Across the Pond: New video of jet shot down over Iran

Plus: Thousands flee as Philippines volcano could explode at any time.
3:43 | 01/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: New video of jet shot down over Iran
And movie not that any video out of Iran showing the shoot down about packed airliner by the Ronnie military a week ago today. Let's go across the pond to Julie MacFarlane in the London bureau for the latest Julia. Kenneth good morning yes does a sneer video that has been pasted by the New York Times which are pissed to show. To miss silos strike king that Ukrainian passenger plane that was hit a weak again. Today I'm the paper says that it has verified this footage. And it says of the five that the play in it was struck by two missiles explains why the plane's transponder. Stopped whacking in the initial may immense from from the flight recordings. On the people of an analyzing it says that. That would the transponder was destroyed by the fuss miss saw before the second missile eventually blow brought the plane down. But in other developments Kenneth. A run in media report that the IO GC. Have taken into custody. The mine and you. Is believed to have films video which was widely speculated last week that was the fuzz faded edited to show the plane being struck before it crashed down. To the ground. On fire at now. A Ryan authorities yesterday said that they had arrested a number of individuals in association with the downing about playing they also said that they arrested around Fenty people. The taking pot incurred illegal access believed to be a reference to be wide scale anti government protests in the last few days. But interestingly. A generalist in London. Here is the man he pasted the footage. He has been treating. That Iran is of god the wrong mine he insists that his source is safe tweeting they have arrested the wrong past regarding the footage of flight 752 in Iran the president is a source of the video. It's safe. And I can assure you that that the IGC are orchestrating yes another life. OK moving on to the Philippines Chile where thousands are fleeing as the volcano about fifty miles from an LA is expected to violently you brought that any time. What are you hearing from our team on the ground there. Right so I'll Bob Woodruff has just landed in the Philippines and he's going to be reporting for Good Morning America I'm Kenneth a some incredible. A poco and that take. Scenes a magic out. Although the Philippines well wide scale. Ash clouds have descended on send many havens. Funds of villages buildings. Now the authorities have raised have kept the of that level at four out of five warning that an eruption is expected. Could possibly win then Powell as. Despite sides ignoring all of these government warnings. A number of residents who live in not ten mile dangers and around the volcano. They have gone back because a lot of them this is a rural area they've gone mad because they've gone livestock and they've got on those and I keen. To see if there AK a lot of people game backed attends that. That chickens and thank cows who have been blind to the national nor doing really well really witty heartbreaking scenes. Pick people trying to keep that havens and that animals safe now almost half a million people live. In about ten mile danger is a I'm the authorities have. I have demanded a coupe lease about inflation. Of every one in that area now. That Paul volcano in erupted initially on Sunday. But they are expecting another possible explanation. Meet eruption authorities. A saying but that's not be any danger people face that they face. Mud slides I'm from all that ash being Neve drowned by heavy rain. They face fish says and China's. And of course that eruption which could be devastating parking about the people they are Julia thank you we appreciate it. Thanks Hannah.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Plus: Thousands flee as Philippines volcano could explode at any time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68295908","title":"Across the Pond: New video of jet shot down over Iran","url":"/International/video/pond-video-jet-shot-iran-68295908"}