Across the Pond: New video shows last footage of climbers found dead in Himalayas

Plus: U.K. ambassador to U.S. resigns as prime minister hopefuls debate Trump, and the Queen goes gardening.
3:11 | 07/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: New video shows last footage of climbers found dead in Himalayas
Well please and India have released new video believed to be. The last footage taken of a group of mountain climbers and Himalayas before they were found dead after exhaustive search let's go across the pond to Jennifer apples than in the London bureau for more from when Jennifer. Hey good morning guys here that clip shows the climbers including two Americans roped together. And slowly making their way up a peak in sunny weather they were attempting to climb India's second highest peak and none the Davey. When contact was lost they went missing in a range between Cuba glaciers at an altitude of nearly 181000. Feet may. News reports say the camera with the video was a go proud and it was found buried in the snow near the area. Where the bodies were eventually recovered in June. Officials there say at this video will help them analyze what went wrong with the mission but it's believed that the mountain was hit by a series of avalanches. And Jennifer back there in the UK the race to replace prime minister trees may is now heating up but the final two candidates faced off and the debate in a debate in the big question. What are their plans to resolve the ongoing wrecks that problem. Yeah and the ongoing president trump prop all of this year rival candidates hoping to be Britain's next prime minister as he said they face stopped at a feisty T need to be last night. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Heine clashed over brag sick. As you would expect and that's the case divorced from Europe the economy also as you'd expect ends. How to deal with president Donald Trump amid these leaked memos. Hines who is also foreign secretary which is Britain's top diplomat said if he would the next time prime minister. He'd stand by their man in DC and that man being UK ambassador to the US the one who raised the ire of president trump. Over unflattering comments about his administration now Boris Johnson. The former mayor of London and also a former foreign secretary well he was blessed steadfast. About loyalty to the ambassador instead. He said he has a good relationship with the White House. And Jennifer on to the royals and the head royal Queen Elizabeth out getting our hands dirty. Yup is she show the world she still the hardest working member of the royal family Queen Elizabeth happily planting a tree during a royal event outside of London. And when asked if she required a little assist thinks. The 93 year old smiling as she hands over her purse replies no no I'm still perfectly capable of planting a tree. Wearing a bright paint scenes and the hatch she and confidently held the shovel. Please see dirt onto the fact playing now also on the world stage today Prince Harry and Prince William are spreading today are part of the day on their polo horses. It will be good Brothers first doing event this year after last weekend's baptism a baby Archie. It's a polyp charity tournament and it's not clear the pair will be on the same team or opposing teams. Re raising the possibility there of a bright royal rivalry. The ruling that they're deciding deceive but probably won't be as good as seeing of the queen. Dig in in the that are now Madden because you're good. Really get all right Jennifer thank you so much we appreciate my friend.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Plus: U.K. ambassador to U.S. resigns as prime minister hopefuls debate Trump, and the Queen goes gardening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64236328","title":"Across the Pond: New video shows last footage of climbers found dead in Himalayas","url":"/International/video/pond-video-shows-footage-climbers-found-dead-himalayas-64236328"}