President Obama: 'He Wasn't a Saint, But a Man, a Father, a Friend'

Comparing slavery, civil rights struggle in US, President Obama eulogizes Nelson Mandela.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for President Obama: 'He Wasn't a Saint, But a Man, a Father, a Friend'
To address -- myself. In the Manila -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To celebrate a life. Yeah. Bowl that yeah. -- welcome life. The world. -- Nelson Mandela about. This struggle. This trial. -- -- -- Nor did women and -- -- found expression in his life. -- your -- Wear them it's this cherished legacy. It's hard. -- -- To capture -- words. Not just the facts. In the days. -- -- -- But the essential -- -- -- -- You know. Required moment. Well it is that -- someone's home. How much harder. The giant of this. -- moved -- nation toward justice. And in the process billions around the world. Born -- make more game. -- from the court -- the power. A boy. -- is hurting me now. Tutored by the other than them. What do you go look -- Great liberator what is -- Like gunman. No resistance movement. A movement Minnesota's -- Like doctor -- good give both boys. To reclaim the bid price. The moral necessity. Of racial doctor. You would endure. Brutal. Imprisonment that began in the time. Memories the final days of the Cold War. Emerging from president. About our football team. I didn't hold this country together and run the break apart. And like -- in order to preserve. Freedom from. A commitment to democracy. And they won't. Gratified not only viable election -- willingness to step down. Powerful thing we want to. And I. Of his life. The scope of the economy. The right here. It's tempting I think -- My problem. Smiling and -- and the test. But -- -- himself strength earlier this. Did you like sports. -- -- -- miscalculation. Along with a victory. I am not a thing. Unless they can probably save -- federal you don't run. Precisely because he could -- -- Because it's -- all of you. Even mr. Despite the heavy burdens that he carried. That we -- -- There is not a box made of marble building manager doesn't look. Plus plus. The ball and I think. And that's why we learned so much from him and that's why we get me. For nothing here today. -- We see a man. Who earned his place in history -- Children. And fourth fifth. -- tell us what if possible. -- just in the business. Of history books but again. -- -- -- The power back. But taking -- On behalf of perhaps Amendola is right that he inherited -- -- probably live in the residents from the father. And we know he's Edward Miller. A black in -- about that in the anger born of the thousands flights. About that didn't. Remembered moments. The desire to its system that a president. But like other -- -- giants' convincing. This is -- and tumbled. Yeah. The -- in the organization. And -- And strategist. So men and women to stand up. For the god given dignity. Knowing that standing up tomorrow and president justice. Perry -- the right. -- -- -- against white dominated tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- all -- and together and Hamadan equal opportunity and this is an ideal it would help deliver more. But it needs. Real bullets and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The importance of reason. An argument. The need to study not only -- You everywhere but also those who don't agree where. -- -- -- good ideas cannot be contained but for the walls. Extinguished by a sniper's bullet. He turned his trial into an indictment of a hard time. Because of his eloquence and his passion but also because of the training of the -- and -- invented the broad assortment -- arguments. But also to spread -- person -- knowledge. To others in the movement. And he learned the language -- the customs. Of the presence -- the one day he might better convey to them how they're paying. Depend upon him. Mandela -- Demonstrated that a. And I did there. They're not enough. No matter how right they must also be -- in the day ahead of -- practical. Testing -- -- against the hard servants. -- circumstance and history. On core principles of the yielding which is why the -- ball offers -- unconditional release reminded. His name them prisoners cannot enter -- contracts. But as he showed in painstaking negotiations. The transfer of power and grab in the long he was not braved the compromise for the sake of a larger role. And because it was not only a leader of the movement but a skillful politician. The constitution that -- it was worthy of this multiracial democracy. Truly with the vision of walls that protect minority and while the majority right. And the price of freedom -- every South Africa. And finally Amendola understood. The ties that -- the human spirit. There's no word. And -- that. Wounded and a we're were. We -- that is. This recognition that we all bound together and where. There are invisible to the the -- the one doesn't figure men and we achieve ourselves quite sure. And caring for those -- We can never know how much. Of this that's what convicted him or how much would -- In the dark. And solitary cell. But we remember the justice. Large and small. Introducing -- jailers. The depth look at inauguration. Taking a British. In a springbok -- Turning his family's heartbreak they don't call to come -- That revealed the depths of this empathy and his understanding. He not only have bothered to -- -- -- -- To find the -- within themselves. It took a man like Monday. Doesn't the president but the -- while. The -- that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To teach that reconciliation. Is not a matter. Ignoring important. But a -- of -- running a -- inclusion and generosity and let them. The giant wall of we also take heart. For the people of law that would -- Inspire. Around the globe. But it was nice thing is -- -- time of morning. The time to celebrate but -- life. But I believe it should also prompted. Ito loves the time for self reflection. With pianist big regardless of -- station or circumstance. How -- have its. Weapons of my life. It's -- question I have myself. We know -- like South Africa the United States. Had overcome centuries of racial subjugation. As was true Reardon took sacrifice. The sacrifice of countless people known and unknown. The -- of the Michelle and -- Thanks very little that's wrong. Within the. It's -- about but. That in countries the enrollment goal weakening of the progress the crowd of Baghdad our work is -- The struggles that although the victory of -- and quality. For universal brands. May not be filled with drama and moral clarity -- -- became the floor but there -- -- support. -- the world today. No C children's suffering from a group of whole. Around the world today the men and women are still present -- -- -- political beliefs. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. A man -- I. And so we do. -- -- -- -- Happily embrace. But the legacy of racial reconciliation. But -- The modest reforms. There would challenge chronic poverty. And growing inequality. Blame solidarity with the people struggle for freedom but do not tolerate this Romero. -- -- -- two men held off. Dribbling complacency. Or cynicism and what -- more than a month we are. The question we face today. Four promote equality and justice. -- hold freedom. The human rights. Sectarian war. These things are not happy. But there -- no good -- The brunt of that child. Born in world war -- Nelson Mandela hand doesn't end it always seemed impossible until it is done. -- -- -- Thank god -- shows we can change. That we consume little world of another -- different but why can't -- home. The world that -- -- -- -- conflict would like these men jumped the. An opportunity. We will never saved. The likes of Nelson Mandela again. But let me -- for the young people of Africa. The young people. Around the world. You -- home can make his life. Work your world. Over thirty years ago. While still a student. -- learned about Nelson Mandela. And the struggles. Taking place in this beautiful -- And its -- something. It woke me up to my responsibilities. To others and to myself. And it sent me an improbable journey -- it's being here today. Then I would always made sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll look -- yeah. How did this great liberator the -- runs. And when we return to a cities and villages. And rejoin our daily routines. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let us search for his -- of spirit. Somewhere in. When the night goes dark. -- -- -- -- -- -- When our best laid plans. They spent that money back. In the words that brought -- comfort. Within the ball all -- this -- It matters not how brave the game. But charge and the punishment. The scroll. My face. I'm the captain of my soul. What a magnificent. Golden gloves. We will miss him -- -- god bless the memory of Nelson Mandela.

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{"id":21158806,"title":"President Obama: 'He Wasn't a Saint, But a Man, a Father, a Friend'","duration":"3:00","description":"Comparing slavery, civil rights struggle in US, President Obama eulogizes Nelson Mandela.","url":"/International/video/president-obama-saint-man-father-friend-21158806","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}