Americans in Yemen Ordered to Evacuate Immediately

Intercepted communications between al Qaeda leaders suggest U.S. interests in Yemen may be targeted.
11:46 | 08/06/13

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Transcript for Americans in Yemen Ordered to Evacuate Immediately
This is a special report from ABC news. -- -- -- -- -- -- witness ABC news digital special report the US government has a message for Americans in Yemen. Leave now some embassy personnel were airlifted out of the capital overnight following orders from the State Department. Meantime twenty diplomatic outpost across the Muslim world remain closed another day all following an unspecified terror threat. We're joined now on the phone from Cairo Egypt by ABC's anxious friend -- thank you -- with us obviously. Two a couple of things first things -- to very high profile visitors in town this week senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham how are they spending their time in Cairo. Indonesian special about 44 hours -- despite the threat despite the fact. But the -- here it's still closed will be closed so we. They've been trying to meet with all sorts senior official vote in the government in the military which is based -- -- running that country and in the Muslim. But which is the opposition party now and that was deposed -- -- crew. What Terri about a month ago what -- here to do is trying to keep some stability they're trying to make sure that the military doesn't go in. And cleared thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were gathered. Carter count trying to protest against that coup against the facts the president on the Morse he was being. Its first Democrat elected president was overthrown by the military what they're trying to do it make sure that we get dirty deed. This week we get into next week. Without any kind of bloody crackdown trying to bring -- -- -- together -- that eventually they make important political compromise. The Muslim Brotherhood connects that. The the government that will be installed and those protesters will be removed from sitting -- better -- It's a heavy -- -- we heard anything from Senator McCain -- -- senator Graham about any kind of development term or or or advance as they've been making from those meetings. I just got a press conference where Richard and spoke about half an hour -- -- -- restraint. Their needs to be discussion. Between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military and the prisoners that. Muslim -- that let them by other senior officials have been in prison. By the military they needs to be released. McCain's -- and both sides need to take their -- Brett. Themselves and realize that dialogue. It's -- -- certainty but it the next day the next few weeks the next month will be critical not only to Egypt but what -- -- -- -- huge influence. Across the street and certainly -- Israel and approximately. Nick is -- a political message that is being demonstrated here that White House has been. Relatively adamant about steering clear -- any high profile intervention into Egypt now. And with both of the senators over there does that send any kind of a different message. I think the message has been loud and clear from the US whether -- delivered by secretary -- Ankle every single day you've been calling the armed forces chief here whether it's by -- -- The US deputy secretary of state the number two diplomat we have been here. For three days now and it on an open ended -- or whether it's John McCain. And then Seagram. Everybody calm down the US want to do it above all the US is not talking about principles here about democratic principles of not talking about. The military adding a popular vote for a popular -- you couldn't go in conservatives who legitimately everyone's talking -- about. Make you an agreement making a compromise no bloodshed and the region is that President Obama the White House the State Department is desperate. -- -- this country just to calm down -- From the brink of civil war and -- has -- the US motivation to bring some of the into this country to bring some progress into the Muslim Brotherhood the military and making a deal to -- can be me. In Egypt and that they believe is the ultimate goal -- and Egypt needs a more stable Middle East. All right ABC's -- -- -- in Cairo Egypt NIC thank you for that I wanted to from Cairo Jerusalem now where we are joined via Skype by ABC's Molly hunter. My thanks for being with us first up what is the status of the US embassy in Tel Aviv's. It open and added business as usual here at bats at bay -- back. Security erect that reach -- -- it's -- and focus on but I'm country so it's business as usual here at an intra. What -- any additional concerns about security in Jerusalem have you seen anything visibly. Acting acting naked eye at. Eat it eat kind of Jack are all. Pregnant on the street as we approached about the holiday at. And at Nik -- and at that nothing -- a partner. What do switch over to Yemen with security there has obviously been increased. Not -- from directives but a clearly from the execution as well. On how strong a presence then and we've been seen in that in that area. -- is on high alert. -- Security on -- -- it. And it on the -- something he didn't -- last week but the global terror alert it and totally else people in the capital are starting. A little bit clearly -- for -- -- they. Eight art in the last twenty or authority Aaron at that prompted that yanks don't many record -- out -- the capitol had put it -- Tyler. Lou we've heard about another drone strikes there overnights. Any connection then. To that terror threat that's been put out. At not me not that we know right now. Local tribal -- -- saying that -- -- for that acted out opera expert at that no win big at. At its key interest a wide -- -- honey you -- this radar at this point and. And -- -- kind of understand this a little better the threat has originated from Yemen but we do we know about the target. Is Yemen a target. Yeah I think it'll have a pretty good idea of -- -- -- become friends yet but they're not and -- sure about the target initial target. It's not to be let it be located and the country's capital let's not -- officials it Martha Raddatz at track. And -- politics well that carry out -- attack and not -- But he backed up at that hour -- -- In the ninety's al-Qaeda routinely targeted diplomatic outposts is this. A return to that same kind of strategy. We're certainly talking about Al Hayat. I hear exactly what that means and -- it -- were a hallmark. Of their strategy when you're go out and camp out at Nairobi. Al-Qaeda the early -- and had. All public -- you eat you make out an ingredient in black -- interesting about big brat in it -- -- hearing it never went. Reached out and it directly to -- and took particular hurt an -- Elliott about it at the Bjork -- -- I am a returned she kind of old -- yet or -- it hit its operation. It unclear at. Which obviously begs the question why now -- to officials have any idea about why the timing might be so. There's a lot of respect each and it it be added to hold that Adam -- holy month of Ramadan and -- -- an act of look at that and I'm asking -- eat. Officials had it could be heightened during that time. He continues in the month of August. So -- -- -- very carefully annexed it but I'll mind. All right ABC's my hunter in Jerusalem via Skype -- thank you for that. From Jerusalem the Washington now the State Department we're joined by ABC's Danny -- -- the warning I -- get to that first very specific. Does that continue is there any end in sight to this morning. Well the State Department -- said that they aren't exactly sure they they don't guarantee that the embassies will be opened by Saturday. But they have said that they don't want this to be an open ended thing that the that's their goal is to have embassies. Open in season consulates open and open for business now that said this is an ongoing situation it's an ongoing threat. And they're not making any promises about which embassies and consulates will be open and when they'll be open. Molly had mentioned the possible timing being linked to the end of Ramadan but any sense from the State Department about. Why this intercepted call came at the time that it did. Well they haven't given any specific. Information about that citing that it's that's primarily intelligence but. Would then all of their communications and with State Department officials that I've spoken to. They do mention that there is the timing of Ramadan the end of Ramadan with -- And there was just a very specific stream of threats that was coming in. Is as far as -- -- out of Yemen when was that decision made do we know has that has the the US State Department been forthcoming not on what ends -- that decision and on the execution. That plan was carried out. Well -- you have to remember that this is first and foremost a safety issue and as Martha reported. There are issues -- truck bombs. There are issues with. With you know embassy staff and Americans being targeted in so. In the State Department feels that they have to be careful about. Just how much information they get out there because first and foremost their primary concern is to protect the American citizens that are currently in the country. And for -- President Obama is speaking with yemen's president I. There's -- reports of another last night so how does the State Department. Feel about the US drone policy as -- -- Well the State Department sticks pretty close to what the White House says. In fact secretary -- was just asked about this in Pakistan one of the countries -- drone strikes are. Very much a controversial and hot issue and the State Department says that essentially. You know it's not ideal. Two. To use drone strikes as a way to fight terror but. The United States reserves the right to fight terrorism in the best way possible to protect our national interests in and I'm sorry go ahead no end that essentially. That these are legal and that it's a policy that's constantly being look at. Do you know -- the State Department looking and adds the location of these threats being made in the Middle East and Africa. As any indication of the strength of al-Qaeda given the fact that they're targeting those areas. Well QE -- has been growing in strength over the years you had the underwear bomber Abdul -- lab. You had and -- -- -- with key have. You know lots of evidence that. That it's a Q8. And the Arabian Peninsula is gaining strength and have all of the various affiliates from the main sort of core of al-Qaeda which is considered to be in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the affiliate that gives US officials the most worry and keeps them up -- Night all right NBC's Dan Hughes the State Department Dana thank you for that team. Of course we have a complete recap on For now on -- that's -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special.

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{"id":19884433,"title":"Americans in Yemen Ordered to Evacuate Immediately","duration":"11:46","description":"Intercepted communications between al Qaeda leaders suggest U.S. interests in Yemen may be targeted.","url":"/International/video/us-embassies-closed-americans-yemen-ordered-evacuate-immediately-19884433","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}