Royals Gather to Christen Baby Prince George

Prince William and Kate Middleton join Queen Elizabeth and other friends and family for royal event.
32:19 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Royals Gather to Christen Baby Prince George
This is a special group. Hello I'm Dan Tappan New York -- this ABC news special report live coverage of the royal christening of prince George ceremony that marks the -- entrants into the church of English. It will be a small. Private personal family affair but of course the world is watching. And we are right along -- -- and it will be anything but ordinary. The venue saint James -- palace prince George will Wear the handmade replica. Of a royal christening -- made by the dress maker to the queen Angela Kelley. Some of the details just coming out this morning of the god parents seven -- that only one of which is a member of the royal family others are. Close friends and family members of that duke and duchess of Cambridge. And as we are awaiting the arrival of this morning's guest for the ceremony at one equity BC's -- Hopson who is at Buckingham Palace the Lama is an exciting day for the royal family. Jack good morning to you Don -- Broadway I was actually despite it is also quite start in -- it was a statement meant to state which is waiting for the proud parents were -- -- You arrive that probably -- those anticipates it. Proceedings in -- times now we get the royal wedding forget the oil for -- that this is a much. That's endemic he swiped it back so eight points -- desperate salt water finds it. Which include some of the found in men as usual suspects if -- like her majesty queen will be husband spent at. As loud as grand parents Charles and have been and of course it wouldn't be a party without cool uncle Harry he's -- be there to. Now from -- outside the Middleton mother Carol and all the Michael will be with -- things. -- and James rules are expecting them to be at the christening. Not nice that it's a much though it's -- much privates. Fat and me we expect rate with when it comes well christening the whole unit -- policies old royal weddings -- -- Now it's quite interesting choice that we case -- me because its significance the place went shows they've chosen that -- to be christened. They've chosen saying Jesus -- you mentioned and the toppled boil. The significance here is Matt williams' mother. Ways and aid she -- and while there was that the knights before the -- -- that have been a significant step forward in the one way. -- -- -- of Diana and that is it's also when it takes was confronted with a touch of England's but most of the greedy it's it's -- -- -- venue. And so they opted not to go through. And its usual place other. Members of the world Sunday. -- -- awful Prince Charles and prince William of those prisons in the music room of Buckingham Palace this. What is significant here it also is events -- that won't happen. Some surprises that but I think more importantly they -- That closest friends team flying experience towards which is also if a reflection. Many on the royal couple but also how they -- -- prints tourists to -- It's not so he's quite an event his status right sizing -- nice -- we're just waiting some of their lives. Also take place this -- many. Is due to use dogs -- 10 o'clock your time 3:3 PM London time it's going to lost about 45 minutes it's going to be. Presided over -- conducted by the archbishop -- -- Johnson wealthy. Using dirty wars from the River Jordan so -- of these little significant then they simply can't speak expecting today it's quite an -- -- -- It is an exciting Tyler of course as we said everyone is watching to see because there is that -- fascination with the royal family mama you know you had mentioned about. The reflection of Princess Diana. And one of the god parents Julius Samuel was a close friend of the late princess. Yes exactly she is one -- -- thought parents that was -- Why -- -- case again this -- all the way but empty suits Diana in order of this because of course she's -- -- -- -- -- to get. But also paints -- bring -- -- Diana's about some not he's just more sort of thing. Poignant moments all. Little steps that we and has taken to listen to his mother in orbit this but this a -- -- -- the -- you have to remember and that trying. To apply and little bit of tradition which -- -- see today for example with the christening gown that we're expecting prince George to -- Although it's not the actual down that he's -- In the will family for generations it is a -- because in 2004. The queen would it was too -- to all it needs to be preserved so. The queen's dress -- cut -- a replica of so with good to see prince George wearing that -- and then -- down of course the official photos. Another historic moment but we'll see it -- one -- Three weeks as -- -- yen and towards. All in this -- -- that of course everybody it's going to be using I wish we could show you some of the needs he said everyone is interested. In this couple as well as instantly because the -- to the principal couple and I think a lot of people can relate to them and I think not want -- so much interest. In them -- of course and today. -- you talk about breaking from tradition and in fact even the selection of the photographer for today's ceremony. Where is something against tradition Jason bell. Known for some very edgy work known for photographing celebrities in fact he photographed the cast of Downton Abbey. And even that -- sort of it was indicative of the style of the couple that we know are very modern are are are very much. Making decisions sort of on their own personal space. Yes exactly I mean it just reflects on the Koppel on what that -- and what they want to do and how they -- prince George to grow up there with remake contends his rage. They opted for this. -- the top of who has never sort of -- -- apple caused. So that receive -- has more than sort of royal official portraits so I -- mildly interesting to see you bought the officials christening -- -- look like but you know they want to apply tradition. And they also want to apply at the -- dynasty two how they see. The future of this monarchy act again that's up to Martin Koffel -- that's the effective and that's -- the photographer on this special day to mark the special day. We're one of the things -- -- of course we were all looking for very eagerly with the list of the god parents seven lifted out. -- on the list is Eric Philips. Is the only member direct member of the royal -- way. Exactly yes -- that it is any -- that while fact that they've chosen as one at that -- parents. -- -- -- -- And the reason is because we're told that we -- is quite close to his cousin. And I think both Whitman case quite proud and they also at -- -- for what she's done it sort of forced her own career within the sort of royal family life and death to get that city. Has won an Olympic medals as a show jumper in the Olympics so I think that's something that they admire and they probably want hearts and still -- because I use of that little -- And some of the other god parents that they have selected Oliver baker. Attended university of Saint Andrews with both the duke and duchess so again that reflection. Of keeping their friends very close and oddly obviously very much involved in the future king of England -- Yes I mean they've chosen very close friends of as of course. One of William and Harry's trusted aides must trusted aides. Jamie now the Pinkerton was also chosen his. Do you remember his son was -- page boy at William and Kate's wedding. What's also -- interesting. Is that choice throughout the day -- of what they want to do you how they keeping -- -- very very private in this environment. And although what parents that they've chosen. Not any that close friends but also friends that they went -- union busting with went to school with you -- have a history with. And essentially they trust and I think those those. Again stop reflects what the couple -- life. A great deal of responsibility is -- you're selected as god parent through the air to the ground yet pressurized -- that the exact. You -- of a kind of benefits comes along with that kind of obligation -- From London La mama I wanna turn to Ewing -- professor of theology at you at the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University talk a little bit about today's ceremony and mr. Cameron -- -- me a little bit about the christening. And the significance that it -- -- Thank you. Christian baptism is to the supreme ceremony of initiation into life in Jesus Christ. It is very ancient ceremony Jesus himself experiences at the hands of John the Baptist. It was something that Jesus told his disciples to -- to us they may follow us in the very beginning of the movement -- became. The Christian church. And perhaps one of the most important things about Christian baptism is this isn't a ritual which is recognized -- All the major branches of the Christian faith. Around the world nowadays so when someone is baptized in this case bishop of the Church of England. That baptism is recognized by Christians pretty much everywhere. It is it is -- obviously. A ceremony that is steeped very rich in tradition Robert Lacey is -- royal historian and watcher and author as well I won -- -- Bring you into the conversation on this Robert because the Lily finds. Is a very historical. Significance. Message that will be used in this morning's ceremony. It is more than a vestige I think he's being used a 150. Times also -- different Chris -- Yes it goes right back to. At the time the Queen Victoria I just to add one thing to what we we we just tell the -- -- -- their back christening which was all. More than correct but the special significance of this christening for this that the boy. Is that he is being welcomed and baptized into the church. All of which one day he won't be the so called now a supreme -- -- used to be -- head of the church having. And and that -- didn't extradite -- because one of the unusual things about the British -- And the British monarchy. Is that the -- to all of the monarchy is also the head of the church that is created. Enormous problems in the -- summing it all stems from the days of Henry the eight. It's it's led to all sorts of problems in past history it may lead to problems in the future. So. Yes this christening has great. -- religious significance for the little boy in the future. It also holds all sorts of all of possible conflicts and -- political tensions in the future. And as you are watching this live picture out at saint James -- how's that for the arrival. Of the -- christening this morning three months olds and a small intimate affair only 22. Guests will be arriving in attending this morning examining of course including the queen. Robert I wanted to ask you about that because. For a party of 22 it seems relatively small four an event this significant. A gain I think that is part of the personal style that William and Kate want to stamp on this events. Yes it will be a small group it will be a very select group. I think in years to come this particular day in the ceremony were about to two. See happening. Will be historic for the for the -- -- The one particular photograph was taken -- with that it if you Warren discusses but. The did the photograph all of the present queen. We have three future monarchs. All of Great Britain. With we've we've -- Charles obviously with William undoubtedly be George that hasn't happened since the time -- Queen Victoria in the 1890s and so. Yes it's a small group. But also as I say the -- select -- even without these the lack of these royal. Responses is -- -- little old gulp parents. And actually Robert I want if you could elaborate a little bit more on that because. Prince William his sponsors. -- have a pretty significant standing in the royal family. Yes that when Prince William that was -- was christened that would that would -- Royal. Responses is that cold rule all or gulp parents with. Prince Charles it was just. The same. Today we're seeing the and that's a a a monarchy that try is have -- always has to get more in touch with everyday life. And so as we were hearing that from -- did that this selection of gulp parents are like old family friends and so. In some ways this is like a christening but many middle class families in Britain would be happy with that their friends around them. I -- to go to Victoria Murphy who is our royal expert as well in Victoria -- if you could speak a little bit. To some of the details from this morning's ceremony the rope in fact has a good deal of historical significance. Yeah absolutely good morning -- yes I'm beginning to provide -- we speak -- -- not to anticipate -- christening. I did he say that will be not so adamant off tradition involving states christening. Prince don't -- Larry. -- christening right. I'm just -- has actually been in the vote I'm for more than a 150 years it's made of it makes sense there is -- very data come -- -- has been worn by both eighties for many and how Arafat that -- -- because Prince Philip would not be Larry. Feet of retail -- because -- 2000 fool. At the christening of lady -- winds that the queen decided that the -- was it beats too static and she decided that from then on it should be kept even -- AM. Kind of pickup was nice had threats I'm they had made about. And that's just what has been -- -- -- states that's his book stores -- -- that. And prints -- in -- was the it was who was the last heir to the throne and to be christened in that down. What about the photographer selection and -- we were talking about that but it is that snapshot that historical. Piece that archive that we'll be looking at for years and years and years to come in Jason bell was surprised to a lot of royal watchers. Absent a cool if one of immense I won't admit -- apple come out -- days at a price. Is -- -- to prop up the queen and at three things that might set to -- up has not been seen for more than a hundred DA is. Tank and about Nike's UCN -- high. On the plus the company had an accident that want to chase them out not just yet as -- -- cookies and it's kind -- in the -- -- He is best known for his lap but she flat for his psyche more anti -- to -- but I think -- Chase Utley in the ice. -- -- couple and they want something different and we see this time and time again with a couple. We keep saying they always tied for that tenth -- -- -- in the case. I'm this is not -- that went up until the fat and Sony obviously thrilled to have been tied Philip thinks that will be out -- one. Really interesting -- when they release that picked off tomorrow. -- stakes bout has decided to do how he has decided. She struck took effect -- whack he has the man but overall patents that day but nothing special that Philip -- -- it -- happen. -- who is certainly without question as well. And of course -- we're looking at a live picture of saint James palace as we're awaiting the arrival of the guess where this morning's ceremony which is. About to be -- are scheduled to begin. In just under fifteen minutes. Victoria after the ceremony then what is the agenda for the day. That -- -- up to the ceremony will be conducted by the outstretched -- lately not for around 45 minute. I'm be optimistic we'll mock troughs on Princeton -- just full -- he would anoint him -- holy bull test. And to let us because parents and the parents to make the declaration that they will bring it means to adapt according to the Christine thank and they will support him. And spiritually life. And the State's fifty -- and visiting Clarence House by prince I'm minutes life and then -- We have gained to evaluate C but the -- -- cap and they will have -- -- to me they won't have a chats about the christening will be tons of them won't have to tap. And most of what they can't do is that games each take one -- the team is -- prince William and Kate's wedding cake. From two and a half he is -- it wants and I -- -- statements anthrax but they have saved the wedding cake -- to tradition. Today's they will be -- it. I could certainly imagine that there with great care taken -- that and we can see some of the guests arriving this morning. And Victoria of the guests that are invited obviously the queen the -- will be -- but it is attending as well Prince Charles as he does mention. The -- porn laws well Prince Harry. And the middle -- as well. The Middleton family. Michael and Carroll and -- with their two other children. Yes exactly weaving -- have decided to keep this occasion at the -- intimate family back. It's not aware actually holds about sixty heat I think they've decided to have less than half that. They have -- just remember that there immediate family at the queen -- -- -- the prince house wife -- Prince Harry on the -- looks inside it takes parents Carole and Mike hope and that has just to pick pack and have wrapped attained. And they also have prince George's that's been thought -- and I'm six -- that couple that spouses like that and it will be a very intimate gathering and since -- -- one to -- to be that way. Eight highest not to possible to make education and that night intimate. -- they didn't want a fake fat fat they wanted to employees. Having to worry about it by saying he used to invite all found anyone to -- some -- one on and on -- to -- every lot -- I think this is that way. Just keeping everything very -- and keeping it to keep quiet and the people who will pay the most prominent role in things -- -- night. Robert Lacey we see some of the guests arriving there who did we see make their way through the -- That the monitor is that but we've just seen the only wins gulp parents that was our up. If formally Phillips the -- dole to all of a princess and with rugby playing you may have seen a very big burly guy that with a -- hit that's Mike Tyndall. This very formidable rugby player I would like to come across him on the -- night. He was waited -- as are as I say the only -- royal. Grandparents. -- gulp parents today. And done. What do we had that we can see I think -- arriving and this is putting my glasses but as long there isn't mister Middleton shaking hands. The little -- -- cleric there is the bishop of London a great personal friend of Prince Charles on the right we can see the archbishop of Canterbury this -- shaking the hands of the out of Japan to -- And James Middleton. The younger brother of -- -- This is the totally -- royal elements. Arriving. Together. And I think Carole Middleton was just have gone in ahead all of ahead of husband son and -- -- Ewan Cameron however negotiators for Ramallah and just talk just briefly through what the what -- -- ceremony will involve. So yes the sacrament of baptism. Is. A sort of in acted drama golf. Pulsing from the old life to the new life may seems like a strange in the case of -- very young baby but nevertheless that's what it's about. Hand. At the beginning there -- some readings from scripture. Then the -- parents asked to make a decision. Following a series off. Scripted. Questions announces by the presiding priest. Following the decision. Then according to the right to worship -- Houston's Church of England these days. Prince George will be signed with the cross on his format and that signing of the crosses to mark that he belongs to Jesus Christ. And for those who take -- event Christian commitment seriously this is a very very important moment. There isn't a -- approve of the war to which will be in the relief phones in this very venerable and rich in tradition vessel. The water is -- of with the proud of that the -- who will be blessed to be assaults often new life for. For the baby who is being -- -- -- Then there is a profession of faith which is based on the apostles creed -- form of -- many people familiar with. And to the baby is taken into the arms of the presiding priest in this case the archbishop of Canterbury. And Walter is sprinkled on his -- -- three times in the name of the holy trinity. -- and that constitutes the moment of baptism. It is a it is a ceremony that is obviously very much watched and very much revered and Robert if you could talk a little bit -- the significance that the queen will be arriving in just a short time along with the duke. Yes. And listening to what we've just heard about -- -- the Christian significance of this ceremony. We live of course in an age -- -- went with faith is diminishing for many people. But it does not diminish for the queen the queen is the -- -- Syria and the true Christian. And she gives -- -- cost every year Christmas -- costs. -- in which many people would say just about the only time a British television you hear the good traditional Christmas Christian gospel. And preach and it's preached by the queen she. Deeply believes. That that she was -- -- by -- for this for this job that she's carried out we would all agree so well. For the last sixty years and so. For half this -- will not just have the memory -- -- the the Chris means that she has been to in her time. -- that we see a picture of with with Prince Philip aside. But. It eat it will be a deeply personal moment of faith I think we're looking here are pictures. All of these at the ceremony held -- this year in Westminster happy. -- commemorates -- sixty years on the throat when chief. First swore -- -- on June 2 1953. To devote herself to. Work not just -- sovereign of Great Britain. Both all of countries like Australia New Zealand as well and if you -- that you can see you could see young. Commit -- one of the more recent members of the royal family and -- -- it would seem. Now more people arriving judging from the -- it might be Prince William or it might be the queen herself. And we are now. Waiting to see who will be coming out of that car and make their -- Into the chapel. And Robert the archbishop of Canterbury will form in the ceremony this morning correct. Yes the untreated -- -- is the thin though met member of the clerics we concede that. With the bishop of London. -- shots great personal friend of Prince Charles on the whole family here we see the queen herself and look. And it well here we are very worried about. He's had serious operation sensitive to be looks pretty fit that. Accused -- -- -- out which of on the right with the glasses and the them and that's just getting concealed by the beetle on the right. There is prince -- coming up the through the -- as well with. He used his wife Camilla there is prince Harry of course I'm behind that. William and Kate and that there is baby -- it's the first. Really good picture we've we had a baby -- high school ready. In in the in the -- -- ladies that the in his christening gown and crying a great deal less than Prince William threatened that he would. That's right Prince William -- impact on that day after he was born said that he had a good set of lungs on him but you can see. Behaving this morning and in the arms of his father very proud parents there about him. Make their way inside for the christening ceremony. It is significant that this is the first. Real glimpse that we get of the princes and it Robert. We've we've never seen such such such close up pictures before there was one picture taken by his grandfather mr. Middleton. Who was not a professional -- some people criticized his photograph of being a bit -- Instead did you -- as Kate she was cut -- to somebody she discussing the Prince Philip I think. Because the role in the -- the royal family a very conscious of the and the order of precedence if there's the picture all of taken by. -- Middleton. That's the closest -- the most we've seen the prince George until now. And there we have a very good long. Long close -- indeed if there is Prince Philip on the left. With Prince Harry towering over him and -- the queen. -- that it will be the last people. In the place of only in the procession with the archbishop of -- to -- And as you pointed out prince Phillip looking. And -- that we'll be looking. Very excited and obviously the ceremony about to begin. And of course. We'll be watching as the ceremony -- take place from the serious notes that the somewhat stylish that everyone is going to be talking about and that of course. Is what everyone is wearing the hats style fashion I want to bring in mark Ellwood. Journalist and author to talk about some of what we saw this morning -- and market is somewhat toned down. I think it was I think they all knew that the queen was what's inside and then there are gonna make any -- Paul. I was worried about czar because she's not exactly a -- -- But she did manage -- a little fashion -- on and she looked really good given that she's I think about six months pregnant. And of course we're watching some of the pictures -- -- -- those early arrivals came -- The fast and later is still that centerpiece that absolute must have for any kind of royal ceremony. I think everyone everyone is conscious that the -- must've been a run on hats this weakening but I'm so it every -- I was hoping. To -- K kind of run in and grab a couple but I think everyone. The iPhone made of a really good effort that would that -- that there was nothing to criticized some frustrates -- Frustrating presumably Cuba perhaps it's that it. Other maybe sigh of relief for the queen. Hoping to open to have a rather low key ceremony which is what Robert I want to bring you back into that which is really. -- what this couple has has epitomized. Exactly and and that we agency Carol. Middleton with the most grandiose -- -- I think the of the -- -- -- that just that coming in with them. We've that we husband Michael Middleton they. Shaking hands with the but to pretend to be in -- game that's -- left. Hitler of course hit the national -- of the world's consciousness with -- -- When she walked down the -- almost upstaging his sister on her wedding day. From that moment. She is being style icon and at what -- has to say about that cost -- today but it certainly less. Eye catching and and then spectacular than some of costumes in the past. Robert if only if the only one person can get away with saying that about -- -- hit the Middleton I think it is Hugh Robert. It big the big story ever -- this is obviously a royal couple that really is helpful for the people. Absent neatly -- -- great time and tiny bank. They respect these huge royal tradition that -- every not to try to put them out and placed on average make public things I think with -- -- -- that. When it was -- Sudanese got packed with what that they take people up Barry not pot of the real wild. -- -- of -- -- them bring that influence to helping Prince Philip secret in the hospital where both parents have consisted of Auburn loyalty dignitaries. Including maybe they say that's not how ordinary people think that -- that. I don't think that's something cleaning I think consistent heat. Happy neck and died this adamant nomads and this is an easy to mix the different types of people I'm the friend noticed that -- And that's something about the banking prince -- crap out lap. And just the thing at this depicted that pain still dividing that I'm thrilled to see how. He's a really really go right in the last time we thought -- I'm old and very exciting to see him -- -- that -- Because any ten times it seems that bodies in the city spent this isn't really I'm think I'm thankful that while -- and I'm happy day. Well written as -- because people Hispanics might be. Three months old and maybe they keep their maybe -- either closed because they understand the obligations some David. You will inherit we're taking on the -- brown. I -- I narrate different three months solid and this is obviously his last meal if you like. Public engagement and his position on the clouds stage today every one will be. Looking to see little prince Phillips at C and -- as his christening avenue it will be something that is -- about. In many years to come how he reacts after -- went to -- about the fact that Prince William Friday hit. Say this is a -- state excellent cook could not remember the significance of -- -- him and his feet to -- because the queen. As the but it was saying takes half that they should have faith very seriously and have role as head of the text. And that's isn't well that prince George will one -- and pray. And we will have to wait and see if there will be any any stories that we'll come out of -- ceremony that is about to begin inside of saint James palace the scene there. We have a complete report on And we will rejoin. The festivities. Once that ceremony is complete in about 45 minutes. For now on Dan Cutler New York with the special coverage. Of the royal christening.

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