Return to one of the sites of the 2015 Paris attacks

ABC News' Terry Moran visits one of the cafes that was attacked in November 2015 and speaks to customers about how they're feeling ahead of France's presidential election.
7:06 | 03/10/17

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Transcript for Return to one of the sites of the 2015 Paris attacks
Ever want Terry Moran here on the streets of Paris now we're in the eleventh on these mall that is a section of Paris. That is very diverse very famous for. Its youth its energy its spirits and its nightlife and so we're out here I've already had one B urban states to broadcast. I will say this Howard were in a special place last time I was here. This particular bar it's called diabetic he means the good crude a good team. In the last time I was here. This is all shuttered. This is where. One of the attacks on the horrible night on the thirtieth of November. When he fifteen happened the night about the one theater was packed. Forty people died at this board of flowers here it was blood still on the ground and I want to give you a sense that back at the scene. Really one of the most unimaginable horror. In the history of of Paris. Well you take a look. I mean sometimes we hear from from people on different networks from them for a president that paris' in Paris anymore. President Trump's friend Jim. We quoted seat back. Meetings said that it has become the terrorist network is fares as this is. Still very much parents here but coincide. About a keep. I want to show you this. They've rebuilt it as you can imagine we've shot up about. And it is a very very. I think twenty people died here. And we have spoken with the owner who rebuilt and he said you know. This is what we do this is how the terrorist don't. Place. Very good work on some. Believe that in this place where I'm standing from the maps that are shown on American television networks. Describe this places me you know no reason believe that toppled. The case where they get that. We've been on the excuse me we're in that way. We've been all all day around here it is not that what I wanted to talk a little bit about. About this neighborhood at this moment one. One thing and this is a presidential election in France. Coming up in the next couple of weeks. And this place what happened here is part of the debate. People are concerned. About terror about immigrants. And one of the candidates marina that is one of the leading candidates is that it's time take our country shut down immigration. In part because. Of what happened with talking. We have already we've already arranged and talk to you. A very gracious young lady here Melanie hello how are you. And you have graciously. Agreed to talk to a yeah. I'm because my friend who filmed. First I think I don't. If you are you doing the night. You have that is why then I meant every night every every. Minute you've got their allotment hey I mean. Yeah I'm because I things. I'm because isn't happy fitting end. And Louisiana in many ignorant from all of them naked eyes because he. Some cities. Song about love. I love yeah. Lock. Yeah. A lot. So it's and the is gonna eat everything and anything I. I ID yeah. Live but. I mean. Yet. Again that the board did. This neighborhood. I don't leave mom but I can't. I sleep. How exactly I'm. I have to continue. I'm yeah I'm. And that night. There's that feeling in the United States at paris'. I'm validating him. I'm not worried go yeah. I don't know why. Not. And anything. Thank you and Manny did yeah. Well I. Sitting alone then. And is now mom who. I'm did not send news sun hit song and think I need not play. The residents. The parents that. I'm there yet. And that a lot of one day here. Is joyous night. One more thing about Melanie. This is the memorial to those the flowers on the poppy. Symbol of remembering things eternity and all the names. Of the dead. You remember but as Melanie and distillate. They don't. And I don't then one of the reasons it is believed. This particular place in the fact that night and that. That this neighborhood. A diversion plan. All the France's tomorrow some people say and hope and they wanted this incident. Was vulnerable. To an attack and that there would be a reaction. One of the questions in the presidential election there is that they go forward. With that kind of humorous France that this neighborhoods. This bars represent and what it's. They're very dramatic election. Very intense. It's still parents children. We're gonna enjoy the night. We wanted to bring you here to this historic site outside of sadness this aren't. Place like that went to Paris comes to life with defiance and we want to be vigilant. Thanks very much back to you.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran visits one of the cafes that was attacked in November 2015 and speaks to customers about how they're feeling ahead of France's presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"46050904","title":"Return to one of the sites of the 2015 Paris attacks","url":"/International/video/return-sites-2015-paris-attacks-46050904"}