Sri Lanka on edge in days after bombings

Governmental factions led to officials missing some warnings ahead of bombings planned for Easter Sunday.
4:41 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Sri Lanka on edge in days after bombings
Right guys we're gonna stay overseas and moved to the people of Sri Lanka cars still we're still grappling with the aftermath of the deadly Easter Sunday attacks. That left 329. People dead authorities are describing the nine suicide bombers as highly educated and financially. Independents I want to go to James Longman who still on the ground in Colombo I'm. James that you wrote about how your your feelings have turned from sadness. To anger after learning about all of these. Yet committee and when you come of these social stories it was supposed to keep you'll emotions under control and I think tonight's thought. But you know I'd I'd sign and date not come and a lot of these Sosa terrorist attacks in recent years unfortunately. But I think this one's different and it's affected me in a way that I hadn't anticipated. Because. It was so preventable in a way that I haven't seen before from other terror attacks you know I was standing influences. It dead bodies of a mother and her three children. Just a couple of days ago and it laws halt breaking. Because. I just me standing nad that. Time and time again the government was given warnings about something happening on time and time again they mixed it. We sit back and I looked at the body of a seven year old boy he was wrapped in white. Costing rosary beads in his bombs. His face was partly exposed and already thought into the comprise about his mother they animate at other into the room her face. Was decomposing somebody there's actually found in front of cuts makes of the flies. Once resting for too long. Means that community was finding costs many of them in front of taste but he grind man totally unable to control their emotions. And might that not noticed something I'm I'm gonna forget. And it made it doubly was because like I said how preventable this laws that wasn't just a warning about a vague attacked there was specific intelligence about churches being. Attacks there wasn't just a warning about some people who might be planning something the name of the individual we now believe to be the ring lead. Was given to the authorities hail. That own police work led him to a building in on upon the country back in January when they found a hundred kilos of explosives twenty needs is nitrate half states. Firearms. That building was such they found those things it was links to another building case and Columbine which they rated in the hours off to the attack. And yet nothing was done. It's extraordinary just about on every level how Bob anything's amiss and isn't just a character Lara candidate. It's an Arab because of the fact civilization in the strike in government it's an Arab because. Some trying not to oversimplify too much but basically you have. A fraction behind the president fox and behind the prime minister and it talked to each other because of the political rivalry and it and come back to have. Basically. Given insists if this was licensed the room to commit what is now probably that single largest ever attack 359 people dead. Is extraordinary to me and that is what I writes about like I said it's hard to keep. Com when united those things a tree times I really hope dot com and able what is left of up. The boys found me get the ounces they needs and any other reason why I'm angry about this is because that I think they will. Wow yeah. It's it's pretty tragic listening to those. I feel like the investigation when we talk about investigation it's like it's too late you know but what is happening in the investigation. Yes so this goes on actually Kimberly tonight trying to does not feel safe. Because authorities say there is still more people out that we've been given in the last few announcement information about who that if people that if people. I think three women. And that it 92. They describe is all being in that twenty they've released photographs. All of them. Second son that they may have explosives within more than they paid in some of these explosives said the search is on security we've seen has raced on to get to type now we've tried. I try to add Iran to gun C colleagues. In a different heights Hollywood let me and entire areas of this of this city have been locked down embassies. Hotels. Religious places of what's it. All of them all locked down the authorities as saying to people the more I be away act as if it's a day of Kraft for Muslims of course Friday. And so as a concerned that if that Muslims they've got to the frantic could be the recriminations and attacks on man. So I think tonight trying to is sending not. Feeling any safe that it was on Easter Sunday and it. Yes James thank you so much I appreciate you sharing those he tells because we certainly don't want people to be desensitized just hearing numbers so we appreciate that thank you.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Governmental factions led to officials missing some warnings ahead of bombings planned for Easter Sunday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62628567","title":"Sri Lanka on edge in days after bombings","url":"/International/video/sri-lanka-edge-days-bombings-62628567"}