SPECIAL REPORT: 13 dead, over 50 injured in Barcelona terror attack

'All of Spain is Barcelona. Las Ramblas will be everyone's,' the Spanish king, queen and royal household said in a statement.
9:58 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: 13 dead, over 50 injured in Barcelona terror attack
This is an ABC news special report. Now report. To you good news. Good afternoon and become back on the air at this hour because we have late developments after that horrific and deadly terror attack in Barcelona we want to show you the area that we're talking. About for those of you who are just joining us on this story it's the store part of Barcelona called Los rob looks. That's a district where there is shopping a very common place for tourists visiting that city and here's the latest at this hour we now know thirteen people. Had been killed at least fifty injured and likely many more we do know also one suspect is in custody at this hour. We also have an image of the person who rented the van there's been a lot of talk about that white man you saw a flash of that a moment ago. This is the man who authorities believe. Rented that van and this is the man obviously in the aftermath they have now named the man who rented of Andrus Al who beer. We don't know we do know at this hour there's been one arrest what they have not confirmed is whether or not this is the man who's actually been arrested we continue to work that part of the story. But it was just a horrific scene when that white van turned from an avenue off the side of Los Romulus. Jumped up onto a sidewalk and then. Began to plow down the people who were in that las Romulus district swerving from side to side witnesses describe in just a horrific scene. The pictures that are on social media and they have really been seen by millions all over the world already have just been. Difficult. To say the least to look at you can see families out there parents and their children there were witnesses who described parent screaming running trying to get out of the way. You can see the front end of the van is completely. Smashed. And it's believed that van was traveling at high rates of speed up to fifty miles per hour and when you think about. The number of people who were in that shopping district if you if you think the locations here in America in Times Square here in New York City it's very salute of that. A very common place for tourists to visit they like we had very little warning to try to get out of the way of that ban. They have cleared the area that district has been cleared at this hour. There had been early reports that authorities were concerned there might be hostages. Nearby that report has been knocked down but they do continue to search and what we don't know what this hour. Is whether or not there is more than one suspect that we're dealing. We know authorities have said one suspect under arrest we are treating the man as a terrorist. We did hear from the witness on the scene is name's Brendan sifting who described the horror that played out in Barcelona let's listen. Chicken bought it just struck it'll. Create a people's it looked to left and when I looked up. Sort of like that he did not do 8808200. Donna pedestrian. Little awkward. And an engine are you just knocking people over. IB. And of people on that eventually could go to and so kinda stopped. The Scituate started. Which in the unit and then and they are going against our soul with dramatic stop from the from the impact of the people. A particular people think you go in at which point we realized that was. You know credit dangerous situation and kind of run it would only be opened stores where where they are essential if shut down I'm standing on the corner house. A one of the main roads and I'm done and the increasing the block and this is two policemen. That you. Keep the seat on lockdown at the moment. Intense and execute creatures sort of everybody's trying to thwart Iran immediately pledged you'll earn about it if there's this. My old national coalition started everybody's got to sit around them the orders and I just kind of really create and a moment when the second are now off that happened to a unconventional. Everybody sort of let me again and so it would should be that you are now. That's pretty insisting a witness who was describing. The scene that played out at Los Ramos that district in Barcelona. So common for people traveling to that country particularly this time here and our chief investigative response by Ross watching these images with here. From the desk in new York and Brian sadly those descriptions we have heard over and over again now of the horror when one of these vehicles plows into the crowd and as you know this has been. Call it action might crisis to now if you don't have knives or guns to use your vehicle as a weapon. That's exactly right that we were here just last year on Bastille day when a truck ran through the crowd outside needs. Killing 86 people. And the Christmas markets in Berlin. In the two attacks from different bridges in London again and again this has all the trademarks devices there's been no claim of responsibility at this point. But we've just seen in fact just last month. Ice is posted online. A set of specifications for its followers but what kind of trucks to use make sure they have double wheels wheel kind of speed the use and to pick. Pedestrian congested streets. And large festive. Immutable in times where there's always been a heavy police presence perhaps more now than ever but in locations across this country and we have reported on this the difficulties in preparing for. A situation like this that's right David these are really the ultimate in soft targets people who strongly about. Parents pursued children people going shopping in times right now they have erected cement barriers. Which prevent vehicles and coming off the side streets until large pedestrian area at Times Square accurately or much much like who sought by smoke and helped. It in good health there. Months when when there was a car in times what effect no police officer is going to be able to stop on his own speech that's why these cement barriers now. We're gonna see a lot more of them. Particularly Terry Moran when you learned today that that van could have been traveling at speeds of fifty miles per hour into that crowd our chief foreign correspondent joining us now and you've reported so often Terry on the multiple scenes we've seen unfold in Europe. Similar to this one. It's horrific David and and that targets are always similar high profile crowded targets were people from all over the world. Will come for tourism and business in here on a beautiful summer evening in one of the world's great tourist destinations in the heart of the city. Is the target for this attack and that speed guaranteeing mayhem and carnage as we are seeing on social media. At just an appalling level presented at though the royal household of Spain can fully and queen the Tizzy have put out a statement. Capturing that the feeling that you you get after each one of these. The king queen and the royal household think they are assassins simply criminals who will not terrorize us. All of Spain is Barcelona let's Rahm loss will be everyone's. It is being replayed now in Barcelona. A dastardly attack always in this kind of place not out in the hinterlands not in some defenseless small town. They want the maximum number of victims and the maximum global attention. Carried our thanks to you again however insisted he make our senior White House correspondent because Cecilia we have heard from the First Lady now we've heard. In a tweet from president trump. Yes David and the president is at his bed minster golf club not too far away from where rear here in new Jersey City treated within the hour let me read it to you he says. The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona Spain it will do whatever. Is necessary to help beat tough and strong. We loved you when we love you we know the president has been. Bin I've read traveling here with him as his chief of staff. John Kelly she's a test after Kelly is keeping the president abreast of all of the latest among the items on the president's agenda today he had lunch. In that mr. with Florida governor Rick Scott and we are told that they did discuss the attack in Barcelona David we also expect to hear. Not too long from now from the vice president who is traveling. Abroad and Panama right now he's expected to address it but perhaps. The strong this were so far have come from secretary of state Rex Tillerson who spoke not long ago. At the State Department David and he did not mince words he says that we are resolved to find you and bring you to justice of those terror. The terrorists around the world he says that the United States stands ready to assist with those authorities in Barcelona. You're absolutely right Cecilia Rex Tillerson saying our condolences and as you mentioned. But the US stands ready to help would law enforcement in Spain if needed to see our thanks to you as well and to bring her viewers up to date as we continue to follow the deadly terror attack in Barcelona playing out today we now know thirteen dead. At least fifty people injured there are some reports that number is well past sixty we will continue to follow that there is one arrest to report. At this hour they have not named a person but the person you're looking at right there we have in fact confirmed as the person who rented the white van that you saw. Costs such destruction the van that was a damage from the front end after all of this reports of people trapped underneath as it. Really mowed them down in that district risk how cool beer is the name we've confirmed. That's the man who rented van of course authorities have not confirmed whether or not he's the person under arrest tonight. There were early reports of possible hostage situation right off plus from what's. Those reports have been knocked down by authorities were there in Spain at this hour. But they do continue to search the side streets what we don't know at this early time is whether or not there were a number of people involved in this attack. A Brian Ross and his team will continue to follow that throughout the afternoon. I'm David Muir we will have team coverage coming up on world news tonight until then abcnews.com. Throughout the afternoon good. This has been a special report. For me he's.

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