Rescue efforts underway at school in Mexico after earthquake

ABC News' Matt Gutman reports from Mexico City.
7:10 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Rescue efforts underway at school in Mexico after earthquake
Hey folks Matt Gutman here. ABC news on the Mexican city and right now. And that an old elementary school that has collapsed in his three story building and thank you one story. Right now I see this man down there. We're in court that's they have their hands up and that's the reason I'm not speaking out because they hear something they're trying to listen. She picked theory survivors in the rubble past few hours they think they've been communicating the world. Don't know exactly we are she is inside building that. Half an hour so. Activity down there has become ever more frenetic. It just COLT forty dawn becomes. Perhaps find her position. Their bucket brigades people removing brick by brick or cinder block by cinder block from that collapsed school trying to make sure that they can get. This young girl I don't know where she is she is currently communicating to refrain from. Clinton's our family member. Feel what's app for some sort of texting. Messaging service and that is being released rescue crews here. And they have working on that spot written that hit the news. All of ours so. Every few minutes we will hear a whistle and then. Someone raise their hand here everybody down here in their hundreds of people everybody stops. In this. In weeks. It's all to give the first responders chance trying to meet and pick up some telltale sign. Weird these child abuse there. At least 21 gay children had been pulled from the rubble that school. Four teachers as well there. Fair enough thirty kids still missing. We've gotten some of them remain trapped in the rubble. It is believed that some of them are still lines. Activity here and trauma. And anxiety. Nobody knows what the status is in this little girl whom he knows what the issue is. We do know is that she's trapped. Somewhere in that corner. Bill. He's going on for hours is just one building has collapsed in Mexico City there are dozens of others it. Gunned down pancaked hold Verizon power of that earthquake it. Registered a magnitude seven point one it was about a hundred miles away which is not that floats. But because of the way that Mexico City. Was built on an old late day. The ground here foundations act like jealous everything ends up shifting and undulating in a way that it's catastrophic for buildings here. That this building was built with reinforced steel. Concrete cinder blocks it has mostly brits do it all that shaking swing but that school has not. Now look that is the second part of the school. It is but what really would single beans and can see that is apps and still standing and it's just the the Britons in reply collapsed. There are at least 200 day here in Mexico many of them here in Mexico City but many of them also. Near the epicenter near temple Pueblo again about a hundred miles south of here. And in the distance you can hear those dogs bark. And the whistle. Fully compliant. His hands up in the air. If desperately trying to get beat on its listening devices being dropped. In twelfth hole that they. Carved out in the cancer. There are first responders. Wearing harnesses like it's might descend into that hole it and make sure that somebody there. Now one of the most incredible things now. You hear in Mexico right now is the incredible generosity of people we met a man who. Nearly lost his home in this earthquake song that school go down. He reigns in the school. And first in just a few hundred neighbors just scouring the rubble trying to find victims trying to help people pulling all. And he pulled out a ten year old child. Was not life. Don't imagine that must been like for father of the young child. And for all the harrowing. Terrifying experience. So many of them. Again that outpouring there are hundreds of police officers or others who there are minutes. And you. Everywhere people bringing bottles of water different tortillas are being whatever they can. Just to help sustain the rescuers and the people we're stuck here. Would no electricity and no running water 34 million people in this city right now without electricity. And that he was hampering the rescue efforts as well. Communications are not great. Especially in areas like this with a cellphone towers might be down Anderson's density of people. Still many people consuming bandwidth on his cellphone towers that message is a little bit slow to get out. We get another whistle silence. And raise. Pushing people back to push people away. From the school right now. Telling to remove their. A. Harris you can see it would have rather move into the frame to downplay a few lines. It's Rick and grateful those pockets. You. To remove debris. This is grueling work and it's done by hand to be careful the last thing they want is for. The remnants of this building collapse. So we are here this is ABC news you're watching. Live footage. This Mexico City school. Squared off in the skate. Of ducks going in all he's going in. But that begins in the dog in that tiny crevice. Between what was Vegas the second and third store in other lifting the dog. To the roof. Again hoping to catch a saint. Of whomever might be inside steel. So this is in this was an elementary school here in this southern. Suburbs of Mexico City. You can see so many buildings here have been damaged.

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{"id":49981522,"title":"Rescue efforts underway at school in Mexico after earthquake","duration":"7:10","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman reports from Mexico City.","url":"/International/video/rescue-efforts-underway-school-mexico-earthquake-49981522","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}