say last week Ted to found ways that the US has a longstanding tradition of not paying. Ransoms. But they are content to be in safe hands and his head that's can will be the patriots have seen. I see those images there of that land and you've gotten dates so beautiful tourism is so important that this will really hurt them and people were afraid to go there. And it I again and obviously there are big questions about who paid. And it's almost think you know we have to ask these questions but you hope almost don't want to publicize it because then others who may try to kidnap tourists. Wolf find out who who paid the money right and then try to you know do the same thing again it's a really. Situation to be and I mean like this secretary say Mike Pompeo said the US is not pay ransoms and it up so this doesn't happen again but. If you are a family member and you've got someone who has been captured what do you do lets you just the first thing you want to do is. Do everything possible to get that person brought some really tough situation. I was living and I just a quick they say that one of cannon's relatives. He a little reaction to Mike Pompeo he said that's fine on the sun if and if we don't pay ransoms but Havana at least send in the Navy SEALs do something to trying got her out. So they did tell those still a bit sketchy but it is also a Kennedy you pick out import an important net more than two million tourists visit Uganda every yes and it's. Remains to be seen what effect this has on the tour and tourism industry and I'd say. Mental I'm certain we're gonna move over to Israel what about those elections are coming up tomorrow on prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently got me keen. Some controversial comments with he's saying now. Does send this anti tumor anywhere any interest in election four is around primus and and Yahoo! he has been for a historic fifth time an office that would make him. Israel's longest standing prime minister David taking the country's founded David Bangor and so he is up against a form on you chief Benny dance. And the stakes and I really really high for the future of the Israeli Palestinian peace process because Netanyahu said recently in an into the U. If reelected he would annex the West Bank he was were firing. Two specific isolated settlements that on its part of settlement blocks and he has wide swap. I am getting to extend Israelis some entry so seventy and I don't distinguish between settlement blocs and the isolated. Settlements not important thing tonight. In Israeli and elections is that. It's a crowded race there more than fourteen pot he's getting no iPods ever wins outright majority so it's all about you get to form the kind of mission. Netanyahu is known Amy trying to court right wing base from people here are in favor of settlement expansion but also the smaller right wing parties who he will need. That support and don't also forget not to know him is facing indictment charges. He may have to stand trial for corruption charges and if he's elected prime minister. He may not be able to. To absolve himself on not he will also need the support of parties to shield him from those charges have some really interesting developments in this album and Netanyahu of course now what a close ally to president trumpet in the country that there are six point three million registered. Voters so it'll be inched in to see how this turns out. But finally Prince William Ammon Julia he doesn't spying trainee Newton school what do you think does he what its gates to be in double agent. I can't I just have to I just really love the way that the god in the domestic UK newspapers aborting mess let me just tell you the headline on his grannies secrets this. And a some benefit the name is Wales William Wales licensed to killed Doug Doug thought. Screaming some attachment with Britain spies or anti ballistic right now there and think that brings women used a sudden on me. He figured how to cook says as a he's got background. In whacking for the ministry of defense and he's Hispanics. A few weeks with Britain spies and my six Nan as a secret intelligence service they deal with counterintelligence embassies. And my five that the domestic security apparatus here in the UK and TC HQ which is the government missed and listening paced. Outside of London but I I have to say guys I mean how all of those is well he's almost fourteen is still doing in ten cents I mean come. And oh yeah. That's pretty cool and that I'll look and and other a lot of color. Yeah I music he has already good things to say you know he said that a lot of these people they what they never again find publicly for the service they all have secret I've done sees. And then he said that he is ready humbled to watch how they want to keep Britons say. All of that all the work he's doing to prepare for what will be a vary vary major role obviously don't know when it will happen. Because even as bad as muddy thinking gets a couple. We will live to see if thumb. How he handles those duties. Monday morning via hand that his son but says one on Nash has his majesty's Secret Service they would they would that's going to be the type of the substance when that I. I can't before we let you go and they got a favorite James Bond. So they're talking about double 07 things. I'm very strong opinions this guy is I'm sorry I it's. We now it's good to be has buzz and I think. The errors low you know old school because the telescope all of Meyer up parents say that Daniel Craig makes in Britain make makes the best bond because he kind of hearkens back to SPS SAS old omni. Aspects of James bony knees a little more rugged from the show's but I think it'll be about classical British Tom. Is caught because Pozen I think I'm okay I'm a fan of both both of Islam ha ha. I noticed today that for upcoming it should be you know other with all that hubbub about aegis outlook. And I'm ready to Macon Cora take on the next level with that so yeah out. Fingers crossed fingers crossed a lot of UK feel the same way so let's just see what what what's it saw we'll do it we're gonna ask our folks are watching right now between us and let us know at ABC alive. Hoosier -- bond who do you want to see deep bond. And is it prince William May be so be. But also some other names out there are on his grandes Secret Service. Says no headlines sound very New York hostess by the way yes. That toddler is it again and again neo fence around and I'm definitely do without really were born that the tabloids right. I mean does one of our best imports exports to you guys really right. But they've you're right there we appreciate.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"Plus, Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank settlements ahead of Israel's elections, and Prince William gets spy training.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62246083","title":"Across the pond: Kidnapped tourist freed after ransom in Uganda","url":"/International/video/pond-kidnapped-tourist-freed-ransom-uganda-62246083"}