UK celebrates arrival of royal baby

People anxiously await catching a glimpse of the new baby Sussex, with an official family photo op expected Wednesday.
3:34 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for UK celebrates arrival of royal baby
A right guys even if you completely. Tuned out all of the news yesterday than somebody probably somebody hadn't of told you about. Royal baby sat six being born it was a healthy baby boy born to probably the coolest parents in the world lots of pomp and circumstance. The royal announcement the band playing at the changing of the guard. And lots celebrity messages of love poured in after the news there was a Michelle Obama tweet she said. Congratulations. Megan and hairy Moroccan ire so thrilled for both the view and can't wait to meet him hash tag royal baby. The great thing is she will actually get a chance to meet as maybe I'm like. Don't the rest of us there is also a tweet from Ellen DeGeneres if we have that. Do we have that's because it was hilarious she said congratulations Megan mark conference theory the baby is seventh in line for the throne which is crazy because. Right now I'm seventh in line for the key making kiosk. At my grocery store. Gotta love LA. Are right guys so wanna go to will Reeve who has been joined the royal baby watts living his best like in Windsor for quite some time and he has the updates will. Pay. Eric Kimberly does he DA yesterday in Windsor with the arrival of this baby boy seven pounds three ounces early in the morning Prince Harry coming out in front cameras to announce that both mother and child. Are healthy everyone in the streets. We're very excited but today. Back to normal mostly so we figured why not do something quintessentially British and have an arsenal. Float down the River Thames just over my shoulder. Is Windsor Castle the queen is home the royal standard flag flying high above the castle in the foreground. In front of the castle preparations being made for the royal Windsor horse show that happens later this week we've got. Carriages have been passing by it feels like a lovely day. In this town just 25 miles outside of Central London but it feels like the world's eyes are still on. This tiny country town because of the news of this royal baby celebrities and dignitaries. Wishing the royal family well including Michelle Obama tweeting her congratulations. To her friends Harry and meg in. As far as the name of the baby we don't know yet but oddsmakers are taking bets on our third on Spencer which is Harry's mother's princess. Diana's. Maiden name I'm personally partial to William I think you can imagine why although I feel like a member of the royal family. After my proximity here to dam in Windsor for the past week in change. So maybe they'll give me. Give me a little not or at least I'll take it as a little nod if they do decide to name. The baby boy William as far as those gifts that I mentioned I was going to get for this baby boy haven't done yet but Windsor has calmed down a little bit so I can try to get into those. In do those stores but for now we're just sort of enjoying our time here floating around on a lovely little boat I've got a horse drawn carriage. Trotting on bias the royal Windsor Marsha gets under way in a couple days and everything's good here and winds are happy and healthy baby boy we expect to see tomorrow. That's when Harry and Maggie and should show off this board maybe there will be a name if there is we will of course what you now we will go live for you. Because we are firmly the Windsor bureau here Kimberly we are ready to go for ABC news live at any time. Here in Windsor were having a great time royal baby being born now we're just sitting back relaxing. Other planes or fly it out. We're here nonstop for you Kimberley and will limit his best live I told you he could not look more peaceful.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"People anxiously await catching a glimpse of the new baby Sussex, with an official family photo op expected Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62878771","title":"UK celebrates arrival of royal baby","url":"/International/video/uk-celebrates-arrival-royal-baby-62878771"}