Pope Francis Has Mixed Legacy in Argentina

Questions linger about relationship with military government.
4:21 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis Has Mixed Legacy in Argentina
The new Pope is from the new world cardinal -- paper polio is -- the first Pope from the Western Hemisphere the first jesuit. And the first south American. He is the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina and his election yesterday set up. Wild scenes across the country with the eleventh largest -- population on earth. We're joined now via Skype from when -- saris by the Al pike east correspondent in Argentina Alejandro -- -- -- All -- thanks for being with us and tell us about the scene and went -- saris last night you were there. Yes. All people have been surprised they'd be remembered in. Oakland. Eight he was closed its -- candidate. Gains -- it Ettinger. And bulky bills connection. And he -- -- if he knew that time he doesn't once the -- In that time auxiliary percent more -- Marbury. Hit the siege on convert it could go to church. Against. More than seventy -- seasons from me. -- You've written often that he is clashed with political leaders in Argentina especially over a lot of civil and social rights issues like gay marriage what has been the response only from the government but also obviously. From now -- Francis. You to lose -- ten man. Who was a -- -- long -- Gay marriage. -- Some brought it from their government is -- -- now. And in no time there was a B side in between -- and government and their kids and the -- What want to ask you a little bit more about the relationship that now -- Francis has had with the government of Argentina in from 76 until 83 the contours ruled. Under a military dictatorship committing. The crimes detaining people torturing and disappearing even killing many of the dissidents there. And there are allegations about a relationship with then -- over go Leo and the government at the time. Yes. Man. Music and groups and human rights groups. -- -- people from their -- to whom. Priest denounced. Inaudible little. Meaning almonds and -- -- -- and you've been dating or she is to Greece where it is now. Our unity. And got her she. 1988 billion wearing released and -- saying time and in absolutely geese snuggle rallies in Argentina. And senior does he not gotten -- by or against. -- doctors she. -- -- -- -- -- in new new people currencies -- not any relationships. We being. Really needs the time. You know who. He was not are big Ruble and church us or -- me. Up until that statement just recently where is there any other response from the Catholic Church millionaires many accusations against the church usually -- And cardinals and -- shelves but most of her usual school got time this this crisis looks -- use area and unique needs of these two Greece. He during the game. -- -- are you -- by more not use it judges. Despite that though we have seen a lot of images and you've spoken and written about as well about the celebrations that we're taking place in Argentina. -- he did walk out on the balcony do you think the election then. Is going to is bolster Roman catholicism in Argentina and Latin America -- already very robust with a strong Catholic roots. Yes equal. Saying that it will play -- schools euros -- urging -- -- -- Medigap. Course here in Argentina. -- I think -- church would be more country and recover more tolerant. And maybe more people who. With the Spanish newspaper -- high eighties correspondents Alejandro were both CO thank you so much for your inside Alejandro. -- -- --

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{"id":18731157,"title":"Pope Francis Has Mixed Legacy in Argentina ","duration":"4:21","description":"Questions linger about relationship with military government.","url":"/International/video/pope-francis-mixed-legacy-argentina-18731157","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}