Ukrainian president defends phone call with Trump

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy tells ABC's Tom Llamas that his phone call with Trump was not corrupt.
5:26 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Ukrainian president defends phone call with Trump
We're gonna move one into another country in the news Ukraine where the president I'm Vladimir the Lansky spoke at an called a news conference. With reporters in a food court in the capital about his call with the president. President trump in July and as you know this call is now the center of a whistle blowers complain in the ongoing impeachment investigation so. Our Tommy Thomas was right there at the table with presidents Len ski in joins us now that Tom I I just want to ask you about this conversation. You mention the corruption to him what did he say what was he talking about. That's right was pretty extraordinary that the president here in Ukraine doing a ten hour marathon media session where he's meeting with reporters and taking questions. For socially ten hours so we were invited here we can't sort of a dinner table at this food market surrounded by other journalists are about ten deep water table when we got to fire off some questions to the president now as you mentioned I did have a chance to speak to him and I asked them I see you campaigned against corruption. In your opinion then what do you think of a president who asked before and power to investigate a political rival is that corrupt here's what he had to say. What do you think of the president asking a foreign nation to investigate a political rival is that corrupt. I think that is not part some because he wants. We want to school and his you know we outside from any Carranza scenes and you know and the race for example donkeys. These monkeys for about Greece my guess is Walt. It's always I don't remember all the war because people of this mosque in the long and invent I think that we and not go Iraq to. So. We have deepened. Any cream and a piece is you want it must eat pizza on it if it's yet those that want to. Hundreds of uploading evens according to the little king. No Ukrainian president says he himself is not corrupt he did not break any laws he says it was just a phone call but when I pressed to meet president trump was corrupt. Ask him as many of criticize them for the United States. For a favor essentially did to dig into a political rival asking you create do that he said he was knocked a pass judgment on president trump and that. To his knowledge president from but not broken any laws yet but Kimberly he made it clear he does not want any role in the next election even though that may be too late at this point. And time I want to ask you Ahmet did you guys discuss his thoughts on the US withholding the aid before this called some place. Some other news they gave about that was that he says he was aware of aid being withheld at some point not during that that call July 25 the call and question but afterwards yes he knew he would expand into the reasons why was being held or what he thought he had to do he didn't really go to too many details. But one thing I did ask them what are the main issues and act Paul is that. The president asked him about a new prosecutor general here in Ukraine. And president the list he says the new the new person is 100%. My person when I spoke to him here he's he's that use the phrase 100% my man. But when I asked a question did you did you basically because of the new prosecutor general said he's gonna review all corruption cases including the breeze McKay so that's the important one to president from his police month is the company that Hunter Biden sat on the board for that Ukrainian gas company. Now again there's been no evidence the body and have ever done anything wrong but president trump has honed in all of the breeze we case and Hunter Biden because hunter had no experience in the energy sector are working here in Ukraine and it was a very lucrative position. Now that being said I asked him very drift to the president. Is the only reason why it'll give Greece but now again because president from passing to district Hastert to step bags that listen. We're looking at all the corruption cases if the US wants to send lawyers over here the attorney general will look at those cases he goes personally. I don't care about the breeze the case but if any laws were broken. I'm gonna look into them and and might my prosecutors go look into them so clearly he's definitely doing what the president wanted in that regard. Yeah Mae and just before we go I just wanna see what are your feelings on leaving this meeting with all of these journalists sitting around when you left what was the feeling the overall sense that you you left west. You'll president's list is a very interest in person because he laid a president on television here it was as if Bob Ray Romano say would be elected president in the United States he was a very famous TV comedic star so he's very comfortable for the cameras the cameras were followed him everywhere he does have sort of this trump all he worked until stopping just talked to cameras but. If you speak to media here he yes a bid incredibly accessible in fact he hasn't been doing. News conference is as much as they would like yes have been taking questions are doing in depth interviews. But now nobody can really liked at this point because he's doing ten hours of interviews and taking questions. Argument shares ask one Q3 questions but he gave very long with the answers and Ukrainian the majority of the time that I was there. I I honestly I had a translator at times but time they didn't I had no idea what they're talking about his answers. We're so long. But he did take the time to speak to me an English because I asked them for our viewers which he does speak fluent English hide other times Yasser for a translator but he took all these questions prefer like we said the plan was ten hours so it was a it was a media marathon indeed. Pretty fascinating there Tommy Thomas thanks for joining us today right there in Kiev Ukraine thank you so months.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy tells ABC's Tom Llamas that his phone call with Trump was not corrupt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66189794","title":"Ukrainian president defends phone call with Trump","url":"/International/video/ukrainian-president-defends-phone-call-trump-66189794"}