An update on the royal engagement announcement

Details of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement.
7:56 | 11/27/17

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Transcript for An update on the royal engagement announcement
I'm happier and you're watching ABC news telegraph thank you think in pallets on this rainy rainy day but it's hip. Joining is Robert jobs AMOCO one could very content to act. Ari these mountains and camera. Evenings and up. The first thing he's here is. It looked happy though about sixty photographers and camera crews that. But they seem to have a spring in this that she was clinging Omniture him I don't know pretty tightly Ellen thank veterans island am. When these questions don't get fired out there. Harry was cart like she's usually so I think when did you first. Though she was the one among us not just a moment plus plus side story about putting their lives originally couple doors who plays together. He's protecting her from what is something she's fully used in terms of congress is an actress and and I'm very famous actress Brooke I think this is a whole new stage of the particular funny she left it should've blown her away on this. I know let's send your answering questions about your personal life is actresses and actors beautiful thing as the number tucked at your personally she is having to thank. I'm very happy and proud and we hit Chris here that he found right away. So what happens next for meg and this is an American actress of course she's very things that you mention lives in Toronto publishing the jury went. Pretty much success authority doing that they've said that the US living molten politics which I find that it crosses home plate. Tell policy is humid. You can see what in America takes place just over there will be made this would have encouraged the small cottage on the year two bedrooms to grow up. Two rooms down says social that we look into the upon another homeless will probably in the English countryside and that will be the next step postal of the moment there will be. Preparing for an interview with or have in the incident with the BBC talking about. The relationship in the be more harm. Not tried to exam for your for your starter poverty central. France ground to ground great you. I'm so what are we expecting in his interview anything what do you expect your from against the. Well I think he'll be quite look at children daily do we give too much away they would have been briefing. About what to side to him about. How does told him about the ring coming yourself last couple of diamonds in the north Diana's collection but also moved from dorms and Botswana where they. Go close affection where they went home all of it. So I think that we'll be. A lot of pleasant chat when. How one of the woman who can afford to what are they what's what's next are you going to be. You know working together to child has something to these things come out its new book in June of course I'm. I think Harry will be for retaking the lead to actually most of voice that. Because craziest thing and answering questions about his yeah and Mac and much more in the last couple of years. Of course what he thinks street and together from what we do not under Croatian looked. From test and open obviously that's what's good about this relationship has its own. More than munitions from it just makes gracious America I'm sure that sheriff's independent woman she's older than him by. That probably isn't good he's gone from him just stumbled upon this is a really get our involvement in the possible marriage as well. I'm thankful to forge alliances between countries them and things of this this is a laugh watch him. I think that everybody. Would wish Harry all the best. I'm happy myself took much happiness has had in his life. Just like his older brother who also married elevenths qwest announced to Darlington when he thinking that that would say. They see tonight and rented a Harry. Those around them from Simon on those around I'm sure should be. Obviously thrilled she's it was always a judge I'm sure she would please salute try to do some tried to judge from Harry this thing. That must be the mom actually sat pot full bush we'll William I'm Harry in the front of the mom's know to be around. I think that's it will be. Quad mode you when that becomes the bigger moments like this just. That that Prince Charles is that with a flat the mom. Does not live the father. They're going to be live in the Kensington Palace where she lived where she lived where they grew up with two young boys. I think Kim you know that in turn places in the ointment that must decide problem. And there's no one really pregnant every. And how much are allowed Patrick Kane of course got testing will be very important but just everybody does and I think that. Bush she's very experienced she's a woman of the world she's. Six years old. It will be quite tough to live to understand that the slight nuances of what goes on it and didn't remember the rules probably one of the you've got Jennings family history is our digital world championship and its share of bombarding the you don't have to Simpson and the Brothers. So I'm sure they'll do it garner it's better than not having to stop him Prince Charles. It's you guys are very open to welcome them and ensure that relationship will develop as well. What can we expect from I think that he's now become engaged she's moving here happy Easter and publicly why aren't. Think that both the Republican line will have been quite quickly I think that you. We looking already at war trying to do. I'm charge you won't support she's a very big philanthropist anyway she's been unity and in terms of work in Africa and around the world but I think this should be looking noting that. Being the world's most famous. Print Cecil buttresses she probably will become. On marriage. Is important I think she can use that fame in such a huge way and in terms of building bringing money. In terms of the that the actual intention to bring upon reaching the causes of the huge. And revitalizing the image and modernizing the image of course that's a different tests at the royal family of Kensington Palace and. Well I think it will definitely do that and Sims of brands royal it's given a huge lift me. The father she's going to be an American princess of the biggest and most famous role firmly in the world. We don't married she reportedly giving. Where Harry will be given thoughtful. Zhou is probably didn't did you Sussex yeah energy transfer. Of royal due to too afraid. I'm unsure what was about to become duchess. I'm so I think and that's to be huge in total. In terms of the way that America looks at how about the road and royal princess. Some alien problem if every every American downstream I can speak I'm sure and I'm sure there will be a royal trip to America very very quickly after the wedding and we don't know exactly when the weather will be. This ordinance brings when he eighteen. This so much going on in April we there was with a rope who enjoys maybe go. The commonwealth heads of gum summit which is huge in London. I think he's probably going to be my oldest boats and that this is because I'm still think there will be a good chunks of them going to Canada. I'm so America in the some for a week plus I'm shall be a priority will be going to Australia and September of next June. For the impetus james' parents think worked hard she's of course this today plunged and so Bobbie another big things are shabaab at least two I would think. Big royal jewels taking place during that time about something to get used to the cordial stimulus in the munition like that might be something of a bit of a shock to. And finally in the immediate future high even those contestants placing Christmas do you think here with the rough and leaner median LA. Difficult to say I mean normally they don't join. The queen for. Actually. At will. Christmas celestial marriage but I mean I may make an exception for that. The reality is out hustle them may be clear about what it disapproves of well. You know you know and tried some private Simon and in hopes of fumbles led in and who knows that more than likely that this different groups. Does that differ prisons and are not disappearing today we will hear more from Prince Harry and meg and a mark a later today when they get their first broadcast interview. As a public couple everything he's anniversary journey and lots might come again I'm Molly hunter even watching easing up.

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{"id":51415830,"title":"An update on the royal engagement announcement","duration":"7:56","description":"Details of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement.","url":"/International/video/update-royal-engagement-announcement-51415830","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}