Prince Phillip ‘absolutely intrinsic to the history of the UK’: Royal expert

Author and ABC News contributor Imogen Lloyd Weber discusses the life and legacy of Prince Phillip and whether Prince Harry will attend funeral services in Great Britain.
4:52 | 04/10/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Phillip ‘absolutely intrinsic to the history of the UK’: Royal expert
And joining us now to talk more about prince Philip's legacy and what comes next is ABC news contributor and off their image and Lloyd Webber. Image and thanks so much for joining us. Of the coolest to behead. Well the queen and Prince Philip. Got married right after World War II it's incredible how many decades they've been married and they bend by each other's side Evers and skin says cents. The role that Prince Philip played in the lives of the royal Fam. Li Ke I mean as you mentioned in a married in 1947. Only seventy Beaulieu is. But it isn't only sending console in British street. An old dissenting Connor and reigning monarch he was right and with the queen not queen advocacy big head I would TB and keep her Angela. But prince mystic ahead. To the royal tram. So he grabbed the family is it well the queen was busy rating and it is billions of people. So he's city insurance eighteen dead history all the each day our arms around the world as well. You know he was never in line for the British throne and it was clear from the beginning that he would never be given the title of king something that should never seem to bother him he always came across so humble. Tell us more about this dynamic and his relationship with the queen and and that he evolve or change over the years. Very interesting math but is a fan ice cream and a can spend it well great great grandchildren Queen Victoria. But they have very different warnings the clean almost single critical difference insightful. Prince on the on our hands. He was cool and into agree world army and went to. And prince that it was still at eighty he Amos CSK as a baby in an orange crate on a bright. They would tenants. He supposedly when he married green hat and 25 cents to his name. Since he's shall are very different side of things to the queen. She relying on him very much and he's expected but his good in the real world. She aren't very many mammals may you'll cramming more approachable accessible people cool to look. Now charity but shooting it was. Prince a this on tape to. I stood side of things and spending on the rogue army. Since he was never going to be can console her she needed to this stuff is always very realistic about he's an ace in the wild and within the harmony. And his gentle role indeed you know is passing comes just weeks. Image and after that blockbuster interview that his grandson Prince Harry and his wife Maggie and gave to Oprah clearly. There is tension between them and the palace so do we anticipate Harry and Maggie and heading back to London you think. That's a very same question is overseeing about how to have traded as well in the U currently. Funerals restricted to thank T Peco. Now Princeton I. Eight grandchildren. And ten great grandchildren said it does a very big fan acts now is any prints. Prince Harry because he has to say to set to cannot. He could come back and navigate some credit restrictions. Or quarantine and now forming to the funerals I think is very much expected to Prince Harry who guided. Meg in let's of course the could she's pregnant the debate eagle to achieve in the summer but I think legally marries price of Prince Harry wasn't math. I don't see it on rush hour army unity on this will be the best time that Prince Harry is in the same room to rest his niece since Muster and speak so true. We shall see what chastised buying crystal was I'm sure will be parents aren't. Now it'll definitely be interesting tell watch that. Folks are always fascinated by the royals you know the last ceremonial funeral. For a member of the royal family was backed in 2002 after the passing of the queen's mother queen mum of course without a public funeral. Impacts Phillips like you see you think. Now I didn't think so and she currently is playing into Princeton an always clung to it he didn't want the ceremonial funeral he wants this Filipino twins cities. He's guessing he wished. And I is legacy is extraordinary and he was going hungry in gene he lived a very well. Life. Something like 20000. Speaking engagements he was patient about the 700 found these. Just seven hundreds and Sharon he's so if he he lives in an extraordinary ice and we will be looking back when it to many as to come. I mentioned Lloyd Weber thanks so much spurred talking with teams and I.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Author and ABC News contributor Imogen Lloyd Weber discusses the life and legacy of Prince Phillip and whether Prince Harry will attend funeral services in Great Britain. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76984835","title":"Prince Phillip ‘absolutely intrinsic to the history of the UK’: Royal expert","url":"/International/video/prince-phillip-absolutely-intrinsic-history-uk-royal-expert-76984835"}